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The body


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Brooke and Taylors cool body system project.

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The body

  1. 1. The digestive & nervous system By: Taylor & Brooke
  2. 2. Mouth• The mouth is where the • The mouth is like the food enters the body. The entrance of the school mouth chews the food because the food enters and mixes it with saliva the mouth like the kids and then the tongue enter the school. helps push the food down the esophagus.
  3. 3. Esophagus• The esophagus • The esophagus is like a makes sure the food hallway because the hallway passes children goes mouth to through the school like stomach without how the esophagus getting stuck. passes food through the body.
  4. 4. Liver• When the food gets to the • The liver is like a sink liver the liver breaks because kids wash down chemicals so they theyre hands to break are not harmful to the down germs and the liver blood. breaks down chemicals.
  5. 5. Large Intestine• The large intestine • The large intestine is like absorbs water and small a classroom where we amounts of minerals. The absorb learning. water and minerals pass into the blood.
  6. 6. Stomach• The stomach stores • The stomach is like the food , gets rid of library because the library stores books and the bacteria and gives off stomach stores food. a mucus that lubricates the food.
  7. 7. Pancreas• The pancreas is used • The pancreas is like a for digesting fat you peer mediator, getting don’t need. rid of problems at the school.
  8. 8. Small Intestine• The small intestine • The small intestine is takes the nutrients like children because from the food and children gives new gives it to the blood. ideas to there teachers so they will also absorb new ideas.
  9. 9. rectum• The rectum is used to get • The rectum is like the exit rid of all the food that of the school or a fire drill does not need to be used because when you need in your system. to go it’s like a fire drill because you need to get out like you need to go to the toilet.
  10. 10. The digestive• The digestive system is used for getting nutrients, vitamins and calcium out of the food and gives it to different parts of the body so you can stay healthy.• And now the nervous system.
  11. 11. cerebrum• The cerebrum • The cerebrum is like controls thinking, the principle because language, memory, he or she gets to sensation and make the hard decision making. decisions for the school.
  12. 12. Thalamus• The thalamus is used • The Thalamus is like for receiving how students bring messages, signaling home messages and and sensations like home work, then pain, pressure and bring then back to temperature. school the next day.
  13. 13. Brain stem• The brain stem • The brain stem is controls your heart used when you’re at beat, blood pressure, school eating lunch in digestion, breathing. your lunch monitoring Swallowing and your room because it reflex. controls your digestion.
  14. 14. Cerebellum• The cerebellum is • The Cerebellum is used for posture, like the gym because muscle movement that is were you work and coordination. out, you work on your posture and your coordination. cerebellum
  15. 15. The nervous system• The main part of the nervous system is to control every part of the body to make it work.• Without the brain you would not know when to breath and not know what to do.• Every part of the brain does something different.
  16. 16. The digestive & nervous systemThe digestive and nervous system work together because the nervous controls the digestive system and the rest of the body. The End