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Murder Mystery - 13th Floor team


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Murder Mystery - 13th Floor team

  1. 1. Murder at Enigma Murder Mystery By Team 13th Floor Dara Cepeda Cesar Mata Cristina Pintor Rene Rodriguez
  2. 2. Simon P. Ano was MURDERED!!!!!!!
  3. 3. But….. WHO has done it?
  4. 4. Was it thebimbonur…Errr…..I mean ImaBimbeaux?
  5. 5. Or the golddiggingcheaterGolda Diggerafter somequickca$h?
  6. 6. Maybe itwaslying Lyan?
  7. 7. Best friends or secret rivals?
  8. 8. Only 12 pills weretaken out of 120in a prescriptionfrom a whole yearago.Could a manicstate have led tomurder?
  9. 9. Haff Note wastired of beingsecond to thegreat Simon P.Ano. He made sureSimon wouldnever make acomeback!