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Building your personal online learning network presentation


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Miriam Brosseau presents to Leichtag Foundation Social Media Boot Camp

Published in: Technology
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Building your personal online learning network presentation

  1. 1. Building Your Personal Learning Network Online Miriam Brosseau Director of Engagement, See3
  2. 2. Classical Jewish Learning What can chevruta teach us about learning networks?
  3. 3. What is a Network?
  4. 4. How Networks Affect Us: Organizational Chart vs. Network
  5. 5. What Makes a Healthy Network?
  6. 6. The Danger of Networks
  7. 7. Networks Aren't New, But... “...we are living in the Golden Age of network theory, where sociology, math, computer science and software engineering are all combining to allow the average user to visualize, understand, and most importantly, rely on the social and business networks that are part of their lives.” -Clay Shirky Here Comes Everybody
  8. 8. Activity! Asset Mapping
  9. 9. Set Your Goals: ● Knowledge: What do you want to learn? ● Connection: Whom do you need to know? ● Sharing: How can you contribute?
  10. 10. Vulnerability & Transparency
  11. 11. Foster a Culture of Generosity & Abundance
  12. 12. Practice Active Listening & Listening for Connection
  13. 13. Make it a Habit & Set Limits
  14. 14. Miriam Brosseau @miriamjayne