Darim's guest blogging guidelines 2012


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Darim's guest blogging guidelines 2012

  1. 1. GUEST BLOGGER GUIDELINEShttp://JewPoint0.orgThanks for being a guest blogger on Darim Online’s blog, JewPoint0. We are big fansof knowledge sharing, and really value featuring voices from the community and thegreat work you’re doing. These guidelines are intended to give you some context andguidance as you develop your ideas and craft your blog post. They are not strict rules,and if you have any questions about your post, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.Length: 400-700 words is a good ballpark. Much longer and no one will read thewhole thing.Make it Engaging:• Please feel free to include quotes, links to other sites/blogs/Twitter feeds, etc.,photos, embedded videos, or other graphics to illustrate your points.• Please try to end your post with an invitation for readers to share their ownideas, experience, questions, etc. in the comments. Posts that end with aquestion and/or an invitation stimulate much greater ongoing conversation thanposts without.Perspective/Approach: We value people who are trying new things and sharing theirexperiences - the good stuff and the hard stuff. In this age where culture, businesspractices, leadership and technology are all changing so quickly, the learning thatcomes out of your efforts is incredibly valuable for everyone. We believe that Jewishorganizations and leaders must be continuously learning, innovating, and sharing ourknowledge so that we all may be able to skillfully and confidently use technology toachieve our goals and fulfill our missions. Not everything needs to be a “bestpractice”. Transparency and authenticity are the name of the game. Feel free to bebold and provocative, while being respectful of others.Our readers are interested in the human side (staff/leadership as well asperspective of community members), and thus we encourage your to reflect on yourwork, in addition to describing what you did. This might include:• What you learned from trying a new idea• Ah-ha moments, for better or worse• How you changed your culture and practice• How your initiative grew or developed• How you or other members of your community perceive this changinglandscape and/or culture• What would you do differently next time
  2. 2. One of the most powerful roles a guest blogger can play is to connect theoryand practice. In our blog, we seek to connect the dots between these forces toilluminate for our readers new ways to think about achieving their goals, where theyshould question assumptions, and how to evolve their work for success in thenetworked and digital age. Use your piece to help others learn from your perspective,understanding and experience. Feel free to highlight theory/concepts and/or verypractical work you’re doing on the ground. Developing the vocabulary of both thetools we use and the culture in which we work today is helpful. By being “on theground”, you have valuable experience to share, and your work can “bring to life” thetheory we are often trying to encourage. We (and our readers) value this perspectiveso much.Feel free to have fun, tell stories, and share your authentic voice. Please feelfree to use your own voice, and to make your post accessible to a wideaudience. Some of our readers are very innovative, comfortable with technology, andeager to push boundaries. Others are just stepping foot into this world and developingtheir vocabulary, conceptual understanding and context for these big ideas. Yourposted doesn’t need to be academic in its approach (unless you feel that’s most usefuland authentic). However please note:• We appreciate correct spelling and attention to grammar;• Please avoid any language that would offend readers (if you’re not sure, usethe ‘mom test’ - if you published your post as-is, would your mother approve?);• Give credit to ideas, quotes and sources (this is also blogging culture -- includelinks for those sources too!);• If you use any Hebrew terms please define them as we have a diversecommunity of readers and want everyone to feel included.Editorial process: We’re more than happy to talk with you about your ideas, helpyou frame the blog post, and give you some direction on the types of stories andresources we think would be most powerful. We enjoy learning about your work, andare thrilled to talk with you about it. At the same time, we want to give you as muchcreative freedom as you’d like. Please let us know how much support you’d like.Once you’ve drafted the post, we’ll take a look and give you some feedback -- usuallyminor -- to help it be as successful as possible. While we very much respect yourefforts and creative work, Darim reserves the right to make editorial adjustments toyour final submission as needed.The technical bits on submission:• You can submit your draft through a Google Doc or by emailing a Word doc.• Please include links to all sources, names, etc. where you would like us toformat a live link on the blog.• Please also include all images to be used as .jpg or .png files, notation ofwhere in the post they should be placed, and details of attribution for anygraphics.
  3. 3. • Please also include a 1-2 sentence bio about yourself, which can include linksto your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, website or employer’s web site, as you’dlike.• Please send the content to the Darim representative who invited you to be aguest blogger on JewPoint0, or if you don’t know, send toinfo@darimonline.orgThe legal bits:• You may only submit images and other media for which you have the rights topublish on our blog. If you have questions as to whether your content is legit,just ask us.• When you submit a post to be published, Darim Online has the full rights to useyour submission on our blog, our website and in other knowledge sharing andmarketing materials.• Every guest blogger retains ownership of his/her original work, and is welcometo cross post the work on their own blog or website. If you do cross post,please include “This work is cross-posted from JewPoint0.org, Darim Online’sblog” with a link to our blog (http://www.darimonline.org/blog) or to the specificpost once it’s up.Promotion, Comments and moderation:We encourage you to share your post with your own networks by sharing the link onFacebook, Twitter and other sites. Darim staff will monitor comments on your post,but we encourage you to also monitor comments so you can learn from them andrespond to those who are in dialogue with you. We encourage you to continue theconversation through the comments for a week following your post’s publication, andbeyond to whatever degree you are interested. Darim will only delete comments thatare grossly inappropriate.Holler if you have any questions!Thanks,Darim Online