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3. High Capacity Compressor
Based on Cooling Method
1. Water Cooled Compressor
2. Air Cooled Compressor
Positive Displacem...
7. Not only for producing fertilizers, but these are quite valuable in the production line
manufacturing processes as well...
and thus they run with the help of the compressor. The compressors are again like the heart of
the tool and better the com...
This type of Air compressor is used in case of Gas turbines, pipeline compressors of Natural gas,
Auto-motive engines and ...
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Know about the uses of air tools


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Learn Basic Facts about Air Tools and Air Compressor

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Know about the uses of air tools

  1. 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AIR TOOLS AND AIR COMPRESSOR -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. ------------------------------------------------------------*-----*-------------------------------------------------------------- Learn Basic Facts about Air Tools and Air Compressor ------------------------------------------------------------*-----*-------------------------------------------------------------Air tool is a pneumatic tool. It is either a pneumatic powered tool or air powered tool. The air tools are usually driven by compressed air supplied from any type of gas compressors. Such pneumatic tools can also be driven by carbon dioxide (CO 2) compressed and stored in small cylinders for easy portability. It is quite safe to run pneumatic tools and maintenance of such tools is also easier compared to electric power tools. Further, pneumatic tools have high power-toweight ratio and hence, a lighter and smaller tool will be able to accomplish the task that large electric power tools perform. The pneumatic tools of general grade are quite inexpensive but they have shorter life. Hence, they are termed in tooling industries as disposable tools. However, the pneumatic tools of industrial grade are much more expensive but have long life spans. Normally, all pneumatic tools are cheaper when compared to their equivalent electric power tools. These tools were somewhat unpopular in the do-it-yourself (DIY) markets earlier but due to the ease of operation and safety, many DIY people have started using them. Anyhow, manufacturing and industrial settings have been using pneumatic tools as mandatory equipment for long. Air tools have certain specific technical terms when it comes to selection of the right tool. Air pressure measured in psi/bar, free speed in rpm, horse power in hp, air consumption in cfm/scfm or m3/min, and spindle size, etc. determine the selection of the pneumatic tools. It is compulsory for all pneumatic tools to have ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Most countries insist on this ISO 9001:2008 certification for import or export of pneumatic tools, along with CE marking on them. Air Compressor Air compressors are devices that convert power into kinetic energy. The power source is normally an electric motor, a gasoline engine or a diesel engine. The air compressors compress and pressurise the air, which is released in quick and short bursts on command. Several types of air compression methods are available but the major categories are positive displacement compression and negative displacement compression. Air compressors are divided into other minor categories and models based on the following factors. Types of Air Compressor By Design and Operational Principle 1. Reciprocating Compressor 2. Turbo Compressor 3. Rotary Screw Compressor Based on Number of Stages 1. Single Stage Compressor 2. Two Stage Compressor 3. Multi Stage Compressor Based on Pressure Limits 1. Low Pressure Compressor 2. Medium Pressure Compressor 3. High Pressure Compressor 4. Super High Pressure Compressor Based on Capacity 1. Low Capacity Compressor 2. Medium Capacity Compressor
  3. 3. 3. High Capacity Compressor Based on Cooling Method 1. Water Cooled Compressor 2. Air Cooled Compressor Positive Displacement Air Compressors Positive Displacement air compressors function when air is forced into a chamber and the volume of the chamber is reduced to achieve air compression. Most of the piston type of air compressors utilizes this principle of pumping air into air chamber by the continuous motion of pistons. These compressors use on-way values for guiding the air into the chamber and the air gets compressed. Another type of positive displacement compression method is used in rotary screw compressors. Two helical matching screws guide air into the chamber when they turn and the volume of the chamber gets reduced when the screws turn. Similarly, vane compressors utilize slotted rotors with varied blade placements for guiding air into the chambers and compress their volumes. Negative Displacement Air Compressors Negative displacement air compressor is mainly centrifugal compressor. This compressor uses a spinning impeller, which accelerates to generate centrifugal force and then decelerates captured air, pressurising the air. --------------------------------------------------------------*-----*------------------------------------------------------------ KNOW ABOUT THE USES OF AIR COMPRESSORS --------------------------------------------------------------*-----*-----------------------------------------------------------There are many uses of compressed air. Not only industrial or commercial work, but also personal tasks can be easily done with the help of air compressors. There are as many advantages of such amazing equipment as one can think. If you need to know about the very many uses of these tools, then here are some of the points that may help you to get the requisite information: 1. These compressors are used by air tools for supplying large amounts of pressured air. So, pneumatic tools like air-powered nail guns, staplers, sanders, sandblasters, caulking guns, spray guns, and the rest make use of these compressors to serve a variety of purposes – domestic, commercial, manufacturing or industrial. 