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FLOW-3D CFD Post-processing by EnSight


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Presented by Darin McKinnis at the FLOW-3D European User Conference in Munich, Germany.

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FLOW-3D CFD Post-processing by EnSight

  1. 1. Understanding yourFLOW-3D simulations better withEnSightJune 2012
  2. 2. Why EnSight for FLOW-3D users? Ease of Transient Analysis, maintaining interactive post processing whilein time domain. Dynamic and interactive post processing with dynamic clip planes, iso-surfaces, streamlines, pathlines, automatic label updates. Integrated graphs within the 3D scene Superior Calculator function with predefined functions as well as usercustom defined functions. Calculate new spatial, temporal, or statistically variables. Multiple cases read into a single EnSight Session. Up to 16 32 different cases from same/different solvers together Keyframe animation, camera control for viewports Remote server post-processing by using Client-server architecture. Texture maps to imprint GIS or experimental data onto the scene Batch or interactive post-processing, use Python to build dialoguedtools or scripted logic More..…..
  3. 3. Standard FLOW-3D Reader Direct reading of FLOW-3D result files. Directly read both thestandard “flsgrf” files, or.fgz compressed files Options to control particletracking imports, ghostelement treatment, timecontrol, and STLautomatic import.
  4. 4. Parallel FLOW-3D/MP reader For the new FLOW-3D/MP users outthere, EnSight’s directreader handles that aswell Just specify theflsgrf1.<extension> file inthe reader. EnSight picks up on all ofthe flsgrfN.<extension>files, and presents theuser with the singleunified dataset.
  5. 5. STL Information? For those wanting to includetheir STL representationwithin thevisualization, EnSight’sdirect reader has that builtright into the FLOW-3Dreader… Just specify that you’d liketo read in the internal STL EnSight will automaticallyload in STL. Works well with GMOmodels
  6. 6. FLOW-3D Reader Wizard FLOW-3D Reader Wizard prompts you for the flsgrffile, any particles or STL data, and then takes over fromthere. Key surfaces of cell volume fraction are automaticallycreated The fluid surface is automatically created and colored byPressure Labels are automatically created.You automatically get to thispoint without having to doanything other than specify theflsgrf file…
  7. 7. Remote Data? Leave it there.. EnSight works on a client-server architecture that distributes theworkloads between the client and one or more servers – thisarchitecture leaves the data where it was computed The GUI and graphics are handled by the Client; the Server takescare of all data and the data extraction algorithms; the Server can belocal or remoteClient (GUI & all graphics)Server (cluster): alldata, extraction algorithms; localor remote, SMP or DMP
  8. 8. Extract out multiple planes Single click multiple clip planes through domain toillustrate development
  9. 9. Integrated Quantitative Analysis Dynamically include quantitative analysis into the 3D scene.
  10. 10. Multiple variable investigation Investigate multiple variables at the same time.Viewports are linked allowing synchronizedpan/zoom/rotate.
  11. 11. Texture map for GIS Information Apply any image file as the “color” for the part(s) in thedomain Use aerial photo, topographic, or “generic” image from thegoogle. Use our plane tool to prescribe the size and direction ofimage projection for the part(s).
  12. 12. EnSight includes a full suite of data extraction featuresBasicsCutting PlanesIsosurfacesVariable mappingMore AdvancedVolume RenderingBoundary Layer ExtractionVortex Cores, Shock Surfaces,PathlinesSeparation and Attachment LinesMaterials SpeciesElevated SurfaceProfileInteractive Plane, Line, CylinderExtrusion, RotationComing SoonMulti-variate FilteringData Extraction
  13. 13. FLOW-3D Users and FSI canleverage the community ofdevelopers around the worldusing Python.Python Examples:NumpyScipyMatplotlibGnuplotLeverage the nascent communityat forEnSight-specific enhancements.PythonExchange Examples:Streamline AnalyzerPart Query > Plot ToolConstant Query ToolPython &
  14. 14. FLOW-3D Data Reduction Got large data files? Want to share results easily withcolleagues, partners, customers? Use EnSight’s Scenario file to create feature extractsfrom the model results and save this “viewer” file. Can save off multiple variables, created parts, as muchtemporal resolution as you choose.Demonstration :Original flsgrf file = 2.4 GbScenario file = 50 Mb50x reduction in filesize.Example
  15. 15. FLOW-3D Data Reduction Run conversion of flsgrf file to Scenario file in batch Control of Temporal, Spatial, Part, Variable exported toviewer file. Scenario file allows: Play through time and space. Pan/Zoom/Rotate Change variable displayed Change range of variable displayed. Share with customers/colleagues Still save off animations, images Viewer is free, no need for even software install when usingEmbedded Version Only saves off what you have created or are visualizing.(Cannot create anything within the Viewer).
  16. 16. Conclusion A wide variety of the tools available within EnSight toanalyze and visualize your results was illustrated. Combining interactive tools, dynamic displays whichremain interactive even in transient results, allows theuser to fully immerse themselves into understanding thesolution results. Wide variety of calculator tools allows further analysis orderived variable display, and data reduction. The extraction and communication of the “knowledge”gained from the simulation is the key to theunderstanding…. that’s the key to EnSight.
  17. 17. iPhone & iPad Viewer Plays .csf files that EnSight can make for >5 years now. File >Export > Scenario > Reveal (.csf) Getting Files to it Mail Dropbox iTunes Browser link Any IOS App with“Open with” option Only at prototype stage so far Express interest at
  18. 18. Thank You