Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome
SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY Class A Diesel Pusher MotorhomeExceptional Elegance In Design2 SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY
A.         B.                                            C.        D.Simply put, the Cross Country is         advantages o...
A.          B.                                               C.                                   D.              D.      ...
Tantalize Your Senses.                         SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY 5
SHOWER               QUEEN BED                                                                                            ...
SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY Class A Diesel Pusher MotorhomeMojave Brown                                                     ...
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Sportcoach Cross Country 2013 Brochure


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Sportcoach Cross Country 2013 Brochure

  1. 1. Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome
  2. 2. SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY Class A Diesel Pusher MotorhomeExceptional Elegance In Design2 SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY
  3. 3. A. B. C. D.Simply put, the Cross Country is advantages of a Rear Diesel Motorhome A. The galley has the look and dispenser and 20 cubic feet of storage. C.exceptional elegance in design and at the price that compares with some feel of a high-end kitchen. Comfortable “Dream Dinette”value at a price that makes an RD front engine gas motorhomes. You’ll appreciate the optional side by seating slides flat for extrapossible! The Cross Country Diesel Feel the prestige of a Rear Diesel side residential refrigerator, CorianTM sleeping space.Pusher is the most affordable rear countertop with tile backsplash, raised D. Motorhome as you confidently ridediesel in the market today – bar none! panel cabinet doors and premium MCD Power Front Privacy high with air ride suspension, airWith all the amenities you need in the faucet with extendable sprayer. Shade and manual side shades brakes, huge pass though exterior are standard in the drivers cockpit. B.comfort and use of a motorhome, built storage, panoramic views and the ride The optional side by sideon the Freightliner chassis, the Cross and handling that only a Rear Diesel residential refrigerator boastsCountry provides you with all the Motorhome can provide. french doors with built-in door SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY 3
  4. 4. A. B. C. D. D. E. F.Inside the Cross Country, you willimmediately find you don’t have to A. 26” LCD TV built-into the bedroom overhead cabinets. premium faucets and a spacious shower with a glass door. The medicine E. With the ceramic tile option, the toilet area is designed for B.add a lot of options as it already comes cabinet has a large vanity mirror with ease of cleaning with the ceramic tile The 385 DS model features bunkequipped with all the amenities of lights for an extra home-like touch. plumbing cover. The porcelain toilet is beds that provide an added dose D.home. The other amazing feature is the standard in every coach. of fun via standard swivel-mount, dual- Improved functionality and F.true flat floor bedroom design, which mount 15” LCD TVs with DVD. Talk convenience with features like Everything about the interior ofeliminates the unnecessary climbing about comfy movie times! gas strut assisted lifts, that allow the bedroom is designed to wowover the engine cover just to get in bed. C. effortless access to extra under bed and pamper — even the linen closet is Our attention to detail and storage. designed with residential storage in comfort extend to the bathroom mind. where you’ll find a porcelain toilet, 4 SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY
  5. 5. Tantalize Your Senses. SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY 5
  6. 6. SHOWER QUEEN BED SHOWER CROSS COUNTRY 390 QUEEN BED SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome FLOORPLANS PAT ENTRY LCD TV OHC25,000 BTU REFER SOFA ENTRY BUNKS OHC OHC OHC OHC OHC SHOWER QUEEN BED CROS KING BED SHOWER ENTRY OHC OHC 25,000 BTU OHC ENTRY REFER SOFA OHC 385DS OHC OHC OHC 390TS Carpet Linoleum OHC DINETTE OHC DINETTE SOFA SOFA SHOWER SHOWER QUEEN BED KING BED PATHFINDER 405 PAT LCD TV ENTRY ENTRY SOFA OHC DINETTE OHC OHC SOFA OHC 405FK 406QS SHOWER QUEEN BED A. Full basements with pass-through PATHF LCD TV storage on a raised rail chassis. ENTRY B. No Mess™ termination and integrated Water Works™ control OHC panel — filling and dumping has never been so easy! OHC DINETTE SOFAA C. The large, one-piece windshield plus SHOWER the exclusive Sight Rite™ dash — that Keepsake Beige Cherished Taupe KING BED angles downward — provide a clear, unobstructed view of the road. Also, the easy-to-read gauges and handy PATHFINDER 406 controls create an intelligent, driver- SOFA friendly environment. ENTRYB C OHC OHC D. Standard ceramic tile stepwell OHC DINETTE SOFA included with Ceramic Tile option. SHOWER E. Rubber matting around KING BED the accelerator and brake pedal is accentuated by the optional ceramic PATHF tile, for a clean, sleek appearance Cognac Maple Glazed Cherry ENTRYD E SOFA OHC OHC 6 SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY Décor selections are subject to change throughout the model year. Please visit your Sportscoach dealer or for current décor availability.
