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Social Sermon Webinar, 2012


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Lisa Colton's presentation to the Learning Network on the Social Sermon, including a case study from Rabbi David Levy of Temple Shalom in Succasauna, NJ.

Published in: Spiritual, Business, Technology
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Social Sermon Webinar, 2012

  1. 1. Using Social Media for Torah Study, Jewish Learning and Community Building Lisa Colton, Darim Online Rabbi David Levy, Temple Shalom, NJ 1
  2. 2. What is SOCIAL?
  4. 4. ACCESSIBILITY: Convenience oftoday’s online social LEARNING:communication tools Text study, learning and reflection SOCIAL: Relationships, dialogue, community
  5. 5. What is a “Social Sermon”?1.Opportunities to engage in LEARNING and COMMUNITY BUILDING using online tools2.Weaving this content and these relationships back into the FACE TO FACE community in our local communities3.Inviting ACTIVE participation, rather than passive attendance
  6. 6. Starting AssumptionsPeople: There are audiences who areinterested in Jewish learning, but unable orunwilling to come to regular adult educationclasses.
  7. 7. Questioning AssumptionsObjectives: Torah study and communitybuilding don’t have to happen in thebuilding, at a set time, face to face.
  8. 8. Rethinking the ApproachStrategy: Getting morepeople to participate ineducation and communitymore often doesn’t mean“market it more”. Time torethink our design.
  9. 9. Choose the Right ToolsTechnology: Choose a platform where yourtarget audiences already are, that willenable you to have the conversations youwant, and where Rabbis & educators can becomfortable.
  10. 10. FacebookAs a question,invite sharing,link to longerformat if/whereappropriate.
  11. 11. Blog: Rabbi Lisa Levenberg
  12. 12. Twitter &Multi-Channel
  13. 13. Social Sermons in Action A Case Study from Rabbi David C. LevyTemple Shalom, Succasauna, NJ
  14. 14. Know Your Community– Digital Citizens vs. Digital Immigrants • Be ready to do tech support • Watch for increase in followers and FB likes • Don’t discount the lurkers
  15. 15. A special treat, not a regular entrée– People enjoy the engagement, but still want to hear from the Rabbi– Makes the service into an event.
  16. 16. Creating a Text Study Social Sermon– Determine the Social Media Vehicles that work best for your congregation. • Facebook • Twitter • Blogs • Don’t forget Email!
  17. 17. Creating a Text Study Social Sermon• Publicize!From: rabbilevy@tshalom.orgTake Part in The Sermon That You Help Write!…Imagine a Friday evening sermon that’s the work of not only myselfas Rabbi, but you as well…. By the time I deliver my Shabbat remarks, Ihope to be drawing inspiration from, or even representing thediscussion of, many of our congregants and even friends of TempleShalom who are connected to us through Facebook!...
  18. 18. Publicize!
  19. 19. Creating a Social Sermon• Carry on The Dialogue – “The Earth is the Eternal’s and all that it holds, the world and its inhabitants.” from Psalm 24:1 • RL responds: “In Psalm 24:1 the concept that man does not “own the earth”… • JW responds: “…“(I like) Rob’s idea that man does not own the earth…
  20. 20. Creating a Social Sermon – Produce and Publish • Use input as your text/commentaries, • Add your own insights and name names! • Publish after Shabbat and publicize“….Perhaps, our job is to listen, deeply for answers that will nurture us and returnbalance to Earth.” Here, Adam offered us the understanding that perhaps in orderto truly fulfill the command “to till and to tend”, we must begin in quiet, truly listeningto God’s creation and attuning ourselves to God’s earth.
  21. 21. Someone May Be Watching A newspaper article resulted from a reporter seeingthe Social Sermon on our Website & Facebook page.
  22. 22. “He dreamed a ladder was set on the ground, withit’s top reaching to heaven, and angels of G-d weregoing up and down. And the Eternal stood above itand said, “… And here I am, with you.”(Gensis 28:12-15)The ladder is a bridge between heaven and earth, onthe surface for the angels, but perhaps for G-d andJacob too. How is social media like Jacob’s Ladder? Tweet using #socialsermon
  23. 23. John Fitch’s Steam Engine
  24. 24. John Fitch’s Steam Engine