101 Internet Marketing Tips


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101 Internet Marketing Tips

  1. 1. 101 Internet Marketing Tips for the SMART Marketer How to Successfully Run an Online Business Written By: Dario Montes de Oca For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  2. 2. LEGAL STUFFThis report is for information and educational purposes only.While every reasonable attempt has been made to verify the informationcontained in this eBook, the author cannot assume any responsibility forerrors, inaccuracies or omissions. This report is not “professional advice”.The author is not an attorney nor claims to be one.Any references to people, events, movies, books, organizations, andbusiness entities are for educational and illustrative purposes only.All earnings and traffic statistics described in this report and shown on ourwebsites are accurate to the best of our knowledge and should not beconsidered “typical”.As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on yourbackground, dedication, desire and motivation. We make no guaranteesregarding the level of success you may experience. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  3. 3. Introduction:Hi, my name is Dario and congratulations on finding this report. If you’rean Internet marketer or if you’d like to be, this is going to be the mostimportant PDF you’ll ever read.On the other hand, if you want to be an Internet marketer, but… you don’treally have what it takes… this report can save you thousands of dollarsand a massive deal of misery and regret.Listen: Internet Marketing isn’t for everybody. Some people are better offgetting a job and working for someone else.But if you think you have what it takes, then the following tips will put youin the right direction and guide you along the way.This report was made to be a “reference”. Refer to it and take what youneed. Many of these tips were drawn from personal experience and somefrom others input and experience.I hope you find the tips inside valuable for your business and life as manyothers have.Scroll down to begin. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  4. 4. 101 Tips for Internet MarketersTip #1) Quit Internet Marketing Right NOW.That’s right… Quit. Get out of the game. Go get a job, go do something else. This isNOT for you nor will it ever will. Trust me when I tell you this, I’m saving a gargantuanamount of pain and regret for you.Before you even read any more of this report, this is the first and only decision youhave to make right now.Your choice is this: All… or nothing.Either you take everything Internet marketing has to offer: the ups, the downs, thelearning, the planning, the implementing, the commissions, the pitfalls, paydays… eitheryou take all of this and plenty more or you get out right now.There’s no point in reading the rest of this report if you don’t make this decision.So what will it be? Take it all, or nothing?Take your time with this, really, I can wait. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  5. 5. Tip #2) Treat Internet Marketing As A Real Business.Don’t treat it as a hobby or something to let the time go by. Get serious, get committed.Take responsibility for your actions. Plan, strategize and then implement. It’s the onlyway to win.Tip #3) Write Down Your Goals And Your Vision On Paper.Write down everything you want to have and achieve. Pull out a pen and paper andwrite it all down. Let your imagination run WILD here. Think of all the things youwanted to do as a kid and write it all down.There’s something magical about this process and will get you on the path of where youwant to be. Look and read your list of goals every day and work out a plan to makeeach one of them come true.One of my favorite lines is by Robert de Niro in the movie The Score: “Write downeverything you want in life, then, spend the next 25 years getting those things.”…Brilliant.Tip #4) SMART Stands For Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Relevant, And Timely.These are how your biggest goals should be written.Specific: Write down exactly what you want. Don’t hold any details. If it’s a reallyprivate and personal goal that you don’t want anybody to see, keep it in a safe place.Measurable: You need to know when you’ve accomplished a goal so this is whatmeasurable means. If it’s a physical object then that’s easy, once you own the objectyou’ve accomplished your goal. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  6. 6. Or it might be a certain number of objects, or a certain number of anything. Whateverit is, write it down.Attainable: How exactly are you going to accomplish this goal? What steps do you needto take to complete it? If it’s money you need, then make more of it and then buy it. Ifit’s reaching out to someone and asking them something, then write that down too andthen do it.Relevant: Write down goals that will really mean something to you or someone in yourlife. You don’t want to have goals that won’t accomplish much of anything or that won’tbring you joy or satisfaction when they’re fulfilled.Write down your dreams and ambitions, those kinds of goals are worth going after andmaking happen.Timely: Set the time frame you want to achieve this goal by. Can you accomplish it in afew hours? Is it a week? Is it a year? Is it 20 years from now? Write it down.After you’ve put down all of these steps, take the appropriate action. Once you’veaccomplished a goal, check it off your list and go on to the next one.Keep these lists, don’t throw them away. Years from now you can look back on whatyou’ve accomplished and even make better, bigger and more meaningful ones that willmatter the most to you.Tip #5) Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude.Your attitude and state of mind is going to play a huge part in your succeeding or notgetting what you want. If you are in doubt of yourself or always pessimistic about whatmight happen without actually taking any action on your ideas, you won’t go very far.If something’s wrong, change it. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  7. 