  7. 7. SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY STANDARD AND OPTIONAL FEATURESEXTERIOR/AUTOMOTIVE n Flush Floor Bedroom n LP Leak Alarm BATH AND WATER OPTIONSn Defroster Fans n Pass Through Basement Storage n Smoke Detector n Whole Coach Water Filter n Buffet Table with 2 Chairs / 2 Foldingn Telescoping Tilt Steering Wheel n Full Body Paint n Carbon Monoxide Detector n Single Pedal Porcelain Toilet with Sprayer (NA 385DS)n Cruise Control n Dash Radio- AM/FM CD n One-Piece ABS Surround and Shower Pan n 6 Way Power Drivers Seat INTERIOR AND DECOR n Day/ Night Shades in Living Area Textured Glass Shower Door n 6 Way Power Driver/Passenger Seatsn Intermittent Wipersn Dash Air Conditioning n Padded Vinyl Ceiling n Stackable Washer/Dryer Ready n Power Bath Vent n Double Clear Coat for Full Body Paintn Exterior Mirrors with Heat & Remote n MCD Power Privacy Shade in Cockpit n Three-Speed Roof Vent n Water Pump Switch at Termination n Side By Side Refer (NA 385)n Auxiliary Driving Lights n Manual MCD Cockpit Side Shades n DVD Player Living Room n Demand Water Pump n Residential Refrigerator (NA 385DS)n Fuel Fills, Both Sides n Raised Panel Hardwood Cabinet Doors n Black Tank Flush System n Cooktop with Convection Microwave Throughout GALLEY n Skylight Over Shower n Diamond Shield Protectionn Fully Automatic Hydraulic Leveling Jacks n Upgrade Vinyl Floors n 30” OTR Microwave n 8.0 KW Diesel Generatorn Chassis Air Suspension and Hydraulic Air Brakes n Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Drawer Guides n 3 Burner Cook Top With Oven ELECTRIC/HEATING/AC n Side View Camera’s Throughout n 8 Cubic Ft Double Door Refer n Girard Tankless Water Heatern 340 HP ISB Cummins Rear Diesel Engine n Dual Pane Windows n Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware and Fixtures n Systems Monitor Panel n 50 Amp Power Cordn 6-Speed Alison 2500MH Automatic n Power Patio Awning Transmission n Folding Step-Well Cover n Corian Kitchen Countertop n Two GFI Circuits (Kitchen & Bathroom) n Outside Entertainment Center withn 22.5 Radial Tires w/ Chrome Wheel Inserts n Radius Slider Windows-Safety Glass n Ceramic Tile Backsplash n Outside Receptacle (DS) 32” TV (NA 385DS)n Deluxe Radius Entrance Door with Dead n Deluxe Manual Driver and Passenger Seats n Halogen Lighting in Living Area n Full Width Rear Rock Guard Bolt Lock n Deluxe Window Treatments SLEEPING n Emergency Start Switch n CSA Up-Fitn Front and Rear Mud Flaps n Faux Leather Sofa with Air Mattress n Queen Bed (390TS - 405FK) n Coach and Chassis Battery Disconnect n CD-MVSA (Canadian Motor Vehiclen Power Entrance Steps-Double n Faux Leather Love Seat-Comfort Lounge n King Bed - (385DS - 406QS) n Auxiliary Batteries Safety Act)n Gelcoat High Gloss Sidewalls (385 & 405) n Deluxe Innerspring Mattress with n 2000 Watt Inverter n Patio Lightn Aluminum Side Swing Compartment Doors n Deluxe Pivoting Euro Chair with Ottoman 312 Coil with Pillowtop n Ceramic Tile (390TS) n 2 25,000 BTU E.I. Furnaces (NA 385)n Front and Rear Fiberglass Caps n Bedspread, Pillow Shams n 34,000 BTU Furnace (385 Only) n Slide-out Storage Tray n Dream Dinette n Privacy Drape-Cabn Air Horn n 13,500 BTU Ducted Roof A/C Front n (2) Euro Chairs with Ottoman n Fire Extinguisher n Residential Style Headboard (NA 385) (406QS Only)n Rear Vision Camera With Color Monitor n 13,500 BTU Ducted Roof A/C Rear n 40” LCD TV Coach n Night Shades in Bedroom n Sofa IPO Eurochairs (390TS Only)n Roof Ladder n Auto Transfer Switch n TV Antenna and Rotor Package n 26” LCD TV and DVD Player Bedroom n RV-IDn 5,000 Lb Towing Hitch with 7 Way Plug n 6.0 KW Diesel Generator (Onan) n Pre-Wired for Manual Satellite Dish n 15” Bunk TV’s (385 Only) n Travel Easy Roadside Assistancen Slide-Out Awnings (where applicable) n Fireplace (405 Only) n Cable TV Jackn Auxiliary Air Supply Hook-Ups Class A Diesel 385DS 390TS 405FK 406QS Wheelbase 242" 242" 266" 266" GVWR 27,910 lbs. 27,910 lbs. 27,910 lbs. 27,910 lbs. GCWR 32,910 lbs. 32,910 lbs. 32,910 lbs. 32,910 lbs. Fuel Capacity 100 gal. 100 gal. 100 gal. 100 gal. Exterior Length 39 9" 39 9" 41 4" 41 4" Exterior Height 12 4" 12 4" 12 4" 12 4" Exterior Width 102" 102" 102" 102" Fresh Water 82 gal. 82 gal. 89 gal. 89 gal. Gray Water 51 gal. 51 gal. 52 gal. 52 gal. Black Water 46 gal. 46 gal. 46 gal. 46 gal. Awning Size 17 0" 17 0" 20 0" 20 0" SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY 7
