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  1. 1. AP Biology Student Portfolio <br />School Year 2009 - 2010<br />Table of Contents<br />Personal Statement/Autobiographical Sketch<br />(include why you decided to take this course, along with your autobiographical profile along with color photo)<br />Sample Cover Letter (for a potential employer) <br />Resume'<br />Letters of Recommendation (3)<br />(these can be from a teac her, coach, church or community leader, etc.)<br />Goal Setting for AP Biology<br />Study Schedule Template<br />(can be located on the Blackboard website under the “Documents” tab; print and include here in the portfolio).<br />Career Research Assignment <br />Career Interview <br />Samples of Student Work (5)<br />(* This includes a minimum of three (3) writing samples)<br />Reflective Entry<br /> I was born and raised in a small suburb west of downtown Orange County, California called Newport.  I live in Riverdale, Maryland right now it’s a cool little city.   I’m the third of six children. My name Daphne Oderinde. I went to Newport Beach Elementary and was very athletic and an honor roll student. After graduating from there I went to Newport beach High School, did very well academically. Then I and my family moved to Maryland which was a culture shock. I was enrolled in park dale high school where I did very well academically and played varsity volleyball and softball. Growing up with my generation was kind of rough.   Our parents did not know how to educate us on violence, sex, and drugs.   There were a lot of gang-banging going, teen age sex, and lots of drug use.   Fortunately I did not fall victim to any of those. I am currently a junior in park dale high school. Life to me means friends, family and doing the right things.   I am pretty much on the happy side of life but just like everyone else I still have my days.   That means that I have some sad days and some depressed days.   However I put all my trust in the Lord and he always seems to work it out.   Being that I was the black sheep of the family I try my best to do the right things so that I do not disappoint my family or myself no more.   I love them whole heartedly and they love me too. I just want to be a better person and I know as long as continue to do the right things and trust in the Lord I can’t go wrong. The year 2011 I will graduate from high and start college.   <br />Medical Administrative Assistant Cover Letter<br />Daphne Oderinde,5702 67th ave,Riverdale, MD 20737,(240)-715 2756. <br />Date: 14th May, 2010. <br />Mr. Brad Smith, 180 Newport Center Drive, Suite 150Newport Beach, CA 92660180 Newport Center Drive, Suite 150Newport Beach, CA 92660949-644-4808 49-644-4<br />Dear Mr. Smith, <br />      I am interested in applying for the medical administrative assistant position advertised in the Employment News on May 12, 2010. I believe I could be an asset to your firm as I am very interested in such a position. My resume is enclosed for your review.    <br />   Of particular note for you and the members of your team as you consider my skills are my strong accomplishments in combining business acumen with technical savvy to achieve improved operating efficiency internally and improved cash flow for the institution as a whole. Additionally, my accomplishments have been achieved by improving information flow within services, and improving cooperation between management and staff. After 2 years, I have a thorough understanding of every aspect of modern businesses. My current employer is very happy with my performance, but I view myself as somewhat of a troubleshooter, and most of the reorganizations initiated here have already come to fruition, so I am eager to consider new challenges. <br /> If you are seeking a talented individual who stays abreast of her field, who understands technology, who earns 100% staff support, and who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve total success, then please consider what I have to offer. I would be happy to have a preliminary discussion with you or members of your team to see if we can establish a mutual interest. <br />      Sincerely, <br /> Daphne Oderinde<br />Daphne Oderinde<br />5702 67th avenue<br />Riverdale MD 20737<br />Home: 3016843958<br />Cell: 2407152756<br />QUALIFICATIONS<br />Strong written and oral communication skills <br />Dependable and enthusiastic worker with extensive team building skills <br />Proficient with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint <br />EDUCATION<br />Newport Beach high school - park dale high school Overall GPA: 3.4<br />EXPERIENCE<br /><ul><li>Public Relations Intern, January 2009 – Present
  2. 2. Kidd & Driscoll Public Relations Firm, College Park, MD
  3. 3. Involved in media relations, writing press releases, public service announcements, and newsletters. Assist in coordinating special events.</li></ul>Head Waiter, March 2009 – July 2009Texas Road House, Bowie, MDSupervised and trained 18 wait staff. Coordinated work schedules and evaluated staff performance.<br />Achievements <br />National Honor jr Society: 2007, 2008<br />Academic Honor Roll: 2003 - present   <br />Bank of America student leader<br />Russian essay contest gold medal winner<br />Volunteer Experience <br />Nursing home<br />Church<br />Neighborhood watch<br />ACTIVITIES<br /><ul><li>Calvert county travel ball team, 1998 – present
  4. 4. Park Dale High school Varsity softball Team, 2009 – Present
