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JDS Academy: Shiny Objects


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How to identify and evaluate shiny objects to avoid shiny object syndrome! Includes case studies of Instagram and Pinterest.

Published in: Education
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JDS Academy: Shiny Objects

  1. 1. Avoiding    Shiny  Object  Syndrome  Lisa  Colton  April  17,  2013  
  2. 2. What  is  Shiny  Object  Syndrome?  •  The  aCracDon  to  the  next  new  shiny  thing  that  crosses  your  field  of  vision  without  regard  to  strategy,  required  investment,  or  impact;  or  otherwise,  •  DistracDons  we  disguise  as  opportuniDes.      
  3. 3. Staying  up  to  date  with  new  tools  and  their  applicaDons  to  conDnue  to  build  your  toolbox  and  be  where  your  people  are…    Vs.    DistracDon  and  spreading  yourself  too  thin.  
  4. 4. What’s  Always                                                      •  Grab  your  brand  name  •  Read  up  and  be  informed  •  Experiment  personally  to  explore  •  Check  out  how  leaders  in  your  field  are  using  this  tool.  •  Chat  with  community.  Are  they  there  yet?    
  5. 5. Keeping  Up  To  Date  Where  do  you  learn?  
  6. 6. Does  the    Shoe  Fit?  PEOPLE  OBJECTIVES    STRATEGY  TECHNOLOGY  
  7. 7. How  to  Evaluate  •  Value  Opportunity:  What  can  be  gained  by  using  this  tool?    Directly  or  indirectly?  •  Will  this  tool  augment  what  you’re  doing,  or  replace  a  current  acDvity?  •  Define  investment  of  Dme  and  cost  needed.    O`en  this  is  staff  Dme.    Don’t  forget  content  curaDon/creaDon,  listening,  and  engaging.  •  Decision  is  specific  to  moment  in  Dme.    You  may  reevaluate  over  Dme.  
  8. 8. NoDce  Trends  to  be  a  Fast  Follower  
  9. 9. Scheck  Hillel  Community    Day  School  
  10. 10. •  Archive  •  Classroom  content  capture  •  Sync  with  other  channels  to  leverage  content  and  amplify  Gann  Academy,  Boston  
  11. 11. On  the  Surface  
  12. 12. A  Level  Deeper  
  13. 13. Ask  Yourself:    What  does  this  tool  do?    Who  is  using  it?    How  does  it  relate  to  our  goals?    What’s  benefit  beyond  the  obvious  funcDonality?    How  does  it  relate  to  other  efforts?    How  will  we  know  if  it’s  worth  it?    
  15. 15. What  New  Tools  Are  You  EvaluaDng  for  Your  School?  
  16. 16. COMING  UP!  Sharefests!  May  2  &  14  Blog  posts  due  Submission  instrucDons  for  reimbursements  and  matching  funds  
  17. 17. #JEDCHAT  TONIGHT!  “Jewish  EducaDonal  Leadership  with  Soul”  #JEDCHAT  on  TwiCer  with  Rabbi  Marc  Baker  of  Gann  Academy.      Watch  his  ELI  TALK  (top  post)  at  hCp://    Follow  hashtag  #JEDCHAT  tonight  9-­‐10pm  eastern  to  join  the  discussion!