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Forum Nokia & UXD Resources


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Forum Nokia & UXD Resources

  1. User Experience Design Resources for Mobile Creation Arabella David Forum Nokia 25.9.2009
  2. Hei!
  3. Part One: What do we have for you today?
  4. CP-SDK
  5. What does User Experience mean? • User Experience can be both very big and vague, and very detailed and specific. • There is a misconception that UX is expensive and at the end of development. UX is scalable and pervasive. • Things get a lot less confusing once you know that UX is boiled down into one simple question.
  6. “What’s in it for me?”
  7. UX Driven Service Development A considered, user centric approach to service development 1. Service Concepting – what are you doing? 2. Application Planning – how are you doing it? 3. Make sure it delivers what users want
  8. Step 1: Concepting
  9. Answer the user’s question “What’s in it for me?”
  10. Create your personas Walk a mile in their shoes
  11. CP-SDK
  12. Set your metrics
  13. Design Gallery
  14. Case Studies
  15. Step 2: Planning
  16. CP-SDK
  17. How to sweat the details The Sweet Spot Coder Good User Experience Designer Tendency towards feature bloat Tendency towards visual overload Hey, we can tell the user when the bus will be at the stop within a period of 4 User That’s ridiculous, let’s keep it to minutes. milliseconds! Sweet, I can quickly figure out how soon the bus gets here! I In other news, I figured out Don’t make me throw you out love this thing! how to apply these awesome a window. I want to see gradients to everything on the what’s going on without service! having flashbacks YOU WILL LOVE THIS THING!
  18. Interaction Design for Mobile Application Visual Design for Mobile: A Guide for Newcomers
  19. Mobile Web Templates
  20. Remote Device Access
  21. Step 3: Does it deliver?
  22. “What’s in it for me?” No standardised answer
  23. User Experience Evaluation
  24. User testing Exploit your friends & family
  25. Imagine appropriate scenarios
  26. Listen
  27. When are you done?
  28. Are you ever done?
  29. You may now want to consider selling your service on some sort of online store. 29 © 2009 Nokia
  30. Case study: Eat .fi 30 © 2009 Nokia
  31. Tina
  32. How to take the density of web
  33. Into the specific user needs of mobile?
  34. Step 1: Service Concepting • “I want to find an open, good restaurant near me right now!” •  Development team devised different personas and imagined what they wanted •  Hungry cold people •  Hungry drunk people •  Hungry picky people •  Figured out what website information to move and remove in order to maintain clarity of use
  35. Step 2: Application Planning • Location was a key functionality • First idea: C++ for S60, then discovered WRT • Created and test a lightweight web app in the browser, and "widgetized" it for Nokia and iPhone simultaneously. • Graphics/Styling entirely through CSS for speed
  36. Step 3: Does it Deliver? • Word of mouth test base • Used platform UI style guides (no model) • When it started working • Continuous improvement
  37. Part Two: What’s in it for you?
  38. UXD: Nokia, the Universe and Everything Nokia FN Other communities
  39. Questions for you • What do you want from us? • What do you want us to stop doing? • Have you seen anything relating to UXD that has been particularly awesome? (Collaborations are great, looking for more) @darabella