PULL™ Magnetic Fixtures


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The world\'s first truly limitless merchandising solution. www.pullfixtures.com

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PULL™ Magnetic Fixtures

  1. 1. what is pull? pull is a magnetic merchandising system capable of holding up to 35 lbs per face-out or shelf. pick from unlimited panel surface finishes like suede, real wood veneers, or laminates. whatever it is that you sell, we’ll make a fixture for it in any material. no grid, no holes, no slots to compete with your product. rearranging is just pure magic.
  2. 2. Hobo Bags Showroom new york pull display area:2200 sq ft display of: bags and small leather goods cost: $135 / sq ft version: powder coated steel with raw metal and acryllic shelves frame: custom panel assemblies
  3. 3. Byu-Ti santa monica pull display area:125 sq ft display of: hair products cost: $120 / sq ft installed version: vinyl graphics on white laminate with lacquered shelves frame: painted white molding
  4. 4. Flight001 new york, brooklyn, los angeles, san francisco, chicago, dubai pull display area: 225-350 sq ft display of: bags cost: $130 / sq ft installed version: white laminate with aluminum face-outs frame: none
  5. 5. Spyder Apparel: Tradeshow Booth las vegas pull display area: 200 sq ft display of: apparel cost: $110 / sq ft installed version: black laminate with bamboo face-outs frame: custom panel assemblies
  6. 6. getting pull. each pull system is custom created for your environment. such as: shelves face outs panels graphic holders free standing cases jewelry displays shoe shelves whatever we can match your finish, material, and design inspiration. with no visible hardware, we can create a system that is hidden, letting your products shine. Architectural Specification Inquires: Henry A. Rosenblit, Affiliate Member- IDSA Vice President Marketing / Strategy hrosenblit@orange22.com
  7. 7. getting started each pull system is custom created for your environment. answering the following questions will help us configure a system that’s perfect for you: > briefly describe the project and location. > what type of products will be displayed? > how much vertical display surface do you need? > what skinning materials are you thinking of? > how often will you need to rearrange the displays? > how many stores will you be outfitting with pull? > how soon do you need the system? > what other systems are you considering? > what is your fixture budget? > are you an architect, designer, or retail owner? email your responses to info@orange22.com and we’ll have someone contact you. we appreciate your time.