7. Tip #6) Believe In Yourself And Know You Can Do It.Belief can change everything. Belief can change the entire world around you. Watch thisshort clip on YouTube, it’s one of my favorites called “I Am A Champion”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yX39J_YyKbsTip #7) Never Give Up.Be consistent, but pace yourself. Remember that it’s not a race to the finish line, butmore like a marathon where everybody who reaches the end wins. It can take monthsor even years before you have the ideal income or success you desire, but it is so worththe journey to getting there.Never give up.Tip #8) Keep Things Simple.Sounds simple right? Get rid of all the things you don’t use or need. This includes all thethings that are holding you back. This could be as simple as clearing up the desktop onyour computer or cleaning out your garage.It could also mean having a piece of paper in front of you each time you wake up thatsays the thing you want to accomplish that day… and not going to sleep until it’sfinished.Simplify your life.Tip #9) Keep Focus on Being Productive And Not Just “Busy”.One of the biggest differences between being an employee and an entrepreneur is anemployee can seem looking “busy” and still get paid for it, but in this game no one’spaying you by the hour (with some exceptions).You and only you are responsible for how much you make at the end of the month. Butthat’s also one of the greatest benefits to being an entrepreneur and online marketer…YOU determine how much money you make, not someone else. But you need to beproductive and implement your ideas and work hard to make it happen. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  8. 8. Tip #10) Learn From Your Mistakes Then Move On.Eventually, you’re going to make some kind of mistake in your business. It’s inevitablebut also one of the greatest ways to gain experience and grow. When it happens, justtake it for what it is, learn from it and remember it then move on.Tip #11) Keep Doing What Works, Stop Doing What Doesn’t.Sounds easy, but this is one of those things we can’t always see ourselves doing, evenwhile we’re doing them. Learn what to let go of and stop doing and continue andexpand anything that is growing or helpful. This could be the one thing that’s stoppingyou from achieving what you want to achieve.Tip #12) Develop Positive Life-Altering Habits.Do you know what a positive habit is? It’s those things that make you grow, learn,expand, or even earn you more money. Positive habits are things like reading, writing,planning and socializing with other positive, forward thinking individuals, meditating,eating healthy foods, and exercising.These are just some, come up with some of your own and do them consistently.Tip #13) Building Your Email List Should Be Your Number OnePriority.Time and time again I have read about the journey of newbie Internet marketers whofinally, after some time, started making a LOT of money. There was something strange Istarted noticing though…Whenever the question of “regrets”, or “if they could start all over again…” came up,many of them said the exact same thing:They would have started building their email list from the start.All it takes to build your email list is an autoresponder software and capture page. Ifyou don’t have one yet, then stop reading this right now and jump on it. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  9. 9. Click here (affiliate link) to get started building your email list. All you need is $1 tostart growing your list today.Use http://www.Blogger.com to host your opt in form for free and then startsending traffic to your site and collecting email addresses.Tip #14) Nothing Has To Be Perfect, Just Get It Going.In the beginning, don’t try and make every detail perfect. If it needs fixing, do it alongthe way.A great example of this is your capture page. If you don’t already have at least ONElead capture page up and running somewhere online, then follow Tip #13 above.Remember: It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get it going.Tip #15) Develop an Attitude of Servitude.Zig Ziglar said it best when he wrote “You can have everything in life that you want ifyou just give enough other people what they want”.With Internet Marketing, it is absolutely achievable.Tip #16) This Is More Than Just About Money.What are you in this for? Seriously, why are trying to market online? I’ll tell you, it’s notjust about the money. Yes, believe it or not money is not the primary reason you shouldbe marketing online.But don’t get me wrong, money is absolutely essential and has a critical part to play inyour endeavor with Internet Marketing. In the end, I think it’s safe to say that everyonetrying to make money online is after one or more of these below:FreedomTimePurchasing Power For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  10. 10. DreamsGoalsTheir Own Ideas on How to Live LifeInvestment Capital to Buy Bigger AssetsYou’re chasing down more than just money, keep that in mind.Tip #17) You Are Unique, So Show It.In everything you do add your own unique touch and presence. Everyone has their ownstory and background. In as many ways as you can think of, show your uniqueness tothe world.Tip #18) Surround Yourself With Positive Success Models In Anyand Every Way You Can.Want more out of life? Then follow and learn from the people who already have whatyou desire. This can be any various forms of ways including:Audio booksVideosBooksIn personSeminarsOnline forums (Warrior Forum is hands down one of the best Internet Marketingforums online, sign up free and learn from the best)Tip #19) Know That You Are Not Alone. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  11. 11. Somewhere out there, someone is trying to solve exactly or very similar to what you’restruggling with. The best way to find help is to look online.There are tons of business web forums and websites on how to solve (or at least havesound advice on) a problem you may be dealing with.Get out there and find the solution and solve it.Tip #20) Learn Everything You Can About Internet Marketing.Ok, you don’t have to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about Internet Marketing,but it does help to know a little about everything. If you run into a dilemma orsomething you don’t know about, you can easily run a Google search or look on theWarrior Forum.The important thing to absolutely know is you CAN make money with IM and followingthe steps that earn you profits and commissions are the fundamentals you should know.Tip #21) Value Your Time.You should know by now how valuable your time spent on things really is. Money canbe lost and made, but time can never be replaced (unless you’re Doc Brown in Back tothe Future).Take a look at the most important goals you have written down that can be doneTODAY and then do them. A great Internet entrepreneur and marketer I know of doesthis every night:Before he goes to sleep he thinks of five things that need to be done the next day.When he wakes up he sees his list he wrote the night before and doesn’t go to sleepthat day until every one of them is done.Now THAT is how you value your time.You don’t have to do the exact same thing but at the very least get the easier thingsdone and out of the way so you can put your focus on your more important and biggergoals. