The A team = Facebook Dream Team


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Why "The Ateam" is the Facebook "DreamTeam"

Presentation to PR News Facebook Conference

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  • Good Afternoon. My name is Brad McCormick I am the Global Digital Director at Porter Novelli. Unfortunately Peter Pitts, our Global Director of Regulatory as Porter Novell (as well as a former FDA Commission could not be here today). He is attending to a client matter in Moscow But I am very happy to be here in his place and hope that I will make for a suitable replacement.
  • For the next 8.5 mintues, I will profile these 4 team member, provide classified personality traits of, and explain how each contributes to the succuess of this elite group know as the Facebook dream team. and even make the case as to why the Facebook Dream Team must have take the mindset of Public Relations over the brainwash displines of advertising and marketing.
  • Role #1 is the Commmunity Manager, AKA “Faceman.Facecman is the most public-facing role of the Dreamtime—he or she literary servers the brand ambassador to the Facebook community. Now this person much have outstanding People skills, outstanding communcation skills.This person is part Oprah and part Fletch. This person is part Oprah in that they are amazing listener and can really connect with people. They are part Fletch in that they can represent the brand in different ways, different voices if you will.They are able to triage any social situation, and are prepare with escalatoin plans so that customer issues are quickly dealt with by the apporpriate internal parties. This is especially true for highly regulated industries like Finance and Pharma.Part Oprah (great listening, can really understand people), Part Fletch (can speak in many kinds of “voices”)
  • The next essential role is on the Facebook Dream Time is the Metrics & Analytics Expert…Code name” Murdock or Hollowing Mad Murdock.Murdock is the team’s optimizing. He or she is constantly looking at the daily, weekly, and monthly performance trends of individual content post and is making recommendation on how the community manager can better engage with the audience. “IT CONTENT OPTIMIZARTION”Be warned: Murdock is know to speak quickly and can sometimes present overwhelming amounts of data…it’s a good idea to have sone “chaperon” the metric person in senior meetins. that is where other team members come in.Murdock is both and artist and scientists. He is an scientist in that he is an expert on the latest social media listening tools. He is an artist because he known every the best tool can’t tell the whole story, and the every report needs a touch of “human analysis”.Murdock’s favorite weapon: The KPI .
  • A Good Example of a KPI that Merdock the Metrics expert like to use is One-Topic vsOffTopic conversations.This is an example from an actual PN client in the Financial Service category. This particular client had a an internal team but was using us to help optimize their performance.Here they are trying to promote the idea of earning points with their credit cards:This is when the community manager will pose a question their Facebook fans on a particular this case, how “cool” it is to earn credit card points
  • Merdock like to track the Ratio of On-Topic vs Off Topic conversation and use it as an indicator as how “IN TUNE” THE COMMUNITY MANAGER IS WITH THE COMMUNITY.This slide show the # of Post this community manager made on a give subject—so there was 1 post that was about some random news times, 4 post about the latest ad campaign, 8 page post about Financial advocacy tips and so on.It also show the number of reponse post each of those generates, as well as the proportion of positive, negative,andnetural.So in the example from the previous slide—where facebook talks about earning points and the customer tell faceman is a jerk for raising her rates-we see that indicated here.I
  • The third role of the Facebook Dream Team in Creative and Tech. represented by MR T-AKA “Bad AttidueBaracus”.This is the “Muscle” of the Facebook team and really helps bring the community to life. The personality of the Creative and Tech lead—often two different people—can be stubborn and headstrong at times. But the One of the best ways to create engagement is to give users something to engage with.
  • The final role of the Facebook Dream Team is a Strategist, represented by Hannibal.One of biggest mistakes that companies make is that they set up facebook pages with devisign a plan as to what it they that is trying to be accomplished, how its going to be accompsliedh, and how is going to be measured. This is where the strategist comers in. Now this person my have different titles at your organization…account, planner. If you are client side and your facebook team is internal, this person could be internal as well. Or, if you are agency this side, this person could be part of your agency or could actually be the client.The essential part of this role is to sell in the overall idea of Facebook to the right stake holders, be able to get buy in, and be able to justify cost.
  • Public Relations has always been about arned media, about creating advocates thru dialouge..lit is about relationshps and the power for Word of Mounth.To me, those are the main dynamics at play at Facebook, is is one of the main reasons why the Community management and Facebook belong to PR
  • The A team = Facebook Dream Team