2. These are equally beneficial in moving debris, giving the users clean and hygienic surroundings. 3. These are also employed in various industrial processes such as in the oxidation for petroleum coking or in any other such process that needs moderate air pressure in huge quantities. 4. These are used in providing fresh high pressured air for breathing apparatus cylinders. Thus, they are advantageous in the medical field as well. 5. Another important reason for having these would be maintaining the big industrial plants. These plants require high maintenance which becomes a possibility with the help of high amounts of air compression. Besides this, they also assist in providing energy to the huge machines that are employed in large power plants. 6. When it comes to manufacturing fertilizers, they can help in changing the chemical composition. Thus, needless to say, they provide great assistance to the fertilizer manufacturing companies.
  4. 4. 7. Not only for producing fertilizers, but these are quite valuable in the production line manufacturing processes as well! 8. If we need to talk about something fun and extraordinary, then it would be right to inform you that these compressors are also extremely important in the scuba diving industry! Well, that’s true! They help by providing air to the scuba drivers and are also used to deliver oxygen to the scuba divers when they are under the sea. Now, this is something really important for those who love recreational activities like these! 9. Can you live without air conditioners during the scorching summer season? If not, then you would be glad to know that these remarkably created air compressors help us in staying cool in the blazing summer heat. Used as air conditioning compressors, they act as the chief energy source, giving you cool breeze when it's really hot outside. 10. If you love driving your cherished vehicle, then you must know this – these compressors are also used in engines in the cooling and heating systems, helping the engine of your vehicle to work efficiently. These are just a few of the uses of these brilliant compressors. There are many other purposes that they serve, that too in a superb manner. So, get going and search for a good supplier of such important tools. Once you will get these tools, many of your personal, industrial or commercial tasks would be completed with utmost precision and in a fast manner too! Thus, you should not be wasting your precious time in thinking whether or not these would be beneficial for you. As already stated, they have several uses. All that you need to do is to get these equipment from a genuine supplier and make the best use of them! ------------------------------------------------------------*-----*-------------------------------------------------------------- A BRIEF NOTE ON AIR TOOLS AND THEIR COMPRESSORS ------------------------------------------------------------*-----*-------------------------------------------------------------The Air Tools might be conventional in nature, but there are still many people who prefer using these kinds of tools to have better results. This category of tools includes different kinds of equipments like the air sanders and hammers, spray guns, and air wrenches, etc. These particular naming of the equipments is because of the fact that they are powered by air, compressed and stored. Many may argue that they are old and have been replaced by the electrical power tools, but that is not an entirely right notion. These kinds of tools are still in use and many people rely on them as they are more powerful than their electric counterparts. The best thing about this kind of tools is that the kind of torque and RPM they provide are way more than that of the electrical tools. Also, not to forget that they are quite light weighted and easy to use. The other aspects Not only the above mentioned but there are several other reasons which makes the Air Tools popular among the users. These tools help the users to do the work in a much faster as well as hassle free manner. They are light weighted and thus are absolutely easy to handle. The versatility of this kind of tool is an added factor which enhances the list of advantages for this tool. Also, the tools powered by air are absolutely less expensive and thus buying a tool like this will not dig a hole in your pocket. Moreover the longevity for the tools powered by air instead of electricity is worth a mention. These kinds of tools do not have any kind of engine of their own