  5. 5. park dale high school varsity volleyball team, 2009 – Present</li></ul>COMPUTER SKILLS<br /> <br />• Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Internet <br />Dear Sir or Madam:<br />It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing this letter of recommendation for Daphne Oderinde. Daphne is an outstanding employee who on a daily basis goes “above and beyond” in her administrative support to Student Government and continuously exceeds the performance standards for her position of office Manager. Daphne willingly accepts new assignments and offers to help wherever she can. Student Government is a frenetic environment that presents many competing demands on the staff there. Ms. Oderinde remains steadfast in her cheerfulness, calmness, and dependability. She is an extraordinary employee and a vital member of the team in Student Government. Daphne has demonstrated excellent managerial and decision making skills. She is attentive to tasks and works tirelessly to achieve the goals of the department. She is an extremely positive and dependable employee, and performs her duties in an extremely timely and conscientious manner.<br />I’ve received many compliments from the many students that she’s assisted as well as the staff members who rely on Daphne’s direction. Management and personnel in Academic Affairs, Enrollment Services, and other departments praise her work. Daphne is an innovative self-starter, who rarely needs supervision. She is punctual and typically exceeds expectations. She handles pressure well, and will voluntarily work overtime and take work home to meet a deadline.<br />Daphne is an invaluable asset to any department, and I highly recommend hiring her as Medical Assistant. If you’d like to discuss her attributes in more detail, please don’t’ hesitate to contact me.<br />Sincerely,<br />Emma Jackson<br />Dear, Sir or Madam:<br />I first knew Daphne Oderinde in the spring of 2009 when she was a sophomore. In such small groups teacher and students come to know one another in a way that is seldom, if ever, possible in large lecture courses. In either forum something can be learned about a student's academic ability, but only in the former can one get a reliable measure of the student as a person. Having kept in touch with Daphne in the intervening Months, I am confident in my knowledge of her.<br />To begin with, she is an excellent student, with a lively curiosity that makes her dissatisfied with superficial explanations. That curiosity frequently led our seminar down avenues and into areas that, otherwise, would have remained unexplored.<br />One has only to speak to her to recognize her openness and eagerness. It is easy to mistake this for naive, an error I made when she first told me she had signed up to be a student leader., often at great cost to her own peace of mind, and sometimes in explicit conflict with the regular teacher, she continued to insist earning a high level of performance from all her classes. She not only survived the term but got accepted into the student leader program.<br />I would expect Daphne to bring these same qualities of character to you. That is, openness to new places, peoples, cultures and customs; a keen intelligence, with which to analyze and order her experience; irrepressible curiosity; and an unusual ability for dealing with people of all ages and conditions. Those qualities, combined with her toughness of character, will enable her to understand and empathize with others while never losing touch with who she is." <br />Sincerely,<br />Jillian Lehman<br />To Whom It May Concern,<br />It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Daphne F. Oderinde<br />Daphne was a student in my class. During the spring semester of 2008.  This course is an advanced course in international affairs, designed to encourage students to think about foreign policymaking within a variety of countries systematically, logically, and coherently. Over the course of the semester, I had ample opportunity to assess Daphne’s intellectual abilities.  In class, he always had intelligent, thought-provoking comments and presented them in clear, precise form.  Not only were his observations always analytically sound, but they contributed greatly to the class discussion in so far as they provoked further reflection upon topics that needed to be emphasized.  Not only was her class participation superb, but she received excellent marks on all of her assignments.  Her term paper expertly analyzed the institutions of Russian foreign policymaking in the context of NATO involvement in Kosovo.  She received an “A” on this paper, an “A” for class participation, and “A’s” on both in-class exams.  Overall, she ranked in the top 5% of this class. As you can see, Daphne’s performance in this course was outstanding. She is an extremely promising student – highly motivated, persistent, and intelligent.  It has been a joy and a privilege to have her in my class. Daphne’s personal qualities match his intellectual qualities.  I have found Daphne to possess all of the qualities required to excel in virtually any environment maturity, seriousness, and impeccable respect for fellow students, dedication, and a positive outlook.  Most importantly, I believe Daphne to be an individual of impeccable integrity – highly suited to a position of leadership and responsibility in our country. It is obvious to me that Daphne will make an excellent student of Medicine.  