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  12. 12. Tip #22) Be Honest.Be honest with your subscribers, your customers, your friends, family and everyonearound you. But most importantly be honest with yourself. Your reputation and honestywill have the biggest impact on your life and your income.Tip #23) Aim High, Dream Big.One of the best books I’ve read about dreams and goals is called The Magic of ThinkingBig by David Schwartz.Get a copy of this book and read every word of it.Nearly everything that you desire is entirely achievable and can be done when you takethe right steps and keep your focus on it until it is accomplished.I say “nearly” everything because I like to be realistic. If I have a dream to tour andwalk on the planet Jupiter then I’m not being realistic with myself. I also understandthere may be technology in existence that can send a human being to the planet Jupiterso we humans can walk on there, but I haven’t heard about it and likely won’t in thislifetime.Be realistic about your dreams, but also be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable,Realistic and Timely) about them too.Tip #24) Keep Focus on One Thing at a Time until It’s Finished.Don’t be the jack of all trades, and the finisher of none. Sometimes it’s easier to finishthe harder things first because once it’s done it’s all downhill from there.Tip #25) Realize You Can’t Please Everyone.Just as in business and life, you won’t be able to please anyone and everyone. Stay trueto yourself and your beliefs. Come to your own conclusions but be open and know thatthere are other ways of thinking and opinions out there. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  13. 13. Tip #26) The Internet Is Always Going To Be Changing.What works today might not work tomorrow. Remember when Google started“slapping” nearly everyone in the IM industry using their pay-per-click service? Fortuneswere lost overnight when it happened and is a constant reminder to not rely on just onemethod of traffic generation. But it goes much further than traffic.Stick to long-term business principles and you will never run out of customers orclientele ever again, some things to hold on to are:EthicsHonestyFast ServiceValueQuick DeliveryReliable InformationTip #27) People Love Seeing Numbers.“Top 5 Ways to…”“25 Easy Ways to…”“101 Internet Marketing Tips…”When used correctly numbers can transform your entire business and conversion rate.Keep that in mind.Tip #28) People Love Fast, Free and Easy.Those three words are part of the list of words that stand out the most to peopleonline. Incorporate these words into your marketing while providing real value andyou’ll go far. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  14. 14. Tip #29) Content Really Is King.Content = Articles, Videos, Podcasts, PDF Reports, Audio Recordings, Forum Posts, BlogComments and any other forms of content you can think of.As long as the Internet exists quality content will likely be your number one trafficgeneration source.Tip #30) You Absolutely CAN Build Your Fortune Online.Thousands of people are doing it every single day, but don’t mistake this for “quickriches”. Look ahead for at least one year, 3-5 years is even better. It could be a long,hard journey but it is so worth it.Just know that you absolutely can do it.Tip #31) Here Is One of the Greatest Online Money MakingFunnels Ever Created.High Converting Lead Capture Page  One Time Offer  Email List  Valuable Follow-up Emails  Valuable Products, Services and Recommendations.This funnel can change your entire life. Stop reading this and get started on it now.Tip #32) Build Your List in More Ways than One Single LeadCapture Page.This is a simple and easy method, here goes:Have an opt-in form on every single webpage that you own.Traffic can come from any one of the webpages that you own on your domain, includingyour privacy policy or “about me” page. Be sure you give your website visitors the freeopportunity to sign up to your email list. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  15. 15. That one subscriber can mean the difference between a $0.00 payday and a $739.00payday (I know because this has happened for me) Tip #33) Always Give Clear Instructions On What To Do Next.Many times you’re going to have to “guide” your visitors along through your marketingfunnel and you’re smart if you do it with all your website visitors.It’s as easy as having them read: Click Here To Secure Your Copy NowOr Download And Buy This Product By Clicking HereOr Click Here For Instant AccessTip #34) My Best Kept Secret.Exit blocks and exit pop-ups. This has been my number one secret for getting moresales than I would have ever gotten if I didn’t use them.Here’s something interesting you should know about me:I got STARTED in online marketing because of one simple exit block.Here’s the quick version… Years ago after I had quit my day job I was surfing throughCraigsList and came upon an ad to make money online. I clicked on it and saw thevideo and just wasn’t that intrigued, but as I exited the page a pop-up came on myscreen reading something like “Are you SURE you want to exit this page? Click “Stay OnPage” so I can give you my awesome free gift”.That one little message is what got me to keep going and spend my first $50 in onlinemarketing and has led me to where I am today.If you want more sales and cash in your pocket then USE EXIT BLOCKS AND EXIT POP-UPS.I’ve used Exit Splash for a long time and still do. It works on any page for anywebsite. For my subscribers only I’m giving away an exit plugin for WordPress users. Ifyou’re already on my list then you’ll be getting it soon.If you’re not on my list then you can hop on board at:http://www.PowerfulOnlineProfits.com For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  16. 