Dear Fellow Network Marketer...


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A Story of success & failure in mlm network marketing and a look at what is needed for success. For more information and to work directly with me for your success, please visit and also you're invited to drop by my blog for a visit at

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Dear Fellow Network Marketer...

  1. 1. Dear Fellow Network Marketer,
  2. 2. On a beautiful fall afternoon roughly about a year ago, two young people worked together in the same department with the same company here in the United States.
  3. 3. They were very much alike as both of them had been above average in their roles within the company compared to most of their peers.
  4. 4. Both were very friendly and had huge aspirations to become financially independent.
  5. 5. Not long ago these two people decided they would both enter the world of NetworkMarketing as a means to reach their financial dreams.
  6. 6. As time continued they both remained very much alike. Both were happily married and were raising their children.
  7. 7. Both continued to work their normal job in corporate America and also to work their Network Marketing business in a part time capacity.
  8. 8. But there was a very staggering difference. One of them was putting in her two week notice to quit her corporate job to focus her time on growing her home Network Marketing business.
  9. 9. The other was still working his full time job and attempting to build his business without the same success.
  10. 10. The Reason Behind The Difference
  11. 11. Have you ever been curious, as I oftenam, about what makes this kind of difference in people’s success?
  12. 12. The difference between talent, intelligence, or even the strong desire or will to succeed isn’t always the case.
  13. 13. It isn’t that one person has a stronger ‘why’ and one doesn’t.
  14. 14. The answer to the difference often rests in what each person knows and how each person makes use of that knowledge in unique and creative ways.
  15. 15. And that my friend is the reason I am writing to you and to our Network Marketing community about My Lead System Pro.
  16. 16. As this is the whole purpose of MLSP:
  17. 17. To provide its members an amazingly supportive community and marketing system designed with you in mind and provide you with the training and development needed to succeed in today’s online marketing world.
  18. 18. A Marketing System Like No Other
  19. 19. You see, My Lead System Pro is a very unique marketing system.
  20. 20. It is the Internet’s most robust system that works with any type of Network Marketing business opportunity.
  21. 21. Complete with offers that are designed tocapture attention, provide value, and build ahuge lead generation base for your business and the results are as endless as your imagination and creativity.
  22. 22. Each business day our live morning wake up calls inspire and motivate our talented marketers that are each growing their individual businesses with new ideas and daily growth potential.
  23. 23. Every Wednesday evening our Webinars teach, coach, and offer guiderails for eachniche to overcome their obstacles and grow.
  24. 24. Information and Knowledge Are Powerful
  25. 25. Right now, I am surfing through the endless videos and training courses available to our members in the My Lead System Pro back office.
  26. 26. The systematic approaches the professionals at MLSP have created to take the newest home business owner to the veteran network marketer are second to none.
  27. 27. Complete step by step walk-through videos teach each aspect from the simple to the advanced so each person can learn and develop at their own pace for maximum retention and business growth.
  28. 28. Plus there are tabs of content and huge vaults of additional specific marketing tools, training, and “how to” videos that are available 24/7 and all significant information that is useful to you.
  29. 29. A marketing strategy boot camp that takes you through the best way to decide what your marketing strategy will be.
  30. 30. It presents itself in a way that is simple to follow and allows you to focus only on the one strategy that you decide is best for you and your personality.
  31. 31. Each strategy, no matter your selection, are taught by professionals that have provensuccess with results and break it down to thesimplest concepts that anyone can jump in tolearn and then put into practice for their own results.
  32. 32. Special 3 Day Trial for Only $2 USD
  33. 33. Put my statements to the test by signing up today for your 3 day trial to My Lead SystemPro for only $2 USD and see the advantages of our Academy Membership level.
  34. 34. During your trial work directly with me as wediscuss some of your long term business goals while you build your business and take your steps closer to financial independence with your primary network marketing company!
  35. 35. Simply visit the link below or at the end of this video to sign up for a free 29 minute video that will outline more of the value that you will get when deciding to use MLSP to build your network marketing business.
  36. 36. Should My Lead System Pro not meet your expectations, you have the option to cancelyour membership at any time or at any point.
  37. 37. If you feel that MLSP is in fact the exact answer and difference between your network marketing business being a hobby or being a true business with profitable growth then you would definitely not want to delay any further and click the link below to sign up for the free video and see how MLSP and working with me will be your difference.
  38. 38. About those two people I mentioned at the start of this letter:
  39. 39. They both worked the same job, and both joined the same network marketing opportunity.
  40. 40. One made huge profits while one didn’t. So what made the difference in their business efforts?
  41. 41. Development and Knowledge. The Right Knowledge.
  42. 42. And taking action on what was learned.
  43. 43. An Investment in YOUR Success
  44. 44. I cannot promise any level of success or thatsame success will be yours just by becoming a member with MLSP and working with me.
  45. 45. But I can guarantee that you will find MLSPalways informative and full of information, the right training, the proper development and leadership needed to for you to take your business to the online world.
  46. 46. Click the link below and let’s start building a better business future.
  47. 47. Sincerely yours,Darin McCallMLSP Member and Social Media Marketing Strategist
  48. 48.