Your target is mobile, are you i strat 2011 by david apple


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Authored by David Apple, and team at AT in 2010 specifically for the 2011 iStrat Conference. The deck as been referenced over 2000 times since then. Feel free to use, but please source.

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  • Publically traded Quietly serving the needs of half dozen Fortune 500 Consumer and Healthcare Clients Publically tradedChief Marketing Officer
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  • Your target is mobile, are you i strat 2011 by david apple

    1. 1. Your Target is Mobile… Are You?Property of Growth Matters Media – Authored by David Apple Former CMO of Augme Technologies for iStrat Conference 2011. REFERENCING THIS DECK WITHOUT SOURCING IS ANNOYING. THANK YOU
    2. 2. WelcomeAuthored by David Apple and team of dedicated professional set on developinga standard language and solutions to guide global companies through themonstrous growth of mobile marketing, not for bloggers to cut and paste andmake their own… feel free to use, but please source…Authored in 2010 By David Apple, Former CMO and Principal of AugmeTechnologies, specifically for a captive audience at iStrat February 2011.2
    3. 3. Agenda• Overview• Mobile Roadmap• Bringing it all Together• Rules of Mobile Marketing• Q&A3
    4. 4. Mobile is Now a Necessity“In 10 years we have seen theinternet go from a slow, stationary,information vending machine to a fast,mobile, communications appliancethat fits in your pocket…If yourorganization’s information is notavailable on a small screen, it’s notavailable at all to people who rely ontheir mobile phones for access. ”“The Power of Mobile” Pew Internet and the American Life Project .4
    5. 5. Who’s coming to the Party?Constellation Wines(Robert Mondavi, Simi, Clos du Bois, Blackstone)5
    6. 6. You’ve Got20 Minutes to Live…6
    7. 7. Is this doing mobile?iPhone-only App Callout Only available mobile experience is an app for iPhone users • Website not mobilized for any device • Limits dialogue to iPhone users who take the time to download appProprietary Tag Consumer must download proprietary reader before engaging with the brand7
    8. 8. What’s probably happening… Lack of knowledge around breadth of mobile marketing solutions Paying someone for a tactical, off-the- shelf solution for one audience segment Pressure to do something in mobile – internal, consumer, press8
    9. 9. What’s needed?... A lot more strategically planned mobile executions9
    10. 10. Mobile is the vehicle, not the message• Brand should be the message - the communication vehicle is the mobile device• Mobile Marketing can most effectively connect brands with consumers when consumers don’t have to make technology decisions• Mobile campaigns should be about a conversation with the brand, not alienating consumers that don’t own a specific device or technology10
    11. 11. Case Study: Constellation Wines (Robert Mondavi, Simi, Clos du Bois, Blackstone) Engage the consumer in the way they choose11
    12. 12. The Mobile Roadmap1. Strategic planning2. Mobilize3. Connect4. Collect12
    13. 13. 1. Strategic Planning• Align Mobile marketing to brand’s business objectives• Now is the time to dip toe into mobile marketing to develop learnings from mobile campaigns• Mobile executions should engage your target in the way they want to be engaged• Understand your brand’s target and how this target’s specific mobile behavior can be used to develop the most effective brand communication13
    14. 14. 1. Strategic Planning The Customer Journey The strategic integration of mobile marketing into all brand touchpoints14
    15. 15. 1. Strategic Planning The Goal of Mobile15
    16. 16. 2. Mobilize Over 50% of web activity occurs on a mobile device,yet less than 10% of digital assets are currently mobile ready.Non Mobilized Mobilized Site Non Mobilized Mobilized Site For all device For all device Site types Flash Site types16
    17. 17. What about Apps? Apps as Utilities Planning required for introduction to marketplace17
    18. 18. 3. Connect Marketers are enamored with the shiny object:18 Copyright 2011 Augme Technologies Inc.
    19. 19. 3. Connect19 Copyright 2011 Augme Technologies Inc.
    20. 20. Connect (or not) Response times between 2 and 72 hours Multiple technology issues QR code on traditional media in subway with no service20
    21. 21. 4. CollectRight now mobile marketing is more aboutgathering data than analytics. That will soonchange.21
    22. 22. Bringing it all together 1. Strategic planning 2. Mobilize Targeted Content to your 3. Connect Target Audience 4. Collect22
    23. 23. Rules of Mobile MarketingYour plan must be comprehensive and fullythought-out.Not just a one-off deal, such as slapping a QR code on a single display orpackage.Strategic Planning is crucial.Mobile can’t be afterthought that gets tacked on at the end of the planningstage.Don’t expect it to differentiate your brand.Mobile needs to provide value.Focus on the audience, not the tool.Identify the consumer first, then determine the tools and methods for reachingthem.23
    24. 24. Rules of Mobile Marketing (con’t)Assess your brand’s role realistically.Ask yourself this: Does my brand actually need a mobile marketing component,such as an app? The answer won’t always be “yes.”Keep it simple.Forcing customers to download an app or upload a photo keeps the mobileexperience from being what it should be: fast and easy.Pull smartly, push gently.Just because mobile users are always “available” doesn’t mean they should becontacted relentlessly. Be thoughtful: let the consumer decide when and how touse your mobile assets.Promote your effortsLaunching a QR campaign or a new shopping app into the market itselfrequires promotion – something that is often overlooked when it comes tomobile advertising.24
    25. 25. Thank You!25