    1. 1. The Facebook Dream Team<br />
    2. 2. Four Main Roles:<br />
    3. 3. CODEName: <br />
    4. 4. FACEMAN<br />MURDOCK<br />BA BARACUS<br />HANNIBAL<br />
    5. 5. TheFaceBook Dream Team<br />The Dream FaceBook Team<br />
    6. 6. “MERDOCK”<br />“BA BARACKUS”<br />“FACEMAN”<br />“HANNIBAL”<br />
    7. 7. Community Manager <br />CODEName: “Faceman”<br /><ul><li> THE “AMBASSADOR”
    8. 8. OUTSTANDING PEOPLE, Communications SKILLS
    9. 9. Part Oprah, Part Fletch
    10. 10. Prepared to Triage any Social Situation
    11. 11. access to the right people, both internal & External</li></li></ul><li>Metrics & Analytics<br />CODEName: “Merdock”<br /><ul><li> THE “Optimizer”
    12. 12. Lukewarm People skills
    13. 13. Known to speak quickly
    14. 14. EXPERT AT CONTENT OPTIMIZATION & Penetrating Edgerank
    15. 15. Be Prepared for possible OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF DATA.
    16. 16. Both an “artist” & “scientist”
    17. 17. Weapon of Choice: The K.P.I.</li></li></ul><li>FavoroiteMerdock KPI:<br />ON-TOPIC VS OFF TOPIC POST<br />“#$&%You!<br />You increased my interest rate, you screwed my credit score, and you gave me points that don’t work! Creep!”<br />“Hey Facebook Community!Isn’t it COOL earning credit card<br />points!”<br />
    18. 18. 10<br />FavoroiteMerdock KPI<br />ON-TOPIC VS OFF TOPIC POST<br />TOTAL FACEBOOK POST SENTIMENT FEEDBACK FOR a PN BANKING CLIENT’s CONTENT<br />(11/1/2010 – 1/4/2011)<br />Number of related posts by category<br />1<br />Response sentiment skews neutral when PN Banking Client poses a question to the Facebook community (44 responses to 8 Questions)<br />4<br />8<br />3<br />3<br />5<br />Mentions<br />Porter Novelli Analysis of Facebook; January 2010<br />
    19. 19. Creative & Tech<br />CODEName: “BA BARACUS”<br /><ul><li> THE “Muscle”
    20. 20. Agressiveand easily AGITATED
    21. 21. Photos, infographics, videos are Common weapons
    22. 22. Helps Drive engagement & On topic Reponses
    23. 23. “Only Giving your community text updates ain’t no way to spur engagement, FooL!”</li></li></ul><li>Strategy & Account<br />CODEName: “Hannibal”<br /><ul><li> THE “Brain”
    24. 24. Part Champion, Part Strategist
    25. 25. Can BE internal or client side stakeholder.
    26. 26. Acts as diplomat to more senior stakeholders.
    28. 28. Translates a Company's Strategy IN a Facebook ACTION PLAN. </li></ul>“ I Love It <br />When a Plan comes together…”<br />
    29. 29. The Dream FaceBookTeam<br />METRICS<br />CREATIVE<br />COMMUNITY MANAGER<br />ACCOUNT<br />
    30. 30. Who SHOULD TRAIN The <br />Facebook Dream Team?<br />
    31. 31.
    32. 32. MARKETING<br />
    33. 33. ADVERTISING<br />
    34. 34. PUBLIC RELATIONS<br />
    35. 35. TheFaceBook DreamTeam<br />@DARBTX<br />