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Italy in the evolving media landscape. Civil society inspirations.


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Presentation held at the European Council seminar ""Public communication in the evolving media landscape: adapt or resist?"

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Italy in the evolving media landscape. Civil society inspirations.

  1. 1. Daria SantucciItaly in the evolving media landscape.Civil society inspirations.
  2. 2. Italian media landscape: emerging trendsYouth = Change drivers Few readersDecreasing news divide Increasing press divideInternet to participate Internet for skilled citizens
  3. 3. Dealing with change: possible options - Being flexible?Adapt (ad-aptare) = - Loosing nature?Resist (re-sistere) - Opposing? = - Standing firm? Re-Action InventingCo-create (creare) = something new together Pro-Activity
  4. 4. Civil society inspirations: three examples Written press loosing readers? Give writers an engaged community, get back trust and visibility. Internet only for skilled citizens? Train on participatory methods, create a long tail community.Internet as a leading news source? Provide free services, earn new followers.
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