16. Tip #35) Keep Positive ROI.No matter where your level in this industry is, if you want more income andcommissions you’re going to have to invest in some of the basics.Some of these include:Web hostingAutoresponder serviceDomain name(s)Backlinks or SEO service (optional if doing SEO)Try not to spend more than you’re willing to invest. Cancel subscriptions or drop olddomain names if you need to. If you’re losing more than you’re earning then changesomething, fast.Tip #36) Video Marketing Is Now, Use It.In 2011 people were saying that video marketing is the future. Guess what? The futureis now. When you’re signed up to my email list I will send you a step-by-step report onhow to get 10,000 video views using YouTube, look out for it soon.Tip #37) Occasionally Check All of Your Website Links for Errors.On one of my niche websites I built up enough authority and traffic to where I wasgetting daily ClickBank sales and commissions. Then one day I logged in to thatClickBank account and noticed I hadn’t made a sale in over four days. I went from dailysales to $0.00.After some time I finally found out what was wrong. My html affiliate link wasn’tredirecting to the product I was promoting. It was only a few hours after I had fixed thelink when I started getting sales again. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  17. 17. Every once in a while check for bad links, broken text or graphics and even go throughthe ordering process (without buying of course) of all the products you’re promoting tomake sure everything is running smoothly.You could be losing out on money and you don’t even know it.Tip #38) Build A Good Looking, High Converting Website.In Tip #14 I mentioned that nothing has to be perfect, but to just get it going. But aftersome time you are going to want to have the best looking websites you can possiblyhave, whether it be your capture page, blog or any other websites you may own.WordPress works wonders and is the only platform I use to build all of my websites.Forget the expensive programs and website making software, all you really need isWordPress and a great looking theme, especially if you’re on a budget.In my subscriber email list I’ve included 3 high converting lead capture pages to get youstarted on building your email list. If you’re not already on my notification list, sign upfree here:http://www.PowerfulOnlineProfits.comTip #39) Create a Copywriting Swipe File.Creating and using a swipe file could be the biggest impact on your conversion rates.Whenever you read a marketing message that grabs and pulls you in, take note of it byeither writing it down in your swipe file or bookmarking it.The best swipe file that I know of was created by Dan Kennedy. You can check outsome of his marketing material through this website:http://www.GetDanKennedy.comTip #40) Create an Email Specifically for Internet MarketingNewsletters.I started years ago and now have just about every top marketers email updates allgoing into one email. This can help out to see certain trends in product promotions that For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  18. 18. you can promote to your own list or see which subject headlines grab you the most toadd to your swipe file.You can do an almost limitless amount of things when you have all the top marketersup to date information and promotions in one place. Get this going and use yourimagination.Tip #41) Know Your Conversion Rate.Knowing your conversion rate can be worth its weight in gold. When you know exactlyhow many website visitors you need to make a certain amount of profit, you are incomplete control of your entire business.Here’s a very basic outline of how you can measure your conversion rate:60 actions (sales, signups, leads, etc.) out of every 100 visitors is a 60% conversionrate.Tip #42) Track Your Traffic.No matter what you’re doing or niche you’re promoting in you should always knowwhere your traffic is coming from. HostGator automatically does this for you, but inmy opinion doesn’t compare to what this free service does:StatCounterI’ve been using StatCounter for years and it is the best free service that I know of totrack where all of your website visitors are coming from. They don’t just track yourtraffic either, they’ll analyze where they came from, how long they stayed on whateverpage they came from, what page they exit to and a whole lot more.Tip #43) Track Your Progress.Did you make more money this month than you did last month? Is your list consistentlygrowing every week, every day? Are you getting more traffic and higher conversions toyour website than you did three months ago? For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  19. 19. Keep track of all these things and focus on an area you need to improve. I love usingcalendars. Whenever something major (or even minor) happens on any given day, I’llwrite it down on the calendar on my wall to remind me of it.Tip #44) Residual Income ROCKS!Get some residual in your life, seriously. To this day I’m still receiving commissions fromrecurring payment services that I promoted years ago.The customers who subscribed to those services came from my email list… that’s thesheer power and profit potential of list building.List building + recurring paying value services = Long-term residual $$$Tip #45) Reinvest Your Profits.This may be hard for some but if you want to keep having money in your pocket,reinvest some or all of your profits back in to your business to earn even more profits.Tip #46) The Richest Man In Babylon Saved 10% of All HisIncome.The greatest book on money I’ve ever read is a short book called The Richest Man inBabylon by George S. Clason.Get this book and read every word of it.Every first of the month I calculate all of the profits I made the previous month and nomatter what the total is, I get 10% of it and put it aside.Remember this: It doesn’t matter how much money you make, you can make millionsand still be broke (just take a look at professional football players and music artists).What will matter the most years from now is how much money you put aside and didn’tuse.Tip #47) Buy and Invest in Silver and Gold. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  20. 