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Leichtag SMBC Opening Workshop


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Lisa Colton presents to Leichtag Foundation Social Media Boot Camp September 15, 2014

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Leichtag SMBC Opening Workshop

  1. 1. Welcome to SOCIAL MEDIA BOOT CAMP!
  2. 2. The Plan For The Day New Rules of the Game Breakout Workshops Round 1 Lunch! Breakout Workshops Round 2 Sharing Knowledge, Small Groups Looking Forward, Wrapping Up
  3. 3. Important Details Wifi: ranch1 Password: rancher444 Hashtag: #NCJhub (if you don’t know what that means, go to Esther’s Twitter workshop!) @lisacolton @miriamjayne @estherk @leichtagfdn Slides & Handouts at
  4. 4. Who Are We? Lisa Colton Miriam Brosseau Esther Kustanowitz
  5. 5. Why Are We Here? • Re-write the rules of the game – it’s not just about making communications digital. What else is going on here? • Learn strategies and tactics – how do we implement those new rules of the game? • Apply theory to practice to solidify learning – what does this mean for your work, and how can you integrate it? • Develop a culture of learning and sharing – we’re all pioneers here, so let’s share what working (and what’s not) to help everyone grow. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? TURN TO PAGE 3 OF YOUR PACKET
  6. 6. Innovation, Revolution & Social Media Lisa Colton Chief Learning Officer See3 Communications
  7. 7. What’s Changed? (But it’s not really about the technology)
  8. 8. Rule #1. Hub & Spokes -> Network
  9. 9. Rule #2. Institution vs. Cause
  10. 10. Rule #3. No Longer “1 Size Fits All” Question #5: Who is your audience?
  11. 11. Rule #4. Design for Network Effect
  12. 12. Your Network Question #6: Who are the hubs and influential nodes of your network? • What does engaging them look like? • How can it help you?
  13. 13. Rule #5. Attention Economy
  14. 14. 5b: Value Earns Attention
  15. 15. 5b: Value Earns Attention Question #7: How can you add value to your network?
  16. 16. Rule #6: Content = Experience = Brand Question #8: What’s valued added content? How will you leverage it? What formats? What’s the goal?
  17. 17. Rule #7. This is EVERYONE’S Job Listening -> Content creation -> Engagement Online & Offline
  18. 18. Rule #8: We’re All Pioneers
  19. 19. We Can Do More Together
  20. 20. NEXT: Round 1 • Social Media Policies – Lisa Colton, Moishe House Conference Room • All a-Twitter – Esther Kustanowitz, Ranch House • Building your Personal Learning Network Online – Miriam Brosseau, Barn 2 Workshops start at 11am SHARP.