JDS academy 2012-13 SHAREFEST 1


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Beren Academy, Knoxville JDS, Charlotte JDS and Denver Academy of Torah present.

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JDS academy 2012-13 SHAREFEST 1

  1. 1. Sharefest #1December 3, 2012
  2. 2. Our Presenters• Charlotte Jewish Day School• Denver Academy of Torah• Robert M. Beren Academy• Stanford Eisenberg Knoxville Jewish Day School
  3. 3. Empowering Our YentasLooking to our social media mavens to spread the word!
  4. 4. Identifying Our Yentas
  5. 5. What Makes a Good Yenta?• Active on Facebook• Connected to members of the community• Respected in the community• Connected to CJDS in an emotionally positive way• Willing to take on the job!
  6. 6. Embracing the Yenta is a Multistep Process1. Recognizing that each is unique, determine the best way to reach each Yenta.2. Reach out in person or by phone to explain the mission of our social media campaign and to explain how their participation will make a difference.3. Encourage them to be conversational4. Offer to send quick email reminders if specific posts might be important for their area of authority.5. Follow-up. Don’t assume everything will go as you plan.
  7. 7. What does it look like?
  8. 8. Unbreaking the Broken TelephoneThe Denver Academy of Torah Social Media Academy S
  9. 9. Social Media Tools
  10. 10. When, Where, and How? Information here about the use and abuse of social media. Differentiation of social media, e mail, phone, in person communications How people use social media in personal lives and intro to being our “telephones”
  11. 11. Facebook BasicsIn thinking about the “hook” to get people to come to the conference –we would like to offer them some ideas and ways to further theirpersonal use of Facebook. Information on privacy settings, likingcompanies, and ways to improve personal use.The thought is by using these tools for personal use, people will thenfeel more comfortable to be our “telephones” using the tools we havehelped them learn.
  12. 12. Telephone: FacebookInformation on how to use Facebook to help get information outabout us.
  13. 13. TwitterTwitter BasicsMany parents may not yet be on Twitter so helping them create anaccount and learn how to follow others, etc.
  14. 14. To Tweet or Not to TweetRetweeting. Hashtags, etc.Using Twitter to promote the school
  15. 15. LinkedIn BasicsLinkedIn BasicsMany parents may not yet be on LinkedIn so helping them create anaccount and learn how to follow others, etc.This is the only forum with which we are debating use. PerhapsPinterest instead?
  16. 16. Telephone: LinkedInLinkedIn to help promote the school
  17. 17. YouTubePrivacy settings, YouTube Channels, finding “good” video, etc.Many people may need help creating a YouTube account.
  18. 18. Telephone: YouTubeSharing videosFinding our private videos and knowing how to share themUsing YouTube to share information and happenings at the school
  19. 19. Phase 1: Facebook
  20. 20. We had 236 likes on our existing Facebook page.We have become better in recent months about posting,but realized our great content wasn’t reaching as broadan audience as we would like.How do we increase our likes?
  21. 21. We had an extremely successful post duringthe Israel crisis that really got peoplemotivated to like and share.
  22. 22. 301 people saw the post14 commentsReached 2,866 peopleWas this a perfect storm, or can we recreate thissuccess?
  23. 23. This “stunt” brought us 18 new likes.People were buzzing about it for a day.We also experimented with the time of day, sending outthe email to the community at night – around 10 pm –probably a little late.
  24. 24. The student trivia post brought us 10 new likes.Not quite as compelling – what motivatespeople to interact?
  25. 25. Jack Lew, White House Chief of Staff, with RMBA studentsfrom 2000
  26. 26. What is the best way to “use” this photo?Ask RMBA alum to tag their friends?Should we make it a trivia question that people have to goto Facebook to find out the answer?
  27. 27. Goal:To cross reference different mediums to increasesocial media awareness and reach.
  28. 28. Wednesday: Sunday: Songs/Videos Recipes - Maccabeats- Get from locals - Aish.com and- Traditional Friday: Tuesday: chabad.org foods to bring Local Resources Informational great kids to your holiday - Post pictures of your - Heavier videos party menorah –here’s- Resources e.g. Information - Hannukah Bests menorahs we’ll be – websites, from Jon lighting share yours! shikse.com dates, times Stewart Show - Good ideas for - Video or Thursday: Chanukah Presents Monday: audio of Local Resources - Games you can play Resources blessings - Local places to buy - Fun and light Chanukah stuff . - How to explain Chanukah supply chanukah to sightings: target, bed others bath and beyond, - Your funniest party city - Local Community holiday Events moment
  29. 29. Chanukah begins December 8th at night fall. Catherine Dodel Target always has the cutest Thats only two and a half weeks away! Chanukah stuff :)I was in Bed Bath and Beyond Have you started thinking about Chanukah plans yet? yesterday and didnt see anything. November 15 at 9:37pm · 1 Jeff Gubitz Temple and Heska Amuna have a full array of goods. Informational November 15 at 9:46pm · 1 with pic from Marian Jay HA has all sorts of stuff out in the lobby and Judaica Shop. school November 15 at 9:52pm · 1 Miriam Esther Wilhelm Jeff and Marian what are gift shop hours? Would love to share November 15 at 9:54pm via mobile Monica Goltzman Berman Joanna had some a few years back. Humor November 15 at 10:14pm via mobile · 1 Jeff Gubitz Sunday morningsIts Cyber Monday and Chanukah is November 15 at 10:48pm via mobile · 1less than two weeks away. Any Cheri Pollack Temple Beth El is having a Bazaar on Dec. 2nd. I donated lots ofgreat deals or Chanukah gifts we Chanukah stuff. Hope someone will enjoy!!should know about? November 15 at 11:05pm · 2Cute personalized gifts Miriam Esther Wilhelm Monica let me know iffromhttp://www.helloeverywear.c you see it again there this year. Never knewom/Hannukah_c_86.html they had....Cheri thanks for the info Chanukah bazaar with stuff from Cheri sounds awesome! First Sighting of Chanukah Items in Knoxville!Relative of school supporter’s November 16 at 12:47am via mobile Target on Ray Mears Blvd.website with cute fun Chanukah Shelley Mangold Thanks M.E. what a great Let us know where else Chanukah items are available idea for posting where to get Judaica now or locally!gifts anytime of the year! November 16 at 1:31pm · 1 Response to showcasing local resources