20. This has little to do with Internet Marketing but since I’m on the subject of saving 10%I’ve decided to place a tip in here about protecting your wealth.Silver and gold have been used for thousands of years as REAL money or as an“insurance policy” against failing currencies. One thing you have to realize is that theU.S. dollars in your pocket and bank account isn’t even real money at all but is basicallycurrency credit that you’re using to buy things with.I can go on and on about the importance of owning precious metals, but I suggest youdo your own due diligence and education. After you do, get out there and buy as muchsilver and gold you can get your hands on.Many precious metals experts/investors recommend a minimum of 15% in physicalsilver and 10% in physical gold as part of your total assets, some recommend muchmore.But remember this: If you can’t hold it in your hands, you don’t own it. Buy as muchPHYSICAL silver and gold that you can easily access with your own two hands as youcan.At the time of writing this silver is at about $31/oz. and gold is just under $1,700/oz.My top recommendations for buying:http://www.ProvidentMetals.com (best prices I’ve seen anywhere)Your local coin shopsRecommended Gold and Silver Newsletters:http://www.GoldSilver.comhttp://www.GoldMoney.comTip #48) Need Money Fast? Promote Affiliate Products.Affiliate marketing is probably one of the quickest and fastest ways to earn a decentamount of money when you know what you’re doing. If you incorporate list buildingand affiliate product promotion together you can have a lot of sales commissionscoming in fast. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  21. 21. Tip #49) For More Control of Product and Sales, Create Your OwnProduct.You can make the simplest product or eBook and start selling it for $1-$7 for immediatesales.I started doing this method years ago with a one-time offer all of my SEO subscriberswould see after signing up for my email list. The multiple daily payments of $7.00started adding up very fast. It was an especially surprising number at the end of themonth when I added all my income.You can use a service like PayPal to set up a payment merchant cart with your offerand begin sending targeted traffic to your website through any different forms of trafficgeneration.Tip #50) Don’t Just Throw Sales Pitches to Your Email List All theTime.One of the quickest ways to lose a lot of your subscribers is by NOT providing enoughvaluable information and advice. I know this because I’ve been there.When you own an email list you have to keep in mind that who you’re emailing is a realperson beyond your computer screen that is either A) looking for more informationabout the topic you offered about or B) is trying to change something in their life andwilling to spend money on it.One of the fastest ways to gain trust (and sales) is by providing as much REAL value asyou can to the person you’re emailing.Think ahead and long term. Get a lot of great information and create an email seriesthat will be sent out to your list automatically.Tip #51) Do Drip Feed Quality Content to Your List.One of the greatest and wealthiest online marketers that I know of came up with themethod of “drip feeding” high quality content and strategies that his email listsubscribers can use in the real world immediately. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  22. 22. The concept goes like this:Give your reader something practical and useful they can go out and do at that verymoment for immediate results, but at the same time won’t give them everything thatthey need so they will come back to you asking for more.Keep doing this over and over while offering the final solution that they need, whichwill, ideally, be the product that you’re selling.This is one of the most fantastic ways to earn a LOT of trust, authority and recurringsales in your niche.Tip #52) Know and Understand Your Target Market.What do your customers REALLY want? What is the end result that they want to achieveand how can you market your message to them so that they absolutely know that theservice or product you’re offering is the perfect one for them?You don’t want to market online just for the sake of marketing online. You want tomake some money and the quickest way to get it is to know exactly what yourcustomers want and then giving (read: selling) it to them.You don’t want to promote a golf swinging program to a kid in his early-20s trying tomake a few bucks online while attending college. And you don’t want to promote anacne solution to a senior citizen (would this be profitable?).When you know exactly what your market wants, all you have to do is get the rightmessage and product in front of them to add more value to their life and more moneyin your pocket.Tip #53) Learn the Sales Process.Learn copywriting, read high converting sales letters, watch sales videos of productsthat are constantly being sold.One of the best Internet Marketing’ sales videos I know of is right here (affiliate link).It’s a great product that works too. You’re welcome to buy it. It’s made me tons ofmoney and still does to this day. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  23. 23. Tip #54) All It Takes Is to Know Just A Little Bit More Than TheyDo.Not only can this make you money but it will also let you be seen as an authority in theindustry. All it takes is to know just a little bit more about Internet Marketing than theperson you’re presenting information to.Even if the person already knows about a certain method or strategy, the way youdeliver it can let that person know that you know what you’re talking about and evenentice that person to look further into your marketing funnel and the products you’repromoting and buy it from you or your affiliate link.Tip #55) Automate As Many Things As You Can, As Soon As YouCan.Whether this is your email newsletter, traffic generation, SEO or sales coming ineveryday you’ll want to automate as many things as you can as soon as possible. Justknow that there will always be some form of “work” to be done, unless you’recompletely outsourcing your entire business.But don’t confuse “work” for having fun. I’m having a great time brainstorming andwriting this very report you’re reading. Tip #56) If You Can Afford It, Outsource As Much As You Can.Sites like Elance, oDesk and even Fiverr are some places you can outsource some ofyour work to. For SEO I personally use this service and this service and they workgreat.Tip #57) Adopt the Concept of CANI.CANI means Constant and Never-Ending Improvement and has the biggest and bestpotential for you to explode your income over your lifetime.In every aspect of your life there will always be something to improve, make simpler,better, faster. No matter where we are in life there will always be something to “do”, so For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  24. 