Long Island Social Media Boot Camp Kickoff


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Kickoff Oct 19 of the Darim Online Social Media Kick Off event at UJA Federation in Syosset.

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Long Island Social Media Boot Camp Kickoff

  1. 1. Welcome to the SOCIAL MEDIA BOOT CAMP For Long Island Synagogues Produced by Generously funded by
  2. 2. Agenda • Welcomes & D’var Torah • Get on your feet: Social Tagging • Revolution, Relationships and Synagogues • (break) • Mission, Marketing and Listening • Discussion and planning in teams • What’s next and wrap up
  3. 3. Jeff Pulver’s Social Tagging • What you need: – Find your red name tag (in folder) – Write your personal TAG LINE. – Grab the small stickers and a pen • Where to go: – Staff in the lobby – Lay leaders/volunteers/others in here • What to do: – Chat with someone. Tag them! – Talk to at least 5 people in 10 min – Come back in here when I holler!
  4. 4. Reflections – What did you notice? – What surprised you? – What did you learn? – Most insightful tag on you? – How could you use other people’s tags?
  5. 5. ? Why Does Social Media Matter
  6. 6. Communications Revolution
  7. 7. Communication Revolution
  8. 8. Clay Shirky, Author of Here Comes Everybody From TED talks, recorded at the State Dept, June 09
  9. 9. Implications for Synagogues How do we want to be engaging with our communities? What business are we in?
  10. 10. What’s required for a conversation?
  11. 11. Clay Shirky cont…
  12. 12. Implications for Synagogues … Why are the green lines good for us?
  13. 13. Applying Innovation to Existing Models
  14. 14. Sometimes Requires Redesigning The System
  15. 15. Our Journey • Learning Tools • Developing Skills • Opening Our Minds • Increasing Our Participation • Thinking About Design Changes
  16. 16. Break When we come back: – Mission, Marketing and Listening – Taking it to the next level in our teams
  17. 17. Mission, The mission of North Shore Synagogue: Marketing, As a Reform congregation, our mission is to And perpetuate our Jewish heritage from generation to generation. Listening North Country Reform Temple: What’s your North Country Reform Temple – Ner Tamid strives mission, and to provide Long Island’s North Shore with a center for Reform Jewish values. Our Temple supports and how do you promotes a dynamic Jewish community from go about generation to generation through an inclusive and participatory approach to worship, study, mitzvot, achieving it? and social activities.
  18. 18. Adapting to a Connected Landscape Old Model … New Model … Brand in control Audience in control One-way messaging Be in a conversation Repeat the message Adapt the message Focus on institution Focus on community Educating Influencing, involving, supporting Org creates content User generated or co-created content
  19. 19. (From the Cluetrain Manifesto) • Find your outposts • Invite response • Seek to begin and strengthen relationships with and within your community • Minimize “talking at” constituents Markets Are Conversations
  20. 20. Examples: Oakland Sinai
  21. 21. Examples: Riverway Project
  22. 22. People -- who’s your audience? What is their behavior online? What do they want, need and value? Objectives -- what are your objectives & goals with this group? Strategy -- How will you meet your goals? Technology -- What tools will you use, and how, to support/implement your strategy ? Groundswell: POST
  23. 23. Do the P & O of POST In your teams: • Reflecting on your goals for the congregation, what are the audiences you want to focus on? • Describe them. • What are your goals and objectives for the group(s)? • What are their objectives & goals for participating in your congregation?
  24. 24. Put on your listening ears! • Set up Google Alerts with names and keywords • Twitter searches • Scan status updates in Facebook • Google Reader for related blogs Homework #1: Set up listening tools for your congregation. Discuss how you’ll put your ear to the ground and listen to the community more. Report on the blog what you’ve done, heard & learned. Start Listening!
  25. 25. ** Please mark your calendars for the upcoming webinar series! Schedule is in your folder. By December you should have a project outlined to work on in your congregation. Feel free to call us to discuss your ideas and questions as you work to articulate it. Homework #2: By Hanukkah, share your project description and POST analysis on the blog. Include any remaining questions you have, or help you know you’ll need. Projects
  26. 26. Reflections & Evaluations • Take out your cell phone • Text “Darim1” to 30644 • Type answers as a number Then… please complete the reflection sheets. (yes, PPT slides, links and resources will be on the blog)
  27. 27. Wrap Up and What’s Next A few minutes to share: Ah-ha moments? Action steps? Questions/Requests?