I believe that Daphne will be a tremendous asset to your institution and to the profession in general. I highly recommend him for just such an endeavor.<br />                                                                                    Very Respectfully,<br />John P. Moran, PHD<br />Goal Setting for AP Biology<br />The things I hope to gain from this class are (think of all the reasons you wanted to take this course):<br />Primary goals:<br />1. Pass the AP Exam with a 5<br />2. Understand and respect scientific approaches to the study of life.<br />3. Get into UCBERKELEY Medical School<br />Secondary goals:<br />1. Earn A’s and B’S in this course<br />2. Get all homework done <br />3. Prioritize better and less procrastination<br />The grade I would like to make on the AP Exam is: 5<br />The exam is graded on a scale of 1-5. Scores of 3-5 earn you college credit in laboratory science, with a score of 5 giving you the most college credit.<br />I will find the time to perform 1-2 hours of work daily for this course by doing the following:<br />1. Reading and studying<br />2. Homework<br />I will study each day at 4:00pm in my room. I can help myself remember my goals and work toward them by:<br />1. Schedule the time and place to get the tasks done<br />2. Set reminders<br />3. Put it in writing. Writing reinforces thoughts. <br />My teacher can help me obtain my goals by:<br />1. Doing her job as a teacher <br />2. Giving me all the information I need<br />3. Giving me the right preparations for the future<br />Career Research Assignment<br />Name: Daphne Oderinde Date: May 14th 2010<br />PART A:<br />Focus Area (Example)Career Choice1. Health care1. Plastic surgeon2. Anesthesiologist2. Law1. Lawyer2. Judge<br />Part B. <br />From the results listed, my career to research is plastic surgery.<br />Job Description: brief description of job, any personality traits that are helpful, and special skills needed. ( 5 points)<br />Plastic surgeons are required to be familiar with the concepts, tools, and technology within the field of surgery. <br /> Plastic surgeons perform a variety of surgical procedures including, but not limited to, in their technical terms, mastectomy, contracture surgery for burn victims, sexual reassignment surgery, Rhinoplasty, Abdominoplasty, Augmentation Mammaplasty, Chemical peel, Collagen injections, and more.<br /> Plastic surgeons are doctors who deal with replacing, repairing or reconstructing various parts of the body. These are often facial features but can also be other parts of the body, such as the torso or the hand.<br /> To become a surgeon, one has to study rigorously in a medical school, for a minimum of 6-8 years. Before obtaining the surgical education, one must obtain a degree of doctor in medicine. Read more on, how to become a surgeon.<br />The most important qualities, that are necessary to become a surgeon is leadership, good decision making power and ready to work in emergency situations under tremendous pressure. <br />2. Working Conditions: the usual hours of work (shift, overtime, weekends etc), are there any age, gender, or physical requirements? Physical layout of the workplace (office, outside etc.) Hazards or risks of the job. <br />Many physicians-primarily general and family practitioners, general internists, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, and psychiatrists-work in small private offices or clinics, often assisted by a small staff of nurses and other administrative personnel.  <br />  Physicians are practicing in groups or health care organizations that provide backup coverage and allow for more time off. Physicians in a group practice or health care organization often work as part of a team that coordinates care for a number of patients; they are less independent than the solo practitioners of the past.<br /> Surgeons and anesthesiologists usually work in well-lighted, sterile environments while performing surgery and often stand for long periods. Most work in hospitals or in surgical outpatient centers.<br /> Many physicians and surgeons work long, irregular hours. Over one-third of full-time physicians and surgeons worked 60 hours or more a week in 2006. Only 8 percent of all physicians and surgeons worked part-time, compared with 15 percent for all occupations.<br />Physicians and surgeons must travel frequently between office and hospital to care for their patients. While on call, a physician will deal with many patients' concerns over the phone and make emergency visits to hospitals or nursing homes.<br />Wages and Earnings: is it salary? Do you get paid overtime? What is the starting wage? Top wage? Average wage? Future wages? Any benefits such as extended medical, dental, insurance etc? ( 5 points)<br /> According to Salary.com, the current median expected salary for a typical Plastic Surgeon in the United States is $286,540.<br /><ul><li>The Allied Physicians Salary survey reveals a difference in salary by years of experience for Plastic Surgeons as follows:
  6. 6. 1-2 Years - $ 237,000
  7. 7. 3 or More - $ 412,000
  8. 8. Maximum - $ 820,000</li></ul>c. such as extended medical, dental, insurance<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Career Path: Where do you begin in this career? How do you move up? What is the outlook at present? What are the different levels? How are they different? ( 5 points)<br /><ul><li>As a plastic surgeon you can specialize in a specific type of procedure, however, you need to be a physician before becoming a plastic surgeon.
