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Tertiary Filter Control System

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Filter Magic Brochure 1 4 11

  1. 1. A universal, simple, reliable and low-cost Filter Control System perfect for retrofit solutions or new construction Filter Magic ® A subsidiary of Industrial Control Systems, Inc. 20 W. Williamsburg Road • Sandston, Virginia 23150(804) 737-1700 • Fax (804) 737-7133 • ec h n T no Gree log y
  2. 2. Filter Magic® is a universal, simple, reliable and low-cost Gravity Filter Control Systems Water Treatment / Wastewater Treatment Filter Magic® is a universal, simple, reliable and low-cost Gravity Filter Control System perfect for retrofit solutions or new Simple construction that can reduce the cost of installation by as much as 60%. Filter Magic® is a very simple control system that Filter Magic® is designed to make all Gravity Filter Control eliminates or minimizes complexity normally found inSystems a simple, reliable, low-cost solution instead of a traditional or older filter control systems. The touch-screenunique integrated and complicated control system. Our Operator Interface Terminal eliminates all physical controlsystems include state-of-the-art dual filter control consoles, switches, push buttons, pilot lights, instrumentation andsimple strait-forward easy to install Actuator Sensor - console wiring complexity normally associated with a filterInterface (AS-I) bus network technology and high quality control console. It also allows the overall size of the consolelong-life pneumatic vane actuators. Electric actuation to be substantially smaller. Utilizing the simple 2-wire AS-Isolutions are available as well. Filter Magic® is completely bus network to communicate to all of the actuators andscalable from a micro 2 filter water or wastewater treatment sensors in the filter pipe gallery greatly reduces the amountplant to a major facility with 40 or more filters. of traditional PLC I/O and field terminations normally required in a filter control system. Most importantly, it eliminates high voltage power systems in the filter pipePnueumatic, Electric or Hydraulic Actuation gallery. Using pneumatic vane actuators that have one moving part in lieu of hydraulic cylinders or electric actuators greatly simplifies the long-term maintenance reliability of the filter control system as well. Non-proprietary Open Architecture Reliable Filter Magic® consoles are provided as dual filter control Filter Magic® OIT graphic screens are easy to use to consoles utilizing one touch-screen Operator Interface monitor and control each filter, either automatically or Eliminating and minimizing all of the traditional complexity Terminal (OIT) to monitor and control two filters. Optional manually, as well as related air scour, surface wash or in older filter control system designs provides a much more quad or larger console configurations can also be provided backwash pump sub-systems. reliable filter control system upstairs in the Filter Gallery as upon request. Filter Magic® utilizes leading automation technology well as downstairs in the Filter Pipe Gallery. Filter consoles are provided in NEMA 12 Filter Magic ® including Schneider Electric / Modicon, Rockwell Blue, NEMA 4X Stainless Steel and corrosive resistant Automation / Allen Bradley and Emerson / Bristol PLCs. Filter Magic® Three (3) Year Warranty Polycarbonate or Fiberglass enclosures. Filter Magic® solutions include a comprehensive three (3) Made in America / Green Technology Easy to use year warranty on the entire filter control system including the Filter Magic® Control System, instrumentation, valves and Universal actuators. Filter Magic® is a universal filter control system with easilyinstalled modular options that allow it to meet the specificcriteria necessary for any water or wastewater gravity filtersystem application. It is particularly effective when it is usedfor retrofit solutions that are many times required in olderplants. Filter Magic® dual filter control consoles are muchsmaller than older traditional consoles and can easily fitwithin their existing footprints. AS-I bus networks eliminatea substantial amount of the traditional power, control andmonitoring conduit and wiring normally found in a filterpipe gallery, especially if pneumatic actuators are used.And pneumatic vane actuators are much smaller than olderhydraulic or electric actuators allowing them to be easilyinstalled in the existing space available. Filter Magic ® is perfect for retrofit solutions or new construction and can reduce the cost of installation by as much as 60%.