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URJ Social Media Boot Camp: Twitter 101


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URJ Social Media Boot Camp: Twitter 101

  1. 1. TWITTER 101Presented by Lisa Colton,Founder & President Darim OnlineLisa@darimonline.org434.977.1170
  2. 2. MobileConciseConversational
  3. 3. ESTABLISHING YOUR ACCOUNTUsername, image, description.
  4. 4. Personal vs. Brand
  5. 5. PERSONAL vs. BRAND Clear who it is. You’d do the same when you answer the phone, right? I statements feels personal. Human connection. Asking for help is personal and will get more responses.
  6. 6. BUILD YOUR COMMUNITYWHO TO FOLLOW?• Other synagogues• Your staff• Your members• Community orgs (Jewish, media, etc.)• Content you might want to RT (@URJ, @theRAC, @PBSparents, etc.)
  7. 7. SEARCHESSaved searches (including hashtags) you want to revisit.- Common terms - Conferences- Common misspelling of your (#urjbiennial, #ccar12) name (darim instead of @darimonline) - Conversations (#jed21)
  8. 8. HASHTAGSAnyone can make.Check first!Keep brief, and intuitive.Use in tweet, or add to end#URJbootcamp#whatrabbisdo#JED21#FF
  9. 9. Twitter Vocabulary@ denotes usernameRT = “ReTweet”MT = “Modified Tweet”DM = Direct Msg# denotes hashtag
  10. 10. Listeningon Twitter:MentionsWhen people are talking TOyou or ABOUT you.Based on your settings andtools, you’ll get a notificationwhen someone mentions you
  11. 11. Be Social. VS.
  12. 12. Find Your Voice
  13. 13. Your Their goals & goals &objectives objectives
  14. 14. Add Value
  15. 15. Cross Platforms: Wrong Idea
  16. 16. Cross Platforms: Right Idea Know where you’re going, and that it’s a blog Know where you’re going, what’s there, and that it’s useful Empower others to share their engagement with you and to promote you!
  17. 17. Key Building Blocks for Success• Be social, not a bullhorn.• Be helpful, and people will help you.• Find your voice, and have personality.• What do you want to be known for? Build it.• Be a good listener, participate regularly.• Be part of the network, and use it.• Participate regularly.• Thank people!
  18. 18. Put It Together! Take a moment to craft a tweet (approx 140 characters, but we won’t count)• Adds value through content or being a platform for valuable conversation;• Hits the sweet spot in your Venn diagram – mission centric and really important to your intended audience;• Has a unique voice, personality, and will grab attention;• Reflects your personal and/or professional brand.
  19. 19. Twitter for iPhone & Blackberry
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Http://
  22. 22. Coming Up….• Tuesday, March 27: The Art of Being a Networked Nonprofit, 1-2pm ET/ 12-1pm CT/ 10-11am PT• Monday, April 16: Open Office Hours 2-3pm ET/ 1-2pm CT/ 11-12pm PT• Wednesday, April 18: Blogging 101 2-3pm ET/ 1-2pm CT/ 11-12pm PT