24. when you incorporate the concept of CANI into your life and business, you’re constantlymaking every aspect of your life simpler and better.Tip #58) When You Discover Something Great, Share It.I do this all the time with close friends and occasionally to my email list subscribers.Whenever I find something really intriguing or interesting I’ll post it on my Facebookwall or text it to someone or send an email about it to my list.Tip #59) Tell Your Story, Share It with the World.On any one of your websites, in particular your blog, create an “About Me” page whereyou can share with the world your own background and story of what you’ve beenthrough and where you’re at now.People love hearing other peoples’ stories about what they’ve experienced. This canhelp in making you more sales because when people feel they can relate to you, they’llfeel a lot less resistant buying from you.Share your story.Tip #60) The Greatest Internet Marketing Secret No One’s ToldYou.Want to know a secret? If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone though. Nota single soul. Here’s the greatest secret of all and the only one you have to constantlykeep in mind:Make sales.It’s not so much of a secret is it? But I do find it amazing how often so many InternetMarketers forget about this one little secret, and then quit Internet Marketing altogetherbecause they say it doesn’t “work”.Out of all the things you do, keep in mind that at the end of the day, the week or themonth, how many sales you’ve made and how much money comes in is what willmatter most. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  25. 25. Don’t forget it. Feel free to share this secret with anyone you know.Tip #61) Don’t Whine or Complain.You’re not a baby anymore. This is business. Get over it.You’ll often find that the ones who are making the most money aren’t wasting theirtime complaining about the bad things happening in their life.Instead they’re making moves, making sales and they’re learning, studying andperfecting their craft. Just take things for what they are and move on.There’s no need to let the world know how you feel, because honestly, they likely reallydo not care.Tip #62) Do Not Always Believe Someone’s Income Claims.Screenshots can be easily faked. ClickBank and PayPal are probably the most popular tomanipulate. Just Google “fake clickbank screenshot” and you’ll see what I mean.This doesn’t mean someone is actually faking their screenshots, but just be aware thatsome people do it.Tip #63) If You Feel Overwhelmed, Use Your List of Goals As aReminder of What You Need To Do.Every entrepreneur will go through a phase where they may feel “stuck” or at adisadvantage. When this happens the best thing to do is go outside, get a breath offresh air and reread your list of goals to get yourself back on track.Keep your focus on one goal until it is done then move on to the next.Tip #64) Use Many Bold Sub-headlines, Especially for Long Postsor Sales Letters. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  26. 26. This will keep your visitor tuned in and staying on your webpage longer and potentiallymake you more sales from whatever you’re offering.Tip #65) When You Own Your Own Information Product, AlwaysHonor Your Refund Policy.Whether your refund policy is 7 days or a year, honor it. A bad thing to have is areputation for not honoring your refund policy. Word can go around fast if you don’t andsome won’t buy your product because of what they’ve read on a forum or blog.Tip #66) When Someone Doesn’t Buy Your Product or Wants ARefund, Try and Find Out The Reason Why.There’s always going to be some reason why someone didn’t buy a product. As anInternet Marketer you’ll want to know why and try to solve that problem for your futurevisitors. You can do this by directly emailing them or having an exit pop-up to a shortsurvey asking why they didn’t buy your product.You can do this free with a service like Survey Monkey.Tip #67) Occasionally Survey Your List Subscribers to See WhatThey Want.Just like Tip #66 above you can set up a free Survey Monkey questionnaire andbroadcast it to your entire list to get some insight on what they would want from yournewsletter or what they’re main concern is.You can then use this information to offer them the perfect solution, a valuable productor service that will solve their dilemma.Tip #68) Do Make Backup Copies of Your Entire Email List.At least one marketer that I know of spent about two years building his list size toabout 20,000 subscribers and lost it all in a single day. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  27. 27. If you’re not making backups of your list on a constant basis you’re taking a risk onlosing your #1 asset in Internet Marketing. When you use a service like Aweber it’s acinch to make it happen.Watch out for my video on how to easily create copies and backups of your marketinglist.Tip #69) Keep Your Website Passwords to Yourself.Unless you’re outsourcing to a trusted source or giving your password to someone youcan truly trust, keep your passwords to yourself. If you make easy passwords you maybe taking a risk of losing very valuable information.An easy password is any word you can find online or in a dictionary. The bestpasswords are ones with letters, numbers and symbols that only you know by memory.The last thing you want is someone logging in to one of your affiliate sites and changingthe PayPal or mailing address where your sales commissions are sent to.Tip #70) Understand That Close Friends and Family May NotUnderstand or Even Like What You Are Doing Online.Many people are still attached to the old philosophy of “go to school, get a job, andsave for retirement”, but you and I know better than that. It’s a new world with newways of living. Don’t let those people get you down, even if they are family members.Keep learning, implementing and making sales while saving 10% of all the profits youmake and you will go way farther than they think you can.Tip #71) Don’t Be Afraid to Venture into Areas Unknown to You.Nowadays with the help of the Internet, it’s easy to find out and learn something new.All you need to have is the courage and heart to get out and find it.Tip #72) When Your Computer’s Running Extra Slow, Clean it Outor Get a New One. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  28. 