Empower Network Review - Is it a scam?


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What is Empower Network? Does Empower Network Work? Find out these question and much more in my Empower Network Review.

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  • Here is the blog post David Wood threatened to have my site shut down for.... http://mike-martinez.com/empower-network-scam-review-pt-2/
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  • @Dietsfaq Join big Idea mastermind/ empower network....It is currently the best.. join and you won't be disappointed....I have been in empower network for 5month..I had to postpone it because i was studying for GMAT....you can join my team and we will skyrocket out income in the next 90 days...email me @ j.hova2nova@gmail.com and i will tell you more about the program...the pros and cons....the costs....and anything you want to know about the network just to be in the right mind frame before you decide if it is best for you....
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  • Reading this is sounds like this program does not offer a real income opportunity
    I am currently searching for a work from home business opportunity. I have looked at Melaleuca, Market America and Amsoil and Business Income Platforms and now I am here..
    I am seriously considering Business Income Platforms. I loved the reviews online. Virtually everything I learned I got from their webinar. http://BIP.bz
    I am looking for something that I can earn a reasonable amount of money in my first 30 days. Business Income Platforms is not MLM they say that it's possible to earn $1,500 - $2,500 in the first 30 days. Does anyone know anyone
    That is currenly a member of the Business Income Platform system. Or on the other hand anothe opportunity that provides the same earning potential.
    Thanking you in advance.

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  • @michael Ladd..you are one of them wussies..Letz say you use the $25 blogging system and you make 100 sales. later those 100 people decide to get all in for $4625. Who loses? Itz simple YOU lose, that is why it is important to get all in. So you do not lose any pass-ups... Imagine if you get all in and you make $4625 per sale. You are a failure...With this your attitude, I doubt whether you will be successful online. You can go and try those clickbank products and make those measly commissions. It is obvious about 99% of the people who joined had no idea about the upsells but that did not hinder them. I myself did not know about the upgrade but am stil in..HARD WORK PAYS....THERE IS NOTHING LIKE GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES....!!! I advise you change your mentality and start making money...
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  • Beware of Empower Network

    Big Ideal Mastermind is part of Empower Network. This pure hype and BS They get you join for $45. Then they tell you that this is the basic level and the training and money you make at this level is not very good and need to upgrade good to the $500 level. or $1000 or all in at $3500. They don't tell you that up front..

    Read this.
    The hard work will be based on where you're positioned. For so...meone positioned at the bottom it would take 200 sales in a month to get to $5000 per month residual. *NOT taking into account passups* Someone at the $125 silver level it would take only 40 sales. Gold level - 10 sales Platinum level - 5 sales and Diamond level - 2 sales is $6000 a month. It's much less 'work' to do 2,5 or 10 sales in a month than it is to do 200. That's why Vick is always talking about how important positioning is.

    Wish They told me all this before joining that you needed to up grade or go all in at $3500. They don't tell that to get you to join.

    Be very careful joining Empower network and a lot of hype for their training was the biggest disappointment. Charging an arm and a leg for a few hours of recorded webinars of 'this is how you publish a blog post' kind of training is... well, it's outrageous.

    Of course, Empower Network is more than happy to point fingers rather than addressing the real concerns from both their members and people who are 'thinking about it'.

    P.S. Just found out you have to pay $145 month for training on blogging and using a blog that is $1800 a year. I don't feel right about this. See how David Woods and David sharp are getting rich on a overprice hyped crap and very expensive training on blogging Oh my god. People are falling for this? Help me lord.

    I can't push stuff like that and lie to people. I need your opinion people please. $145 month fee for what? Over hyped training and a over priced blog $1800 a month.
    Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh yes and have use there autoresponder, Aweber and getresonse and there not cheap. I am kind of pissed off. Not free more expense.

    They never told me this.
    need go to my bank before it i to late.

    Michael Ladd
    I feel I just got scammed
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Empower Network Review - Is it a scam?

  1. 1. Find out how averagepeople like you aremaking thousands ofdollars online each dayClick if you want to Get Started Right Away
  2. 2.  So what is Empower Network? In the core it’s a blogging platform that willlet you have your own blog without anyhosting or domain names. But that’s just the basics, Empower Networkis much, much more.
  3. 3.  Now, that’s the main question everyone isasking. After all if you just wanted a bloggingplatform you can get a wordpress or blogspotand blog away. So how is Empower Network different?
  4. 4.  It’s different because it’s much more thanjust a blog. In reality no sigle word defines itas it’s sum of all parts that make empowernetwork truly unique. You see every time you write a post you havea chance to make money. And the more youpost the more chances you get.
  5. 5.  Your blog, which will be on a PR4 site and noton a subdomain like blogger which meansyou’ll get much more Google love. Which inthe end equals to better search engine resultsand more people reading your writing. How about if I don’t know what to blogabout, or sell anything to anyone.
  6. 6.  It doesn’t matter! You can write aboutanything, or everything. Talk about your day,the holidays, you work, or simple about thegame last night. Be yourself…. And makemoney. You see, even you don’t sell anything on yourblog (and you can of course) you’ll see cash in.
  7. 7.  How is that possible? You see your blog has a special codeembedded that if anyone else join Empowerthrough you, you’ll get 100% of thecommission. That’s right 100% commission, all for you.And you don’t even need to set up anything.
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