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How to Be a Great Content Curator (21 tips)

Content curation isn't rocket science, but it does take work. Here are 21 tips for thinking about your audience, your content, and your community.

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How to Be a Great Content Curator (21 tips)

  1. 1. how to be a GREAT CONTENT CURATOR Daria Steigman Steigman Communications, llc 21 TIPS to get you started
  2. 2. AUDIENCE 1. identify your TARGET audience E V E R Y O NE is not your audience.
  3. 3. AUDIENCE 2. learn WHERE to find your audience P o s t i ng o n F A C E B OO K is pointless if your audience is on I N S T A GR A M or LINKEDIN. .
  4. 4. AUDIENCE 3. understand what TYPES OF CONTENT resonate with your audience Do they r e s p o nd t o FUNNY V I D E O S? How-to posts? White papers?
  5. 5. AUDIENCE 4. understand WHEN your audience CLICKS and WHAT they share TIMING matters. So does i d e n t i f y i ng CLICKABLE c o n t e nt .
  6. 6. CONTENT 5. THINK of content BROADLY Sometimes a PICTURE or a SONG can be worth more than words.
  7. 7. CONTENT 6. be an industry GO-TO RESOURCE SHARE, ANALYZE, and V I S U A LI Z E what’s happening across your industry (your competition too).
  8. 8. CONTENT 7. point your audience to VALUABLE subject matter Keep people coming back to your Web site and social media feeds by giving them information that helps them do their jobs better.
  9. 9. CONTENT 8. find OFFBEAT STORIES Mix in o cca si onal QUIRKY I TEM S t ha t m a ke pe o pl e sm i l e , l a ug h, o r sa y hm m .
  10. 10. CONTENT 9. CREATE a Twitter LIST Curated lists let people identify a lot of CONTENT G O O D N ES S in one place.
  11. 11. CONTENT 10. build a SHARING CIRCLE on Google+ M a y be i t ’ s b r a n ds y o u admire, or industry experts, or your customers.
  12. 12. CONTENT 11. READ voraciously Ideas and inspiration (and great c o n t e nt ) c o m e from E V E R Y W H ER E.
  13. 13. CONTENT 12. follow RELEVANT industry SOURCES and ORANIZATIONS You can often find nuggets of industry information on S L I D E SHA RE and LINKEDIN.
  14. 14. CONTENT 13. EXPERIMENT with formats Posts with V I S U A LS a r e SHARED MORE. Except when they’re not. It’s all about your target audience.
  15. 15. COMMUNITY 14. give a SHOUT OUT to the initial source Always, ALW AYS, credit y o u r o r i g i na l source.
  16. 16. COMMUNITY 15. PERSONALIZE when you share content Answer the question: WHAT MAKES this photo, video, data, i n f o g r a ph i c S H A R E W O RT HY ?
  17. 17. COMMUNITY 16. COMMENT on what you’re sharing C O M M E NT I N G ADDS VALUE; it also makes you more a p p r oa c ha b l e .
  18. 18. COMMUNITY 17. say THANK YOU for shares and retweets C l o s i ng t h e loop isn’t just good form, it’s also key to a ROBUST C O M M U NI T Y .
  19. 19. COMMUNITY 18. SHOWCASE your community Don’t just share what they share; tout their a c c o m pl i s hm e nt s and cool deeds.
  20. 20. COMMUNITY 19. be a MEMBER of your own community Don’t be a s h a r e bo t ; do ENGAGE with your audience.
  21. 21. MEASUREMENT 20. set SMART GOALS Make DIGITAL C U R A T I ON pay off by a l i g ni n g y o u r efforts to B U S I N ESS GOALS.
  22. 22. MEASUREMENT 21. MONITOR your METRICS MEAURE the ROE (engagement) and the ROI (investment).
  23. 23. BONUS TIP 22. don’t forget to share your ORIGINAL CONTENT too
  24. 24. CONNECT WITH ME Daria Steigman Steigman Communications, llc 202.244.7651