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Adaptive Frameworks for consulting advice on projects or programs. Results focussed. Tailored best practice approaches.

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Adaptive Frameworks

  1. 1. adaptive frameworks 0
  2. 2. our company Thank you for the opportunity to present our credentials. • Adaptive Frameworks offers: • – A fully committed and highly experienced team of consultants who have a track record in project and programme management – Proven experience in embedding Best Practice approaches – An impressive portfolio of clients across both public and private sectors – The ability to provide insightful identification of issues inhibiting performance – Knowledge transfer measured by embedded, successful solutions – Training performance measured by client results in external examinations 1
  3. 3. about Adaptive Frameworks One of top 3 providers of training in PRINCE2 and MSP • Most extensive network across Australia • Small company client focus • Simple, effective tools to assist customers in achieving early results • Reputation for creative, hands on implementations of best practice • approaches – underpinned by a strong strategic focus Track record in building effective PMOs • Ability to apply expertise across any sector • Understand need to tailor and scale best practice methods • Accredited by APMG for training and consultancy • 2
  4. 4. our clients 3
  5. 5. client testimonials Programme Manager, DSTO Senior Responsible Owner, eDRM 4
  6. 6. client testimonials HR Manager, Leigh Mardon Project Office Manager, Landgate 5
  7. 7. our philosophy culture of exceeding client expectations • client briefs matched with senior Adaptive Frameworks consultants • who are passionate about project and programme performance commitment to relationships: with our clients, our staff and • professional associations people focus: Adaptive Frameworks’ commitment to delegates on • training courses is unparalleled; continuous development of our staff; development of client staff through knowledge transfer creative edge: adaptation of best practice to client environment, • keep what works. remain focused on big picture • 6
  8. 8. our team Ian Benjamin Adaptive Frameworks Board Advisor Board Alison Cesaro Darilyn Evans Practice Manager General Manager Accredited Manisha Agarwal Leo Farrelly Melanie Todd contractors Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Donna Rose Yelena Kats Administration Customer Service VIC NSW ACT QLD WA 7 7
  9. 9. our services 8 8
  10. 10. our approach understand client and business objectives explore options agree solution and approach plan, implement and review clarify create confirm continue 9
  11. 11. our approach • clear definition of final outcome desired by client • understand organisational constraints clarify • involve stakeholders and influencers • agree solution from analysis of options • high level plan and establish review points create • stakeholder involvement across delivery • detailed planning of next stage confirm • check solution on track to meet client objectives • regular reporting of progress against deliverables • manage work of team • resolve issues continue • transfer knowledge • confirm customer satisfaction 10 10
  12. 12. our approach Add value not bureaucracy • Close working relationship with client senior responsible owner • Commitment to issues which concern stakeholders • Involve client staff extensively • – reduced cost – knowledge transfer Ongoing informal support and advice • 11
  13. 13. your contact at Adaptive Frameworks Darilyn Evans General Manager Adaptive Frameworks Tel: 1300 782 380 Email Mobile: 0425 761 622 12