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Jewish Futures: Lisa Colton


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Lisa C

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Jewish Futures: Lisa Colton

  1. 1. NEW GENERATION: THE MILLENNIALSValue transparency Divide tasks based on skillFast paced/efficient Seek meaning & impactCollaboration/teams Natural ‘prosumers’
  2. 2. Na’aseh v’nishmah
  3. 3. Fortress: Insiders in, Outsiders out
  4. 4. Sponges: Transparency & Constant Flow In and Out
  5. 5. To Ponder & Discuss:• What are the threats and benefits of prosumer culture to the fabric of Jewish life?• How might we re-envision uses of our professional expertise to best support prosumers’ personal and communal goals?• What will be the defining characteristics of Millennials (and those who come after) as they enter the workforce, become parents, and engage in Jewish communal life? How do we need to prepare now for the future that’s nearly upon us? Be a prosumer! Continue the conversation at and on Twitter: #JewishFutures