INCOMPARABLEINTREPIDINNOVATIVE                                                                      A GAME CHANGER        ...
ABILITYADVENTUREADRENALINE                                                                                          A STAN...
A VIEW WITH A ROOMA massive amount ofwindow area means youand your passengers don’tmiss a thing when you areunderway - or ...
LIVING                                            SLEEPING                                      SLEEPINGARRANGEMENT       ...
KEEPING IT CLEAN   Spills are going to happen,     The N6-Active’s easy to clean seats are covered with simulated leather....
MEALS ON WHEELS                                      The N6-Active lets you                                      eat and d...
SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP                                         STAY CONNECTED - SAFELYYou won’t have to ask for directions...
ENTERTAIN YOURSELFThe AV set up in theN6-Active gives new meaningto this phrase! Enjoy Nissan’seasy to use premium in-dash...
TECHNICAL                                                         STANDARD AUTOMOTIVE FEATURES                            ...
Tires                              LT245/70R17E black wall                   Water tank - fresh                         19...
WARRANTIESAND OTHERINFORMATIONTAX ADVANTAGE                                    WARRANTIES                                 ...
100 Shirley Avenue           Toll Free 888-ROADTREK (762-3873)Kitchener, Ontario           Phone (519) 745-1169           ...
Roadtrek N6 Active 2013 Brochure
Roadtrek N6 Active 2013 Brochure
Roadtrek N6 Active 2013 Brochure
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Roadtrek N6 Active 2013 Brochure


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Roadtrek N6 Active 2013 Brochure

  2. 2. INCOMPARABLEINTREPIDINNOVATIVE A GAME CHANGER GROUPS TRAVEL IN THE LAP OF LUXURY. An SUV with a refrigerator, sink, microwave and shower. With more room than an SUV or A minivan that can easily minivan, the N6-Active has more tow 9000 lbs. An SUV that than enough room for 7 people. gets up to 18 MPG. A people There is luxurious seating in all hauler that you wouldn’t be three rows. Everyone has loads embarrassed to drive. An of legroom, elbow room and RV you can drive everyday. headroom. The N6-Active’s unique These are just a few of the feature is that the 3rd row is features of the N6-Active. actually comfortable for two adults or three children. You don’t have to be a Cirque du Soleil® acrobat to make it into the 3rd row of seats!WHAT DROVE US TO CREATE A CATEGORY A PLACE TO “CHILL OUT”DEFYING VEHICLE? You’ll have more flexibility to eat, You’re everywhere – the beach, watch videos, play games or justRecognizing a need and using our decades kid’s soccer tournament, relax. When you’re not driving,of experience and innovation to meet it. secret fishing spot or football the N6-Active’s four captain game. Use your N6-Active seats swivel to surround anIf it looks like no other SUV, Our consideration was not as home base. Get out of expandable table that can beRV or minivan, that’s because just the vehicle, but what the heat, get out of the rain set up in the vehicle’s differentuntil now, there’s never been you do with it. At every point or get out of the cold. Make zones to fit your needs.anything like it. Our purpose, our through the design process lunch, watch a movie, playmission, was to build true utility we thought about you, your Xbox™, charge your iPad™ orinto the N6-Active to support journey AND your destination. bunk up – you can do it all!you and your busy lifestyle.
  3. 3. ABILITYADVENTUREADRENALINE A STAND-UP EXPERIENCE You arrive at your destination, pop up the roof to allow full standing height inside the vehicle. Walk upright. No more head banging, no more bent over, back-breaking “hunching” like Quasimodo.RUGGED ENOUGH TO Perhaps the N6-Active’s greatest the N6-Active can pull almost overnight at your favouriteTOW ALMOST ability is to enhance the activities anything you have (or want). fishing hole. We set out to that you already participate in Imagine having a shower right build the ultimate haulerANYTHING (or aspire to do). With 9000 lbs. after you finished riding your and succeeded. of brute force towing capacity, ATV. Picture yourself staying There’s nothing like it.