28. You can only work as fast as your hardware allows you to. When I got a brand newcomputer this year and realized how much faster I could work on it, I knew I shouldhave gotten one long before I did.If you can’t afford one, then clean out and delete old programs you don’t use often. Youcan even get yourself an external hard drive and store lots of your data there. Ipersonally have a 1 terabyte external drive and it’s plenty more than I need.Tip #73) Keep A Journal or Notepad Everywhere You Go.You never know when you’re going to get your next idea from and when it comes you’llwant to be able to jot it down somewhere and refer to it later.I always carry a folded up paper in my back pocket and a pen everywhere I go. If youdon’t like carrying these then at least use your phone to write them down. I save drafttext messages all day long and write most of them down on my calendar when I gethome or simply do them when I get the chance to.I also keep a sturdy notebook on my desk to write down any ideas I come across fromwatching videos, browsing websites or reading newsletters.Tip #74) Create A Vision Board for All the Things You Desire andWant to Achieve.If you’ve seen the movie The Secret then you probably already have one. For me,instead of creating a cut-out cardboard vision board, I created a digital one on mycomputer screen.If you’re a true Internet Marketer then you likely spend LOTS of time in front of acomputer screen. I know I do, so I created a folder with hundreds of pictures of all thethings I’d like to achieve, places I’d like to visit, of my family and lots more and set theentire folder as my screen saver.It takes a few minutes to activate but when it does I see a clear picture of what I wantto accomplish or a happy memory every 10 seconds.Tip #75) Create A Work Schedule. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  29. 29. If you’re self-employed and Internet Marketing is or becomes your only income then it’scritical to keep accomplishing the tasks and goals you set for yourself. Having a workschedule makes it easier to do this.Tip #76) Get and Use Free Mind Mapping Software.Mind mapping can be used in a number of ways, including: listing your priorities andgoals, storing a database of information, writing a book, keeping track of your finances,and much, much more. The only limit to mind mapping software is the one you placeon it.You can get it free here:http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_PageTip #77) Always Maintain A Level of Control of Your Business.If you’re lacking in traffic, find a source of traffic and put it to work for you. If you’relacking in leads, send more traffic to your lead capture page or improve your conversionrate. If you’re lacking in sales, find out why.One of the easiest ways to make money as an online marketer is spending a fewminutes writing an email to your list. When I started focusing on REALLY building mylist I sent an email promotion and made over $300 in about 4 hours. Another time Imade close to $500 in about three days.That’s why Tip #13 is so important… Building Your Email List Should Be Your NumberOne Priority.Tip #78) If You Need To, Let Go of A Domain Name.Every once in a while you may get one of these. A domain name you bought and justcouldn’t get ANY kind of profit off of it. If it hasn’t made you at least the price it took tobuy the domain, about $10 a year, then it may be time to let go of it.You can either let it expire by logging in to your domain registration site and arrangingthe site settings or try and selling it on a site like Flippa. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  30. 30. Tip #79) There Are More Traffic Generation Methods You Can UseThan You Realize.You likely don’t need to use them all, mastering even just one or two would be morethan enough traffic for all your websites when used correctly.Here’s a good list of Internet Marketing traffic generation methods you can use startingtoday:Solo Ads Direct Mail SEOVideos Articles List SwapsEmails Pay-Per-Click Social MediaForum Signatures Blogging Banner AdsComments Hosting Contests PodcastsPDF Reports Audio Recordings InfographicsGiveaways RSS Classified AdsCPA Networks Guest Posting Media BuysPay-Per-View Press Releases Paid To ClickSoftware Distribution Traffic Exchanges Yahoo! AnswersAs you can see, there are plenty of traffic generation methods to go around.Tip #80) When Posting Comments, Be Sure They Have Value InThem.Don’t leave short, uninteresting and off topic posts like “Nice share”, “Cool post”, or“Thanks”. The best comments are the ones that are engaged into the conversation andstand out from the rest. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  31. 31. Tip #81) Get Listed on Blogs with the “Top Commentator” Plug-inEnabled.You may have to dig your way to find these blogs nowadays, but if anyone is still usingthem they’re a great way to get lots of exposure and free backlinks to your website.Tip #82) Try and Always Be the First to Comment.Whenever a new post on a forum or blog is published from a high profile website tryand be the very first to leave a comment. When you’re the first to comment it givesyour profile a higher chance of getting clicked on and someone going to your website.Some ways to do this with a blog are to subscribe by email or RSS. On a forum, you canrefresh the page and see when the latest posts are published.Tip #83) Absolutely 100% Use Viral Marketing.Viral marketing is one of the most powerful and free traffic generation methods that Iknow of. What happens when you use viral marketing correctly is you give somethingto your website visitor that they can’t resist in return for promoting your website ontheir social media sites or blog.There are free scripts you can find and use online but none of those free versionscompare to the service called:Traffic ZombieTo date I have received hundreds of backlinks, referrals and website visitors from manyof my list subscribers all for free thanks to this system.Tip #84) Have At Least One Good Press Release Written for Eachof Your Websites.Press releases are a powerful way to get lots of exposure and backlinks for yourwebsites. One of the places to get a good, unique press release written for very cheapis Fiverr. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  32. 32. You may have to do some shopping and looking around but you can ultimately find agreat writer who will write a great press release for your website for $5.Tip #85) Participate in Forums for Backlinks & Traffic.When you participate in forums, place your website links or even better, anchor textbacklinks, in your signature. The more valuable posts you make the more people willsee your signature links and click to visit your websites. When you place anchor textbacklinks on your signature, search engine like Google will see them and begin rankingyour website for those keywords.This method can bring in traffic for years to come.Tip #86) Host A Prize Giveaway to Your Subscribers and Affiliates.This is a great extra incentive to get other people to bring in sales and traffic on yourbehalf. A good example of this would be to tell your subscribers:The first person who reaches “X” amount of sales by “X” date will receive a free iPadand $100.Get creative and tell as many people as you can about your giveaway and you’ll seeplenty of sales and traffic heading your way.Just be sure you calculate your sales profits correctly so after the winner is announced,you can give them the prize without breaking your bank.Tip #87) SEO Can Take Time, but is Sometimes Well Worth theWait.SEO is a strange thing sometimes. You can rank #1 for a keyword and get literally zerotraffic from that keyword. Or you can rank #1 for another keyword and get thousandsof visitors a day from that keyword.What successful SEO boils down to is keyword research and backlinks. