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PBL lesson for Color-Art-Middle School


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PBL lesson for Color-Art-Middle School

  1. 1.  Color is an element of Design Is the reflection of the light Another word for color is Hue
  2. 2.  This year, Myra Green Middle School art students had been assigned to paint a mural that reflects imagination with color. This mural will be on the glass windows, second floor(next to the stairs at the entrance). Before we start brainstorming ideas, sketching, and painting; I have to inform you something.
  3. 3.  There is a problem! This year the school budget is very tight and will not be able to buy the variety of acrylic color paint we need for our mural. The good news is that we have in storage six gallons of paint. There are 2 gallons of red paint, 2 gallons of yellow paint and two gallons of blue paint. The question is… Can you create all the colors needed out of these three colors?
  4. 4.  Assignment 1: Your task is to come up with the solution of our problem. You have to create more colors by mixing the three primary colors; red, yellow and blue. You will experiment with each of these colors, so you must be able to create at least 12 colors in total. These 12 colors will create a color wheel.
  5. 5.  RED, YELLOW and BLUE
  6. 6.  These 3 colors can not be produced or created but yet you can create all the colors with these 3 colors.