Harness the power of Google Analytics for Business


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GA is the most commonly used onsite analytics package yet most businesses fail to take full advantage of the range of data collection and analysis tools available. This talk will focus on a selection of core features (both existing and new) and explain in practical terms how businesses of all types can make use of these capabilities to improve performance.

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Harness the power of Google Analytics for Business

  1. 1. Eliminating the guesswork Dara Fitzgerald @darafitzgerald Analytics Director @measurelab Harness the Power of GA 5 Key Features for Online Business
  2. 2. Features we will cover. #1. User ID for Cross Device Reporting. #2. Collect additional data using Custom Dimensions. #3. Import offline data using Data Import. #4. Product/Checkout Reporting with Enhanced Ecommerce. #5. Drive performance with Segmentation & Remarketing. Eliminating the guesswork
  3. 3. Eliminating the guesswork Measurement with Client ID (the status quo) 3 3 #1. User ID Users
  4. 4. Cross Device Measurement with User ID (new method) https://support.google.com/analytics/topic/6009743?hl=en&ref_topic=2790009 #1. User ID User 1 Eliminating the guesswork
  5. 5. #1. User ID >> Cross-Device Reporting Device Overlap Eliminating the guesswork
  6. 6. #1. User ID >> Cross-Device Reporting Device Paths Device Acquisition Eliminating the guesswork
  7. 7. #1. User ID – Be Aware! • The User ID is not exposed in reporting, unlike with custom dimensions. • Cross-device reports only available in User ID Views (segmented!), and not in standard ‘master’ Views. • Session stitching  Eliminating the guesswork
  8. 8. #1. User ID – Session Unification Session unification Session stitching only goes back as far as the session where User ID first assigned If the user logs out, the session stitching chain breaks Eliminating the guesswork
  9. 9. #2. Custom Dimensions & Metrics Can be set at different levels: • Hit • Session • User • Product var dimensionValue = 'SOME_DIMENSION_VALUE'; ga('set', 'dimension1', dimensionValue); https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2709828?hl=en Eliminating the guesswork
  10. 10. #2. Custom Dimensions & Metrics Max. of 5 tabs per custom report!! Can also be selected as primary/secondary dimensions in reports Eliminating the guesswork
  11. 11. #3. Data Import https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3191589?hl=en&ref_topic=3191580 Eliminating the guesswork
  12. 12. #3. Data Import – Cost Data Source & Medium (mandatory) are used as keys to match imported data with collected data Select the metrics to be imported Additional columns for campaign, keyword, etc. Eliminating the guesswork
  13. 13. #3. Data Import – Cost Data The correct CSV template can simply be downloaded! Eliminating the guesswork
  14. 14. #3. Data Import – Dimension Widening https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3191417?hl=en-GB • Perfect for pushing in data that doesn’t exist on the website. • Widening joins GA hit data with external data that you upload (manually or via API). • Widening does not apply to historical data. • Widening is irreversible. Once widened, hits cannot be unwidened. Eliminating the guesswork
  15. 15. Key is used to define what dimension/s will be widened from Widen-To Dimensions define the data that will be imported Again the correct CSV template is provided #3. Data Import – Dimension Widening Eliminating the guesswork
  16. 16. #3. Data Import – Refund Data * Full refund To refund an entire transaction, use a row that includes only the Transaction ID. Partial refund To refund a partial transaction, use a row that includes Transaction ID, Product SKU and Qty Refunded. * Refund Data Import is only applicable for Enhanced Ecommerce https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6014861?hl=en-GB Eliminating the guesswork
  17. 17. #4. Enhanced Ecommerce https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6014841?hl=en-GB Eliminating the guesswork
  18. 18. #4. Enhanced Ecommerce New product focused metrics Track impressions on product list and search results pages Eliminating the guesswork
  19. 19. #5. Segmentation & Remarketing Access your new custom dimensions and metrics (including widened data) for segmentation Eliminating the guesswork
  20. 20. #5. Segmentation & Remarketing Click #1 Create checkout abandonment segment straight from the new Enhanced Ecommerce reports Eliminating the guesswork
  21. 21. #5. Segmentation & Remarketing Click #2 Choose this segment for a remarketing list Eliminating the guesswork
  22. 22. #5. Segmentation & Remarketing Click #4 Choose AdWords account Click #5 Save! Click #3 Name the remarketing list Eliminating the guesswork
  23. 23. Summary #1. Enable User ID for logged in users (Cross Device Reports). #2. Tailor data collection with Custom Dimensions & Metrics. #3. Import offline data into GA with Data Import. #4. Migrate to Enhanced Ecommerce for product reporting and Refund Import functionality. #5. Improve targeting with Segmentation & Remarketing. Eliminating the guesswork
  24. 24. THANK YOU! Dara Fitzgerald @darafitzgerald Analytics Director @measurelab Eliminating the guesswork