  4. 4. A VIEW WITH A ROOMA massive amount ofwindow area means youand your passengers don’tmiss a thing when you areunderway - or already there.Our spacious interior offersmore legroom, elbow room andheadroom than the largest SUVs.The N6-Active has loads of storagespace for your things.The versatile center console canbe easily removed for extraspace between the frontseats or easier access fromthe front seats to the rear.
  5. 5. LIVING SLEEPING SLEEPINGARRANGEMENT ARRANGEMENT UPPER ARRANGEMENT LOWERSLEEP EASYThe N6-Active’s ingenious design means there’sroom to sleep up to five.We know how hard it is to find a quiet, private space when you’re Want that great tailgating spot at the stadium? Want to hit the trailson the go. Wouldn’t it be amazing to always have a comfortable early? Get there early – that day or the night before. Or rest up andbed for you or your young children to nap - wherever you happen head home later when traffic is lighter. Stay overnight anytimeto be? The 3rd row seat reclines to a full-length double bed. The to stretch out that perfect day. Sleep on your own linens in yourpop up roof allows sleeping for another two adults or kids. Sleep a own bed instead of dirty or overpriced motels. Be safer. Avoid thefifth across the two front seats on our optional folding mattress. exhausting drive home after a great day by staying overnight and driving home in the morning, refreshed - and with less traffic.
  6. 6. KEEPING IT CLEAN Spills are going to happen, The N6-Active’s easy to clean seats are covered with simulated leather. it’s a universal law. They’re also cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than Would you rather have a real leather. Most of the other interior surfaces are soft-touch vinyl permanent stain from your or plastic for easy cleaning and durability. The front cab has a rubber spilled venti latté or simply floor and the rest of the cabin has an attractive wood grain vinyl floor. This makes it easy to clean spills and dirt. For a little luxury, fitted wipe it up and carry on? carpet mats can be snapped in.
  7. 7. MEALS ON WHEELS The N6-Active lets you eat and drink on the go – anywhere – anytime – on your terms! Its built-in kitchenette includes a large refrigerated cooler, sink, hot and cold running water, microwave oven and cupboards. Just think of the convenience. When you’re on the road and it’s time to stop for a bite, you don’t have to rely on fast food. The N6-Active helps you save money and supports a healthy lifestyle! Skip the drive through and find a nice spot to enjoy items you picked up at a grocery store. Swivel the seats around and set up the expandable table or eat outside on a nearby picnic table. Grab your drinks and food from the fridge and cupboards thenWASH AND GO prepare them on the counter. If you want hot food, heat it upJust inside the rear doors is an in the microwave or pull outexternal use hand-held shower a portable stove or barbeque.head with hose. It’s handy for Use the hot and cold water andmany things such as washing sink to wash hands, take careoff caked on mud, dirty shoes, of spills and clean up aftermuddy paws, cleaning fish or eating. At night, pop up a bag ofeven washing off sand and salt popcorn and watch a movie onat the beach. You will appreciate your fl at-screen display. Try allthis feature because it ultimately of that in your current vehicle!extends the life of the interior ofyour N6-Active.
  8. 8. SAVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP STAY CONNECTED - SAFELYYou won’t have to ask for directions - ever. The N6-Active’s standard Bluetooth® hands-free phone system connectivity lets you connect your Bluetooth® enabledNissan’s in-dash touch-screen navigation center (U.S. only) communication device - so you can talk while keeping yourshows you where you’re going and tells you how to get there. hands on the wheel (and avoid a ticket in many states).Avoid traffic jams with available real-time traffic updates.
  9. 9. ENTERTAIN YOURSELFThe AV set up in theN6-Active gives new meaningto this phrase! Enjoy Nissan’seasy to use premium in-dashtouch-screen audio controlcenter (U.S. only).The steering wheel mountedthumb controls help keepyour attention on the roadwhile you shuffle through yourfavorite road trip mix. Safelycontrol XM Satellite Radio™(U.S. only) and make use of theUSB input for your iPod™.Connect a large tablet ormonitor to your Xbox™ orPlayStation™ and you canwatch a movie or play videogames together. If it’s peaceand quiet (or sanity) that youseek, you’ll appreciate thepower supplies and mountingbrackets for the 1st and 2nd rowseat backs. Simply clip eachperson’s iPad™ or other tabletinto the bracket, plug it in andenjoy hours of silence whileyour passengers listen to theirown music, watch their ownmovies or play Angry Birds™.
