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Rock solid fitness using P90x and a meal replacement.


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Here is my personal experience with Beachbody products. One year ago I was over weight and miserable in my own skin. Today I am so grateful that I too took the challenge. Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you. If it worked for me it can work for you if you are willing to do what I did. Decide, commit and succeed. Simple stuff if you are ready for change. I feel better now then I did in my 30's, you can too.

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Rock solid fitness using P90x and a meal replacement.

  1. 1. Rock Solid Fitness Daria Rocco Transformation story
  2. 2. I am passionate about life and all its bends.Blindsided on a Monday afternoon with acancer diagnosis in 2003, my life took on anew meaning. 9 year survivor!Motivated to making the next 50 better thenthe first 50 by teaching others how to get fit nhealthy with me in a simple, step by stepprogram that has the power to change theirlife.
  3. 3. After “surviving cancer” I didn’t like the way my body looked. I was miserable in my own skin. So I started Shakeology
  4. 4. It was time …to take back my body
  5. 5. I took the challengeSo I found a “fitclub”
  6. 6. I took my measurements 
  7. 7. By my birthday I was ready
  8. 8. After a few short months of totalcommitment to a healthy diet and pushing play everyday I was seeing results
  9. 9. I went from surviving to thriving
  10. 10. Imagine: advance stage cancer diagnosis to being able to compete and complete my very first Tough Mudder on April 29 2012 (the 9th anniversary day of my diagnosis) Thanks to the support of my family, my mentor Mark Martell and our team B.F.G. 2 Because a diagnosis doesnt have to be a death sentence
  11. 11. Because it’s notan option So, what is your Everest?
  12. 12. You can too! Daria Rocco 914 924 2430