Here's the easiest way to build expectation with your headlines


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Many marketers are faced with the challenge of crafting compelling headlines that spark interest and curiosity in their customers. A lot of copywriting best practices will tell us to focus on using flashy words that will hit emotional hot buttons.But what if there was a more systematic way of crafting headlines that gave instant value and credibility? Well here's a system and an actionable framework you can take and begin implementing.

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Here's the easiest way to build expectation with your headlines

  1. 1. • The thought sequence must begin to be mapped out at this point. • After this point of engagement the message must stay relevant and congruent. • At this point the prospect has created an expectation in their mind.
  2. 2. People buy from people. • Keeping this in mind you must engage with your customers in conversation. • You must keep your customers engaged through out the whole conversion process.
  3. 3. Headlines and sub-headers should grab the attention of the right customer. • Your customers should instantly see the value with taking action. • Your customers should instantly see what they will get. • Remember an expectation has been created in their mind.
  4. 4. Use clarity in your message. • Be clear and avoid persuasive language. • Let the customer know exactly what they will get.
  5. 5. • Studies have shown that here in America we see on average 8,000 ads a day. • This is a result of media, billboards, storefronts, classifieds, and the internet. • We have become immune and numb to the “noise” of the advertising world.
  6. 6. • As a result marketers focus on “shouting” louder, and over marketing their products. • Too much focus is put in crafting clever headlines and company slogans. • A marketer should rather focus on being able to clearly articulate and express the value proposition of the company.
  7. 7. • Express your value proposition in a way that’s relevant to your customer’s needs. • The best headlines are able to push forward momentum through your sales and marketing funnel. • The best headlines are in context, relevant, and most of all clear.
  8. 8. • When your customers are redirected online they have to get their orientation back. • This is why clarity of the overall message is important. • A marketer must follow up on the expectation that was created in order to keep the forward momentum going.
  9. 9. • You must help the customer make meaning immediately. • If you have you any irrelevant or unclear messaging, then the customer has to stop and make meaning of it. • This is very dangerous to the thought sequence and overall conversions. • Anytime your customer has to stop and think, then momentum is lost.
  10. 10. • Your site has 7 seconds and the 1st 4 inches to answer these 3 questions. • Where am I? • What can I do here? • Why should I do it?
  11. 11. To learn more about how you can begin to craft more compelling copy that drives conversions then click here.
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