  10. 10. TECHNICAL STANDARD AUTOMOTIVE FEATURES N6-Active on 2012 Nissan NV 2500 VanHIGHLIGHTS Air bag - driver & passenger Alternator frontal, seat-mounted side impact, roof-mounted curtain side-impact 130 amp. Axle - rear 3.54 ratioENGINE: VEHICLE DYNAMICS Battery 650 amp. CONTROL (VDC) AND Brakes - anti lock (ABS) four wheel disc, 2 wheelContinuously Variable Valve active brake limited slip TRACTION CONTROL:Timing Control System (CVTCS) Camera – rearview backup appears on screen of in-dash radioto improve fuel efficiency and The NV comes standard with Climate control standardoptimize engine performance Vehicle Dynamics Control Compass & exterior temperature in instrument panelfor all driving conditions. (VDC) and Traction Control temperature display compass in navigation system to help maintain control Cooling - transmission oil standardBRAKES: of your vehicle in driving Cruise control standard conditions when a loss of Defroster - rear window standardLarge, heavy-duty brakes for control or traction occurs. Door locks - with remote power - all doors, single keyconfident stopping power. Doors & exits sliding side & 50/50 rear AIR BAGS: Engine 5.6 L DOHC gas V8TRANSMISSION: In addition to dual stage front Fuel capacity 106 L/28 US gal.- 5-speed automatic air bags for driver and front Headlights manual on/off passenger, there are driver Mirrors - exterior power, heated w/convex- Wide-range gear ratios and passenger seat-mounted for improved acceleration side-impact supplemental Power 220 kW/317 HP and fuel efficiency air bags and roof-mounted Receiver class IV curtain supplemental air Radio – Nissan in-dash (U.S.) AM/FM, XM sat. radio, CD & MP3- In-tank transmission and players, turn-by-turn GPS-based bags for side impact and external air coolers to navigation system, available rollover head protection. traffic updates, iPod & Bluetooth keep gears from seizing Front 3-point seat belts phone interfaces, backup camera w/remote & 5” LCD screen- Low-maintenance design are height-adjustable with pre-tensioners and Radio – Nissan in-dash (Canada) AM/FM radio, CD & MP3 players, iPod & Bluetooth phone interfaces load limiters.FRAME: Seat belts in rear three Seats - cab - Captain’s leather - faux - swiveling, 8 wayFull-length, fully-boxed power driver seat, manual lumbarladder frame for added Seats - 2nd row lounge leather – faux – swiveling Captain’sstrength and durability. seats with dual armrests Stability program - electronic (ESP) standard Theft deterrent system standard Tilt steering standard Tire pressure monitoring system standard Tire storage – spare vehicle underside behind rear axle
  11. 11. Tires LT245/70R17E black wall Water tank - fresh 19 L/5 US gal.Torque 520 N-m/385 lb-ft Water tank - grey 19 L/5 US gal.Traction control standard Windows awningTransmission - automatic 5 speed heavy dutyTrim - real cherry wood carbon fiber on dash & front door panels MOTORHOME OPTIONSWheels 1 7” steel Mattress - folding for across front seatsWindow operation power - front doors only Screen package for rear door openingWindow tint UV reducing windshieldWiring harness for towing 7 pin w/hard connector EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS & WEIGHTS Length 6110 mm/20’ 1”AUTOMOTIVE OPTIONS Height - overall 2388 mm/7’ 10”Wheels - chrome 17” with steel spare Width - overall (w/o mirrors) 2030 mm/6’ 8”Wheels - chrome 20” with LT275/50R20E Wheel base 3710 mm/146” tires & 17” steel spare Unloaded vehicle weight (2) 3100 Kg/6800 lbs. Gross vehicle weight rating 4128 Kg/9100 lbs.MOTORHOME FEATURES Gross combined weight rating - std. (3) 7258 Kg/16000 lbs.N6-Active on 2012 Nissan NV 2500 Van Gross combined weight rating - opt. (3) not applicableAir conditioner & heater - rear 12V auto assist Towing - tow weight - std. engine (4) 4100 Kg/9000 lbs.Batteries - auxiliary two 6V AGM deep cycle, 220 total amp-hrs. Towing - tow weight - opt. engine (4) not availableBattery storage - auxiliary under vehicle Towing - tongue weight (5) 431 Kg/950 lbs.Connection - external - 110V standard w/detachable power cord (2) Includes weight of base vehicle, fuel and propane only. Does not include weight of optional equipment, water, cargo and/or passengers.Connection - external - water standard (3) GCWR includes total weight of vehicle, trailer, equipment,Detectors smoke & CO fuel, water, propane, cargo, driver and passengers.Faucet - galley single lever (4) Maximum towable weight with driver only. This weight reduced by weight of optional equipment, fuel, water, propane, cargo and/or passengers.Flooring heavy duty vinyl, 40 oz. 100% Dupont nylon mats (5) A weight distributing hitch is required for tongue weights over 200 Kg/400 lbs.Microwave oven - 110V 20 L/0.7 cu. ft., 700 WPower inverter - 12/110V 1250 W (w/remote on/off switch) INTERIOR DIMENSIONSRefrigerator 2.5 cu. ft. 12V Standing height 1580 mm/62” w/roof closed, 1930 mm/76” w/roof openSink molded plastic Lower double bed length 1880 mm/74”Storage area across the rear Lower double bed width 1195 mm/47”Storage capacity 45 cu. ft. Upper double bed length 1880 mm/74”Storage compartments - exterior 1 in running board Upper double bed width 1420 mm/56”Table - dining front or middle Front folding mattress length 1520 mm/60”Water fill - fresh - location inside rear door to prevent tampering w/supply Front folding mattress width 610 mm/24”Water heater 110V constant flowWater system - on demand 12V with water pump
  12. 12. WARRANTIESAND OTHERINFORMATIONTAX ADVANTAGE WARRANTIES ENVIRONMENTBecause the N6-Active meets NISSAN: 3 year/36,000 mile Roadtrek Motorhomes hasthe definition of an RV, the or 60,000 km limited basic earned the Gold level ofinterest incurred to finance its warranty and 5 year/60,000 mile Green Certification frompurchase can be tax deductible or 100,000 km limited powertrain TR Arnold & a second residence. As a warranty. See Nissan website or The certification processresult, the after-tax cost of dealers for details. includes waste reduction andownership is less than com- disposal methods, indoor andparably priced vehicles. MOTORHOME: 4 year/48,000 exhausted air-quality, resource miles or 80,000 km limited efficiency, energy efficiency, warranty is offered by Roadtrek water efficiency, maintenance,COMPANY covering the manufacture of innovative practices and use the motorhome only (does of recycled materials duringRoadtrek Motorhomes Inc. not include the chassis). the manufacturing process.was established in 1974 andmanufacturers the number one APPLIANCES: Those offeredselling class B motorhomes on the individual appliances by(camper vans) in North America their respective manufacturers.(since 1990). For informationon our commitment to safety,quality and YOU, pleasevisit As we are always working to improve our product, specifications and design are ™ ® “Roadtrek” is registered trademark of Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc..subject to change without notice or obligation whatsoever. Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. shall notbe held responsible for errors or omis-sions contained herein or the delivery or non-delivery While information is the cornerstone of our ability to provide superior service, ourof any item herein. most trusted asset is our user’s trust. Your privacy is a top priority for all of us at Roadtrek Motorhomes. To view our Privacy Policy visit: drawings, photographs, literature and technical information contained herein arethe exclusive property of Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. The above may not be duplicated,re-produced, used nor conveyed to others without our express written consent.
  13. 13. 100 Shirley Avenue Toll Free 888-ROADTREK (762-3873)Kitchener, Ontario Phone (519) 745-1169 sales @ roadtrek.comCanada N2B 2E1 Fax (519) 745-1160 Part #21902014-ENG