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  33. 33. When taking the SEO route for website traffic, be sure you do your due diligence beforetaking on a keyword. It can take days, weeks or months before you reach the firstpage, but sometimes it is very worth the wait.Tip #88) If You Want a High Page Rank, Build Links on High PageRank Websites.This may have changed recently but in my experience if you want a high page rank foryour website, get backlinks on as many high page rank websites as you can.When I first began SEO I used Angela’s list of backlinks which were all page rank 4 andhigher and in about two months my website had a PR of 4.Tip #89) Always Have Legal Disclaimer Pages on Your Websites.When it comes to the legal side of Internet Marketing, you always want to be sure youhave the proper disclaimers on each of your websites. You can potentially get sued ifyou don’t.Some pages to have are:Privacy PolicyTerms of ServiceEarnings DisclaimerEven better, consult an attorney about Internet Marketing and know what must be donebefore building business websites. I am not an attorney.Tip #90) As a Product Owner, Cater To Your Affiliates As Best YouCan.Provide your affiliates with all they need to bring in as many sales they can including,but not limited to:Articles For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  34. 34. Banner AdsProduct GraphicsEmail TemplatesPPC KeywordsReviewsIt is absolutely awesome when someone is working hard to make you money. Givethem all the tools they need to accomplish it.Tip #91) When Promoting A Good Affiliate Product, Offer ASpectacular Bonus Only You Can Provide.If you’re not offering bonuses with the affiliate products you’re promoting to yoursubscribers, you may be leaving lots of money on the table.Bonuses are sometimes the only reason someone will buy a product and there aremany in the industry who “bonus shop” before making a purchase. Keep that in mind.Tip #92) When Offering A Bonus, Limit The Number You GiveAway.To add to Tip #91 above, you can also let your subscribers know you will be limiting thenumber of bonuses you give away for even more sales. People love having what is verylimited.For example: “Only the first 10 buyers will receive my $10,000 bonus package”.Tip #93) Do Split Test Your Sales Pages.Split testing is a simple, yet powerful way to maximize the conversions and profitpotential of your product. Some of the things to split test are:Headline For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  35. 35. IntroductionImagesOrder ButtonPriceOpt-in FormUse Google’s Website Optimizer to get started on split testing your websites.Tip #94) Ask People To Critique and Review Your Websites.You can get honest and sometimes brutally honest reviews about your websites forfree.Simply sign up on several Internet Marketing forums and create a new thread forreviewing your website. Wait a little while and wait for the reviews to be published.You can even take it a step further and ask them to review your marketing funnel bysubscribing to your email list.Tip #95) If You Don’t Like Something, Change It.This applies to your website graphics or layout, number of subscribers on your list, SEOposition on Google, your income or anything else about your business. If you don’t likeit then change it.With all the tips in this report, you have the power to absolutely change your entirebusiness and life.Tip #96) If You Have Even One or Two Great Marketing Reports inYour Hard Drive, You Have More Than Enough To Make YourFortune. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  36. 36. Believe it or not it doesn’t take a whole lot to make a whole lot of money throughInternet Marketing. All it takes is following certain steps and making moves. But youhave to make the right moves in order to make your fortune.Learn from the marketing reports, videos and newsletters you read, implement them.Start taking your business seriously and you will start seeing commissions, sales, andmoney rolling in.Tip #97) Live Your Life.Go for a walk, read books and magazines, take a nap and take a break from thecomputer. Get outside and breathe a little, go for a swim or go bowling.You can’t stay in front of the computer all the time. Learn to pace yourself and trustyour body. Build your business, but live your life too.Tip #98) Stay Healthy and Fit.There’s no point in having a fortune if your body and mind is too weak to enjoy thepleasures in life from being wealthy.Eat healthy foods and stay in shape. Exercise your body and mind. Think about longterm Internet Marketing success while staying healthy and fit at the same time.Tip #99) You Have More Money Making Ideas Than You Realize.Floating around in your head are thoughts and ideas that you know in your heart canmake you plenty of money which will give you plenty of time and freedom.Put them on paper and go for it.Tip #100) Do Not Stop Learning, Growing and Adding Skills toYour Life.Even after you’ve had success with Internet Marketing, there will still and always beroom to grow and add to your skills and to your life. For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com
  37. 37. Become a student of life and remember Tip #57, Adopt the Concept of Constant andNever-Ending Improvement.Tip #101) Stop Reading This and Get to Work.Congratulations! If you’ve read this far then you’ve likely browsed through or read everyword of this report. You now have what it takes to begin building your Internet businessand making money.The only thing you need to do now is TAKE ACTION on your goals and ideas. Get offyour butt and make it happen. No one else is going to do it for you. Thank you for reading this report. If you’re not already a subscriber then sign up herefor marketing tools, insights, updates and more:http://www.PowerfulOnlineProfits.comAll my best, For More Marketing Tips and Reviews Visit: http://www.DarioMontesdeOca.com