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Enable the MDGs


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The MDGs do not mention people with disabilities, yet ...

Published in: Health & Medicine, Career
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Enable the MDGs

  1. 1. The MDGs do not mention People with disabilities .
  2. 2. and yet…
  3. 3. 20% of the extreme poor are disabled
  4. 4. Of the world’s poorest people, 1 in 5 has a disability
  5. 5. Women living with a disability are particularly vulnerable to abuse of all kinds.
  6. 6. Of the 75 million children worldwide that do not attend primary school, 1/3 rd have a disability.
  7. 7. People with a disability have less access to drinking water and sanitary installations due to limited mobility and accessibility, and are more vulnerable in natural disasters
  8. 8. Persons with a disability are often excluded from the global discussion.
  9. 9. People with a disability are less involved in medical prevention programmes, such as vaccinations and awareness campaigns
  10. 10. The infant mortality rate among children with a disability younger than 5 can amount to up to 80 %
  11. 11. + = Enable people with diabilities to enjoy their fundamental rights Increase the chances of success of the MDGs
  12. 12. <ul><li>So Let‘s Enable the MDGs! </li></ul>