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Analytics 360 suite: Is it a game changer?

These are the slides from my presentation about the Google Analytics 360 Suite at BrightonSEO September 2016.

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Analytics 360 suite: Is it a game changer?

  1. 1. Dara Fitzgerald @darafitzgerald Analytics Director @measurelab Google Analytics 360 Suite: Is it a Game Changer?
  2. 2. “An enterprise-class solution for a multi-screen world”. Google Analytics 360 Suite.
  3. 3. Google Analytics 360 Suite.
  4. 4. “Built from our industry-leading tag management product, it empowers enterprise marketers to move faster and make decisions with confidence. Tag Manager 360: Enterprise level tag management.
  5. 5. Analytics 360: Formerly known as GA Premium. Google Analytics Premium Analytics 360
  6. 6. “Google Analytics 360, formerly known as GA Premium, will roll out exciting new capabilities as investments continue to grow. It will serve as the measurement centerpiece...” Analytics 360: Indentify high value customer segments for targeting.
  7. 7. Analytics 360: Benefits over GA Standard Includes both Converting AND Non-converting journeys
  8. 8. Analytics 360: Benefits over GA Standard Applies imported data to historical GA data
  9. 9. Analytics 360: Benefits over GA Standard
  10. 10. Analytics 360: Benefits over GA Standard Allows you to export hit level data!
  11. 11. “Powerful data management platform (DMP) helps marketers understand their customers & find more like them.... Native integration with Google & DoubleClick, and open to 3rd party DSPs etc.” Audience Center 360: Expand your reach and audience.
  12. 12. “Website testing & personalization product helps marketers deliver better experiences.” Optimize 360: Optimize the entire site experience.
  13. 13. “Google Attribution 360, formerly known as Adometry, has been rebuilt from the ground up to help advertisers value marketing investments and allocate budgets with confidence.” Attribution 360: Measure cross-channel performance.
  14. 14. “New data analysis & visualization product. Integrates data across all suite products & other data sources - turning it into beautiful, interactive reports & dashboards. Based on Google Docs technology.” Data Studio 360: Easily share results and insights.
  15. 15. 5 Underused Features of Google Analytics Standard
  16. 16. #1. Enhanced Ecommerce
  17. 17. #1. Enhanced Ecommerce
  18. 18. #2. Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  19. 19. #2. Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  20. 20. #3. Data Import
  21. 21. #3. Data Import
  22. 22. #4. Multi-Channel Funnels
  23. 23. #5. Core Reporting API
  24. 24. #5. Core Reporting API
  25. 25. Expect a lot more integrations and automation in the future with this new 360 suite. This could spell both good & bad news for those on the agency / media buying side. Making success measurable Thoughts to consider...
  26. 26. "The era of fractional attribution in programmatic marketing is here and requires a measurement platform really built for this multi-screen world.” Paul Muret. For this to hold true, we need significant improvements to cross-device tracking. Could this use cross-device methodology (based on G logins) used in AdWords? Making success measurable Thoughts to consider...
  27. 27. Open DMP means no more “walled garden”. Audiences can be created & shared with 3rd party platforms. Making success measurable Thoughts to consider...
  28. 28. “Pay for additional products a la carte, and associated fees with increased usage, features and services”. Joe Osborne Might Google introduce a lower tier for GA 360 based on volume? What will the entry level be for each product? Making success measurable Thoughts to consider...
  29. 29. The gap is likely to widen between the free and paid services! Make GA Standard work a lot harder for you. Most businesses are heavily underusing the platform. Making success measurable Thoughts to consider...
  30. 30. A big thank you! Dara Fitzgerald @darafitzgerald Analytics Director @measurelab