Facebook Basics for NY synagogues


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Presentation on Facebook basics at live events in Westchester and on Long Island as part of the UJA Social Media Boot Camp for synagogues. April/May 2012

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  • Hands-on:Everyone: Take a look at the whole page. What do you see? How does it differ from the screen of the person sitting next to you? Where is the advertising, and where is the user-generated content?Novice: Search for two things you like (bands, movies, celebrities) and “like” them. Then go back and check out the feed.Intermediate: Switch the “sort” from “top stories” to “most recent.” How does it change what you see? (2 seconds on EdgeRank.)
  • Hands-on: visit a few of your friends’ public profiles. What banner image did they choose? Profile pic? How are they presenting/representing themselves?
  • Hands-on: “like” the Federation page. Intermediate: “Share” the picture. Note that it can be shared to your own page, someone else’s, etc.
  • Hands-on: introduce (or just say hello) to two people by tagging them in a post. If you aren’t yet friends with anyone, tag the UJA Fed page in a post.
  • Facebook Basics for NY synagogues

    1. 1. FACEBOOK 101Presented by Miriam Brosseau Special Projects Coordinator Darim Online Miriam@DarimOnline.org @miriamjayne
    2. 2. Agenda• Background• Profiles• Pages• Groups• Newsfeed• Algorithms• Tagging
    3. 3. About Facebook• Launched in 2004 on campuses• Currently 845 million users• Most users = age 18 – 40; Fastest growing demographic = women age 55-65• Average user has about 130 friends• The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes per visit• Photos, videos, links are prominent.
    4. 4. NEWSFEED
    5. 5. PROFILE : Old Style
    6. 6. PROFILE : Timeline
    7. 7. PAGE
    8. 8. GROUP
    9. 9. Pages: Insights
    10. 10. TAGGING
    11. 11. TAGGING: When you’re tagged, it posts to your profile page, and you are notified.
    12. 12. Adding and Tagging Photos
    13. 13. TAGGING: When you’re tagged, it posts to your profile page, and you are notified.
    14. 14. Strengthening Relationships
    15. 15. Strong Relationships = Stronger Community 2 kinds of connections: Bridging and Bonding Bridging: establishing connections between communities. Implications: -Outreach -Fundraising -Marketing -Impact -Access to resourcesBonding: Strengthening the ties within a definedcommunity by increasing the connections amongand between all members, and the social capital Examples?exchanged.Black lines: existing bonds. Orange lines: new bonds
    16. 16. Tagging is a great way toincrease BRIDGING andBONDINGConnections happen within the postsAnd in the comments!
    17. 17. People, Not TechnologyThis is all about seeingeach other as realpeople. Increasingtransparency, connection,and knowledge abouteach other.An important moment offriendship you’ve had onFacebook?