  8. 8. SPORTSCOACH CROSS COUNTRY Class A Diesel Pusher MotorhomeMojave Brown Sahara Black Free roadside Big benefits for assistance new owners Coachmen provides Owners club discounts and one year of free Travel more — A free one-yearEasy™emergency roadside assistance membership in the Coachmen Ownersfor those who buy a new Coachmen RV. Association comes with the purchase of anyAdministered by Coach-Net®, this service Coachmen product. This add-on value notgives Coachmen owners 24/7 access to only provides a host of travel services and All information contained in this brochure is believed to be accurate at the time of publication.operational, technical and emergency road campground discounts, but also a 24/7 online However, during the model year, it may be necessary to make revisions and Coachmenservices, including towing, fuel delivery, service that locates needed services while reserves the right to make all such changes without notice, including prices, colors, materials,jump starts, lockout service, tire changes, offering member savings at more than 180,000 equipment and specifications as well as the addition of new models and the discontinuance of models shown in this brochure. Therefore, please consult with your Coachmen dealermobile mechanic and unlimited technical merchants across the country. And, of course, and confirm the existence of any materials, design or specifications that are material to youradvice. So no matter where you go, we’re the COA is an excellent way to share experiences purchase decision.ready to help! with other Coachmen owners through rallies and caravans. ©Copyright 2012 Coachmen RV a Division of Forest River Inc – All Rights ReservedGVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): of passengers, cargo, load, and tow vehicle without exceeding the chassis weightThe maximum permissible weight of the unit, including the unloaded vehicle weight capabilities. Consumer may need additional braking capacity to tow loads greater than(UVW) plus all fluids, cargo, optional equipment and accessories. For safety and product 1,000 pounds.performance, do not exceed the GVWR. Seat belts should always be worn for passenger safety. Seat belts are provided at mostGCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating): locations to allow convenience in selecting which seat to occupy. However, it is notThe maximum total weight of the loaded unit, plus a tow vehicle. This includes the intended that all seating positions equipped with a seat belt may be occupied while the Your Cross Country Dealerweight of both the unit and tow vehicle, fuel for each, all other fluids, cargo, occupants, vehicle is in motion, without regard to other weight factors.optional equipment and accessories. All Coachmen motorhomes are designed to ensure that the number of passengersImportant Note: All capacities are approximate, and all dimensions are nominal. allowed while the vehicle is in motion will always at least equal the stated sleepingCoachmen motorhomes are designed to allow for a wide variety of uses, extended trips capacity. Though extra seat belts may be provided, for your safety and the properwith two people or short trips with multiple people. Accordingly, each unit allows ample operation of your vehicle, limit your passengers to the number allowed by the Netroom for sleeping, seating, fluids and cargo. While the customer is the beneficiary of Carrying Capacity of your vehicle.this design, the customer also bears the responsibility to select the proper combination Coachmen RV, a Division of Forest River Inc., A Berkshire Hathaway Company 423 N. Main St., P.O. Box 30, Middlebury, IN 46540 To learn more about Coachmen RV and our products and see how Coachmen is making the easy life easier, visit