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How To Convert More Leads With Local Reviews


Published on In todays social economy having a website is not enough. Today business owners must market their reputation to standout, get higher rankings in search engine and covert more leads.

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How To Convert More Leads With Local Reviews

  1. 1. How to Get More CUSTOMER REVIEWS For Your Local Business Darien Hill 855-269-6660
  2. 2. Why Are Online Customer Reviews a MUST for Your Local Business?  Offer Prospects Unbiased Opinions  Increase Credibility, Trust, & Authority    Boost Conversion Rates    Result in Better Local Search Engine Rankings    Ultimately Increase Sales & Profits
  3. 3. Local Review Sites Used by Consumers Is YOUR Business Listing Claimed & Monitored?
  4. 4. Facts & Statistics About Online Customer Reviews  90% of consumers say online reviews impact their buying decisions  79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations  73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more
  5. 5. Facts & Statistics About Online Customer Reviews  Companies with positive reviews can convert 183% more new business than companies with negative or no reviews  Businesses can see an increase in sales of up to 58% thanks to good reviews  80% of consumers change their minds about a purchase based only on negative online reviews
  6. 6. Facts & Statistics About Online Customer Reviews  On average, one negative review can cost you 30 customers  7 in 10 consumers who read reviews share them with friends, family and colleagues
  7. 7. Disconnect Between Business Owners and Consumers Unfortunately, many business owners STILL do not understand the importance of online reviews and their reputations
  8. 8. Disconnect Between Business Owners and Consumers  Only 1/2 of small business owners think positive online reviews are important  Only 13% of owners are approaching their customers about posting reviews  24% of small business owners don’t even know if they receive online reviews  Only 14% of small business owners post their customers’ reviews on their websites
  9. 9. How Online Customer Reviews Impact Search Engine Rankings  Quantity: the more customer reviews you have, the more relevance placed on your business, which results in higher search engine rankings.  Ratings: positive reviews are more favorable than negative ones. Just to be clear, you are not penalized for having negative reviews, but the more positive reviews you have, the better.
  10. 10. How Online Customer Reviews Impact Search Engine Rankings Consistency: businesses that get reviews on a regular basis tend to receive higher rankings than those with an occasional review here and there. Freshness: recent reviews are weighed more heavily than old ones.
  11. 11. NEGATIVE Online Customer Reviews: The Good & The Bad  Some Consumers Will Trust a Business That Has One Negative Review Over One That Has 100% Positive Reviews - As Long as There are Some Positive Ones Too  However, Many Consumers Have Been Turned Off By Businesses Even When They Have ONE Negative Review
  12. 12. NEGATIVE Online Customer Reviews: The Good & The Bad What Does This Mean? It means that business owners should simply focus on getting more reviews from their customers; as long as your product or service is good, you will eventually have a nice number of positive customer reviews that other consumers will trust
  13. 13. How Should You Handle Negative Reviews? Respond Professionally Without Anger Resolve the Issue Promptly Apologize & Show That You Care Take the Issue Offline After Responding
  14. 14. Why Having NO Online Customer Reviews Is NOT Good  Consumers Expect to See SOME Type of Reviews for Businesses  They are Skeptical of Businesses That Don’t Have Any Reviews  They Need Some Type of Indication That People Care Enough About Your Business  Otherwise, They See it As Irrelevant and Move on to Competitors
  15. 15. Why Encourage Customer Reviews? • Angry, Frustrated Customers Are More Likely to Leave Reviews – So Encourage Your “Happy Customers” to Review You • Every Satisfied Customer Could Bring You MORE New Customers • If You Are Not Asking for Reviews, You’re Missing Out on an Opportunity to Build Trust and Boost Sales
  16. 16.  JUST ASK • Ask at the Point of Sale / On Receipts • Ask in Surveys • Ask in Your Emails • Ask in Direct Mail • Ask Your Social Media Followers and Fans Ways to Get MORE Positive Customer Reviews
  17. 17. Ways to Get MORE Positive Customer Reviews  Provide a Quality Product and Excellent Customer Service  Claim Your Online Local Listings & Review Site Listings  Put Links/Images to Review Sites on Your Website  Create a Review Space on Your Website to Collect and Showcase Reviews
  18. 18. Ways to Get MORE Positive Customer Reviews  Respond to Both Positive and Negative Reviews  Use QR Codes to Get Reviews from Mobile Users  Make the Review Process Simple for Your Customers
  19. 19. Customer Reviews are CRITICAL for Local Businesses Today
  20. 20. Thank You for Viewing Our Presentation Ready to Take CONTROL of Your Online Reputation? Contact Us Today for a FREE 7 Day Trial Of Our Automated Reputation Software! 855-269-6660