  9. 9. The only board that certifies cosmetic surgeons is the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. In order to be certified, doctors who have completed a two-year fellowship program need to perform 50 documented cosmetic procedures, while those who have attended a one-year fellowship program need to perform at least 100 such procedures. 
  10. 10. Employment opportunities for all physicians are expected to be excellent in the years to come. Between now and 2014, the number of physicians is expected to increase faster than average. At least 12 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in the US in 2004. The demand for cosmetic surgery is likely to keep job opportunities for plastic surgeons readily available.
  11. 11. Abdominoplasty .Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Blepharoplasty .Botox 
  12. 12. Abdominoplasty - See tummy tuck. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - See cosmetic plastic surgery. Blepharoplasty - See eyelid lift. Botox - Botox works by preventing nerve impulses from reaching the muscle, causing the muscle to relax decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.
  13. 13. Education and Training Requirements: describe the education/training or work experience required for this occupation. Include the type of education, length of training, and cost of training. Do you need special licenses or certificates? Does the work involve technology? ( 5 points)</li></ul> Cosmetic surgeons have to complete four years of medical school and a three-year residency program before applying for a fellowship in cosmetic surgery. <br />To become cosmetic surgeons have to take undergraduate courses in the field of science. They must maintain a good grade point average.<br />After medical school, doctors will have to complete a residency in surgery or a related field as there is no residency program exclusively in cosmetic surgery. <br />On completion of the residency program, the candidate needs to pursue a 1-year or 2-year fellowship program in cosmetic surgery. The fellowship must, in turn, be followed by a certificate program.<br />In order to be certified, doctors who have completed a two-year fellowship program need to perform 50 documented cosmetic procedures, while those who have attended a one-year fellowship program need to perform at least 100 such procedures. <br />PART C<br />Identify two post secondary institutions/training schools or on the job training opportunities where you could develop the skills and knowledge required to gain employment in your chosen career. Give a brief description of each one. Use complete sentences. (Do not cut and paste)<br />Post secondary Institution/training locationUniversity of California BerkeleyName of programUndergraduate degreeBrief DescriptionFour-year undergraduate degree at an accredited college: Although an undergraduate degree in a particular field is not usually required to attend medical school, a student should elect a major that focuses on science-related fields. Popular majors include pre-med, biology, chemistry, or physicsWhy I want to learn/train hereIt is far away from home and it would allow me to focus more on achieving my dream career. It is also one of the top medical schools in the US<br />Post secondary Institution locationUniversity of California los AngelesName of programMedical schoolBrief DescriptionAdmission into medical school: complete a program that usually lasts at least four years. During the first two years or more of school, medical students attend classroom lectures and labs focusing on basic sciences. Next, students work with patients in a clinical setting underneath the supervision of a doctor. Then students usually complete elective clinical rotations, which offer the chance to further explore specialties. After completing medical school, a doctor receives a degree, such as MD or DOWhy I want to learn/train hereit is far away from home and it would allow me to focus more on achieving my dream career. It is also one of the top medical schools in the US<br />Postsecondary #1<br />Postsecondary #2<br />Part D Education Path: identify the courses Park dale offers that best fit you focus area/career choice. List 5 possible electives that you have taken or will take. (5 points) <br />Electives1. AP biology Grade: 11<br />2. Health Grade: 11<br />3. Physics Grade: 11<br /><ul><li> 4. Chemistry Grade: 10</li></ul> 5. Biology Grade 9<br />Part E Work Experience/Volunteer Experiences/External Courses<br />Often you have performed valuable skills that assist you in pursuing your chosen career. Briefly describe two community programs or projects that you could be involved in to gain additional skills or experience related to your career choice. (4 points)<br />1. Intern at a cosmetic surgeon office. This position required me to watch the surgeon and also pick up the phone and make appointments.<br />2. Volunteering at Saint John’s hospital. This position required me to read to sick children, feed and comfort them.<br />Part FNetworking (10 points) <br />Briefly describe a network of 5 people who could help you achieve your chosen career goal. These could be teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbors, friends, and/or relatives. Name the person, describe the relationship and briefly describe how they could help you.