Dave Engberg PA Offers Various Data Mangement Products


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David Engberg Vanguard Systems promises to provide dynamic, effective and price efficient results. The company has a straight forward and advanced approach towards creating, flowing, enforcing and determining workflow solutions that goes beyond the traditional BPM.

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Dave Engberg PA Offers Various Data Mangement Products

  1. 1. Dave Engberg PA
  2. 2. Dave Engberg PA Offers Various Data Mangement ProductsDavid Engberg Vanguard Systems promises to providedynamic, effective and price efficient results. The companyhas a straight forward and advanced approach towardscreating, flowing, enforcing and determining workflowsolutions that goes beyond the traditional BPM. It alsooffers numerous products that help in managing Data andinformation including ID Protect, Digidoc, Elite Forms,eDMS.NET, FlotivaNXT, IMS/21 and many more.
  3. 3. Vanguard Systems Inc Virtually Supports Servers and NetworksThe data management software offered by Vanguard System Inc can almost support any kind of server platforms, databases and networks. It can be fully optimized and no user programming is needed to suit the demands and specifications of the client.
  4. 4. e-DMS.NET is A Web Application for Enterprise Data and Document ManagementBy e-DMS.NET, businesses can handle huge amount of data, information and documents during any period of time and from anywhere within the enterprise. David Engberg guarantees best quality content management software and services. e-DMS.NET Workflow provides browser-based workflow capabilities and some of the other advantages of e-DMS.NET are Faxing, Printing, Editing, E-mailing, Markup/Redlining, Data and Document Viewing, Intranet/Internet/Extranet Access, Client-Server, Document and Data Management, Records Retention Capabilities, Engineering Revision Control, Legacy System Integration, ERP/CRM Business, Business Process Automation with Auditing And Reporting.
  5. 5. FlotivaNXT The Next Generation of WorkflowDavid Engberg Vanguard Systems offers FlotivaNXT as one of the fastest, most powerful and easiest products that can help an organization to set, monitor and improve the business procedures effectively. This data management software has many possibilities, featuring rich interface by which a client can choose columns to display within workbasket, resizing and re-sequences each workbasket column. It is extremely effective product that has various other features including Changeable screen color schemes, Internet/Intranet Integration, Data Widgets to sum up workloads, Column summarization (counts, totals, averages etc) and Single or Multi-level column grouping.
  6. 6. Digidoc - Transforming StaticDocuments into Useable InformationDigidoc software application runs on all establishedhardware platforms and can read images from anydocument scanner or multifunction device. It also readsstructured, semi-structured, and unstructured documentimages quickly and accurately and is able to process tensof thousands of documents per hour. David EngbergVanguard Systems provides Digidoc that uses“fingerprinting” identification-like technology and advancedrecognition services to nearly eliminate the entire “key fromimage” process.
  7. 7. Advanced data extraction is processed smartly to interpret document image information, knowing the characters and symbols on the page image and enable the users to extract some or all of the data in machine in readable format. Then the document images and extracted data can be securely transferred to document management, ERP, workflow, or other applications through XML and other formats. For more information about the company, please browse through http://www.vansystems.com .
  8. 8. THANK YOU!