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Interest Meeting PowerPoint


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Here\'s the PowerPoint you all requested!
Thank you for showing such great enthusiasm during the meeting!

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Interest Meeting PowerPoint

  1. 1. Why Do You Want To Be A Part Of Amnesty? Why
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Amnesty Works On…
  4. 4. …Stopping Torture
  5. 5. …Women’s Rights
  6. 6. …Freeing Prisoners of Conscience
  7. 7. Amnesty Success Stories • Abolishment of the death penalty-the 16th state to abandon capital punishment. • Darsi Ferrer-prisoner of conscience-released from Cuban jail for organizing protests critical of the government. • Mohammed al-Odaini: Held without charge by U.S. in Guantanamo for 8 years. – “…with Amnesty International’s support–and your support–we persuaded the government to return Mr. al-Odaini to Yemen and reunite him with his family.”
  8. 8. We Work On Five Major Campaigns…
  9. 9. …Demand Dignity • Thousands die from hunger and preventable diseases. • No clean water, education or work. • These arise from human rights violations perpetrated by governments, corporations and international institutions.
  10. 10. What Is The Demand Dignity Campaign? • Women’s Health: every 90 sec. a women dies in pregnancy and during childbirth around the world in deaths that are preventable. • Corporate Accountability: Privatization and economic globalization have given companies access to new territories. Regulation of companies that ensure respect for human rights has failed to keep pace. • Rights of People Living in Slums: people live in inadequate housing and are very likely to be thrown out without notice. “We in the U.S. have an obligation to ensure that our government respects and promotes an international human rights framework that prioritizes the human rights of poor and marginalized communities, and as a membership-based organization Amnesty can make a unique and powerful contribution towards this goal.”
  11. 11. …Death Penalty • Amnesty works to end the death penalty worldwide. The campaign looks to end the cycle of violence created by a system riddled with economic and racial bias and tainted by human error. • It is currently common in most of the U.S. (34 states) • Since 1990, an average of three countries each year have abolished the death penalty, and today over two-thirds of the world's nations have ended capital punishment in law or practice.
  12. 12. …Individuals at Risk • A former neighbor and a key witness in the trial of Basilia Ucán, an indigenous woman in Mexico, have been put under pressure by representatives of the State Prosecutor’s to make statements against her. • Amnesty International is concerned for their safety as they continue to resist the pressure of officials andfears Basilia Ucán will be denied a fair trial.
  13. 13. …Countering Terror With Justice • Closing Guantanamo Bay: – the U.S. government violated both international and domestic prohibitions on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment in the name of fighting terrorism. – Detainees held at Guantanamo must either be promptly charged and given fair trials in U.S. federal courts, or be released, to countries where they will not be at risk of human rights violations.
  14. 14. …Crisis • Palestine-Israeli Conflict: – Israeli air strikes over the Gaza Strip killed and injured hundreds, including over 300 children. – Over 1400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed during the conflict in Gaza and southern Israel – three of the Israelis and the majority of the Palestinian fatalities were civilians. – The international community of nations has failed and betrayed the people of Gaza by allowing justice to be stalled and the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip to continue. – Amnesty International continues to call for an international justice solution for all victims of this conflict.
  15. 15. What Campaigns Interested You?
  16. 16. What Will We Be Doing? • Letter-Writing • JAMnesty Music event or Concert • Hiking for Human Rights • Amnesty Tea/Coffee House Event • Adopt a Prisoner of Conscience • Host a Well-Known Speaker • Candlelight Vigil • Table at Robinson, Fairs, Festivals, etc. • Tailgating • Walk and March • Visit legislators and participate in an AI lobby • Visit People at Immigration Detention Centers • Get On the Bus: D.C. –April 15th • Chalk Sidewalks • Dance Marathon/Night • Paint a Human Rights or Justice Themed Mural • Universal Declaration of Human Rights Graffiti Competition • There’s so much we could do! April 7th -World Health Day-Take action to combat the worlds biggest health inequity-women dying during childbirth. May 8th -Mother’s Day-Honor moms in this country and around the world by fighting against maternal mortality. Questions? Ideas?
  17. 17. =9_tCtvmAm4M
  18. 18. Robinson Amnesty International Officers
  19. 19. Secretary • Take brief minutes of each meeting and take care of any major correspondence concerning the group as a whole. • Ensure the group members know what’s going on. • Photocopy and distribute necessary campaign documents to group. • Take notes during meetings.
  20. 20. Treasurer • Determine Amnesty’s budget including price of annual assessment fee, postage, guest speakers, publicity, etc. • Keep a record of all financial documents and submit all financial records to the Financial Affairs Office when required for audit. • Sign all financial documents. • Turn in all financial records for re-issue to the new secretary or treasurer when required or appropriate.
  21. 21. Events Coordinator • Act as liaison in regards to school administration and business’s role in organizing events. • Coordinate w/ treasurer in ensuring group assessment fee of speakers and other necessary expenses is raised through the organization of fundraisers. • Organize events within the Robinson network, which will raise awareness for group’s current campaign issues. • Locate Amnesty events outside of school in which our group may participate.
  22. 22. Promotions Coordinator • Act as a liaison to the campus newspaper. • Ensure that all group events and meetings are well publicized through campus newspapers, bulletins, announcement boards, posters, fliers, and by other means this includes various efforts to recruit new members.
  23. 23. New Member Coordinator • Collect contact information as members join • Ensure they stay informed through group newsletter, etc. • Organize group’s various forms of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Email and Google Groups in order to ensure student body is aware of Amnesty’s presence and current members stay informed.
  24. 24. Protect the Human. Robinson Amnesty International Thank you!