  5. 5. and thus they run with the help of the compressor. The compressors are again like the heart of the tool and better the compressor better the working of the tool. The lifeline The Air Compressors are an extremely important part for your toolkit. While choosing a compressor, it is extremely important for you to understand the nature as well as the requirement of your tool. You need to be very keen on the need and purpose of the tools which is in question. This all is required because of the fact that there are a various kinds of compressors and each one is suitable for a specific purpose. That is the reason you should be very careful and choose only that compressor which will provide your tool with the best possible efficiency and strength. The most essential aspect however, which you need to remember is that you need to choose such a compressor which has the capability of generating more power that will help in proper running of your tool and give you best results. The types Besides having the versatility in the capability of power the Air Compressors are also different when it comes to their positioning. On basis of their handling and positioning, they can be broadly divided in to two parts, the horizontal compressors and the vertical compressors. Both have their own pros and cons and also the workings of both the compressors are entirely different from each other. However, the style of compressor you choose entirely depends on the type of equipment or tool that you are using and the results you wish to attain. ------------------------------------------------------------*-----*-------------------------------------------------------------- POWER CONVERSION ENHANCES THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR ENGINE ------------------------------------------------------------*-----*-------------------------------------------------------------Usually in machines, we use Electric Motors which help us in utilizing the amount of power supplied. Air compressor is a device that enables us to convert the power of these electric motors as well as diesel engines into Kinetic energy or energy possessed by a running body. We cannot directly use the power generated by the motors or engines to accomplish a task. The power needs to be converted first. The conversion process is carried out by compressing the air which is eventually to be released in quick successive thrusts. This process is applicable to a large number of tasks. The most commonly used compressors are the Centrifugal Compressors. They are also termed as Radial Compressors. These compressors operate at high speed to generate high pressure. There are four components of a simple Centrifugal Compressor. They are Inlet, Impeller, Diffuser and Collector. Amongst all these, the key component is the Impeller. It is basically the set of rotating Blades that raises the energy of the working gas. The three major classification of Air Compressor:
  6. 6. This type of Air compressor is used in case of Gas turbines, pipeline compressors of Natural gas, Auto-motive engines and Diesel-engine turbo chargers, oil refineries and also in Air conditioners as well as in refrigerators. Hence, it has a large amount of importance in various sectors. Another important classification of Air Compressor is the Rotary Screw Compressor. It follows a positive displacement mechanism and is commonly used in place of piston compressors. Usually these compressors are compact and run quite smoothly without much of vibration. Generally, they are used operate high-power air tools or in large industrial unit. Recently, surveys have shown that this type of Air compressor is vitally used in treatment of Municipal waste-water. The third major type of Air compressor is the Turbo Compressor which is also known as the Axial Compressor. It is a pressure producing machine which produces a continuous flow of compressed gas at a decreasing rate. These machines are highly efficient but at the same time complex and expensive as compared to other Compressors such as the Centrifugal ones. The Axial Compressor is used in High-speed ship engines, Jet Engines, and small scale powerstations. The Compressed Air efficiently drives the Air Tools Now after the air is compressed by the Compressors, it helps the Air-tools to perform. The Air tools are also known as pneumatic tools. Also there are Air-tools that run with the help of compressed carbon dioxide which is supplied through the gas cylinders. The Air tools are much safer and cheaper than the electric tools. They have an efficient configuration and the work performance does not depend upon the size. A petty looking Air tool can perform large tasks. RPM, Air Pressure, Air Consumption and Horse power are a few technical terms which you need to feed in your brain to meet the job requirements. Air-tools and Air compressors are duly inter-related and together help in the better performance of a machine. In case of Engines, Jets and Ships it is very important to have an efficient set of tools. Similarly Compressor pumps are necessary as well. Oil-lubed and oil-less are the two types of pumps available. The oil-less pumps are however more efficient than the oil-lubed ones and the disposable air tools are however cheaper than the Industrial grade ones. ------------------------------------------------------------*-----*--------------------------------------------------------------