Detroit Early Childhood Social Media Academy: Twitter


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Intro to Twitter for early childhood programs.

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  • Look at the whole page – what do you see?
  • Hands-on: RT someone else’s tweet.
  • to spread a message: #tikkunolamHashtags to connect a topic: #nptechHashtags to aggregate conversations (conferences): #ntc2012Hashtags just for fun: #bestdayever
  • Hands-on: brainstorm a list of values/qualities about your organization. Pick one of those values. How could you express that value in a tweet?
  • Hands-on: compose a value-added tweet. What can you share?
  • Detroit Early Childhood Social Media Academy: Twitter

    1. 1. TWITTER Lisa Colton @lisacolton @darimonline The Social Media Academy is generously funded through a grant from Produced by
    2. 2. Mobile Concise Conversational
    3. 3. About Twitter • • • • • History Billion users 100 daily active users 60% of users access through mobile 29% millennials (15-34) and growing
    4. 4. Twitter Vocabulary @ denotes username RT = “ReTweet” MT = “Modified Tweet” DM = Direct Msg # denotes hashtag
    5. 5. ESTABLISHING YOUR ACCOUNT Username, image, description.
    6. 6. Listening on Twitter: Mentions When people are talking TO you or ABOUT you. Based on your settings and tools, you’ll get a notification when someone mentions you
    7. 7. BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY WHO TO FOLLOW? • Other Early Childhood programs • Your staff, Rabbi • Your families, members • Community orgs (Jewish, media, etc.) • Content you might want to RT (@URJ, @PBSparents, etc.)
    8. 8. SEARCHES Saved searches (including hashtags) you want to revisit. - Conferences (#Biennia13, ) - Common terms - Conversations (#jed21) - Common misspelling of your name (darim instead of @darimonline)
    9. 9. HASHTAGS Anyone can start one! Check first! Keep brief, and intuitive. Use in tweet, or add to end #jedchat #JED21 #FF #NAEYC #NJECN
    10. 10. Be Social. VS.
    11. 11. Find Your Voice
    12. 12. Your goals & objectives Their goals & objectives
    13. 13. Add Value
    14. 14. Mobile Twitter
    15. 15. Cross Platforms: Wrong Idea
    16. 16. Cross Platforms: Right Idea Know where you’re going, and that it’s a blog Know where you’re going, what’s there, and that it’s useful Empower others to share their engagement with you and to promote you!
    17. 17. Key Building Blocks for Success • • • • • • • • Be social, not a bullhorn. Be helpful, and people will help you. Find your voice, and have personality. What do you want to be known for? Build it. Be a good listener. Be part of the network, and use it. Participate regularly. Thank people!
    18. 18. Put It Together! Take a moment to craft another tweet (approx 140 characters, but we won’t count) • Adds value through content or being a platform for valuable conversation; • Hits the sweet spot in your Venn diagram – mission centric and really important to your intended audience; • Has a unique voice, personality, and will grab attention; • Reflects your personal and/or professional brand.