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Furniture care


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Furniture care

  2. 2. Furniture Care Basics Keep furniture out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing furniture in front of or under windows. Place furniture away from heating and air conditioning vents. Blot up spills immediately. Use coasters, placemats and tablecloths to protect furniture during use. Lift and place items instead of sliding across furniture surfaces. Rotate accessories on your furniture periodically. Avoid prolonged use of plastic and rubber items on your furniture. Dust your furniture regularly and polish every 4- 6 months.
  3. 3. Clean painted furniture with a mild soap-and-water solution. Start at the bottom of the chair or bookcase and wash all surfaces. Remove cushions from the chairs and launder, if the covers are washable. Use fiber cloths to dry and polish the wood as you work. Replace the cushions.
  4. 4. Vacuum wicker furniture thoroughly to remove dirt and dust. Vacuum cushions, spot-clean or launder if washable and set aside. Using a soft-bristled brush, clean the wicker with a solution of mild soap and warm water. Dry off excess water and allow to air-dry completely before replacing cushions.
  5. 5. Clean wood with a mild soap designed for wood. Do not soak the wood. Wring the cloth out well, and wipe the furniture surfaces. Polish with a soft cloth and allow to dry. Apply a fresh coat of wax and polish.
  6. 6. Remove cushions and arm covers from upholstered furniture and thoroughly vacuum, paying special attention to the cushion platform and the crevices. Vacuum the back and the area where the skirt meets the upholstery. Spot-clean spots or stains using upholstery cleaner and a sponge. Clean from the outside of the spot to the center. Do not soak the furniture. Allow to dry and vacuum again. Apply stain repellent according to directions on the container. Allow to dry. Spray lightly with a fabric freshener.
  7. 7. To clean leather furniture, remove loose cushions and vacuum. Use the dust-brush attachment for the crevices and underside. Wipe the leather with a cloth dampened with water. Clean any stains with a cleaner designated for leather. Apply a leather conditioner to soften and protect.
  8. 8. TIPS Keep leather furniture away from direct sunlight and heat. Position it at least 2 feet away from windows and floor heating vents. Use furniture covers and throws to protect upholstery from grease and grime in high- traffic rooms. Get advice from an expert on cleaning and caring for antique furniture.