<br />NameRelationshipHow They Can Help1.brad smithuncleHe is a cosmetic plastic surgeon so he has been through this whole process. So he can guide and show me the right path to follow.2. Bolaji OderindeFatherHe can help me through the stressful long 12 years of college and medical school.3.Jillian LehmanRussian TeacherShe encourages me to chase my dream and she also supports every decision I make. She can help me emotionally.4.Modupe OderindeMotherShe is going to help along side with my father in paying for my school5.emma reedcounselorShe makes sure I stay on track to achieving my career goal.<br />Evaluating Websites (9 points)<br />During this activity, you have used a variety of book references and websites to gather information, now it is important for you to evaluate which ones you found useful and why. You must evaluate a minimum of three (3) sources that you used to complete this project. <br />Websites:Source #1http://www.bls.gov/OCO/Source #2http://education-portal.com/articles/Plastic_Surgeon:_Career_Profile_and_Educational_Requirements.htmlSource #3 http://degreedirectory.org/articles/Plastic_Surgeon_Become_a_Plastic_Surgeon_in_5_Steps.htmlEase of navigationThe usage of so many acronyms makes it difficult to know what link to utilize at times.The links were easy navigationLinks to different college websitesGeneral User AppealVery user-friendly with bright buttons and links with ease of navigationThe fact that site is filled with experiences from real people in the career field you are perusing allows people to connect easier.Has facts and reliable statsQuality & ReliabilityAs a governmental agency, the Department of Labor's website is a very reliable source. Education-Portal.com is a resource hub for students and working professionals to research career paths, degree programs, and schools within their chosen disciplines. This was accomplished by a dedicated team of experts including educators, librarians, college counselors, career counselors, and journalists to provide practical informationIt is recently updated<br />G. the Wrap Up (15 points) <br />This is where you need to reflect on all the information you have gathered and write a paragraph(s) that tells me why you are or are not still interested in pursuing the career you have researched. It should be typed and approximately 200-300 words.<br /><ul><li>After researching this career I have decided I still want to be a plastic surgeon. Becoming a plastic surgeon has always been my child hood dream. Plastic surgery is rooted in the basic principles of wound healing, improving lives, and restoring lost form and function. Health care reform is more relevant to our profession today as the services we provide as plastic surgeons are being constantly monitored and valued by outside organizations that know little about what we do. Because the media have stereotyped plastic surgeons as being only about "nip and tuck," people forget about the major reconstructive surgical procedures that we perform on a daily basis. When I become a plastic surgeon what I want to be able to balance with both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Becoming a plastic surgeon is about helping your fellow man or woman. Healthcare reform in its principles is about this very same issue. We need to balance this goal with the conflicting political forces that seem to make this goal much more difficult than it has to be. Working on reconstructive surgery helping those who have got damaged or deformed some body and face areas or to work in cosmetic surgery with beauty enhancement procedures.</li></ul> <br />H. Bibliography (5 points)<br />Create a bibliography, using the proper format, to record where you collected you information from. You must include you source other than an internet website. Your bibliography should be typed and then attached to your project.<br />*The Landmark Project website, (http://citationmachine.net/), goes over the proper format for writing a bibliography.<br /><ul><li>Artel, Linda. "Education-Portal." Education-Portal.com. Karen S, 5/12/2010. Web. 13 May 2010. <http://education-portal.com/articles/Plastic_Surgeon:_Career_Profile_and_Educational_Requirements.html>.</li></ul>Career interview<br />Meet Dr. Brad Smith, M.D., FACS – a leading plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Smith is based just outside Los Angeles, California, and performs cosmetic surgery of the face and body, including breast enlargement surgery, liposuction and facelifts, as well as other cosmetic procedures.<br />Me: Thank you Dr. Smith, for taking the time to speak to me today. You have been practicing cosmetic surgery since 1984; that’s more than 20 years of experience. What made you choose this field of work?<br />Dr. Smith: Well, it’s a field that offers unlimited opportunities to help patients. It’s a very broad field in that it takes care of many, many different areas of the body. It’s one for which I have the particular set of skills required, including artistic skills and hand eye coordination.<br />Me: Where did you receive your medical training? <br />Dr. Smith: I received my M.D. at the Medical College of Ohio.<br />Me: Breast Augmentation surgery is a very popular surgery among women. How does this procedure help in building confidence in women? Will you share an example with us where breast augmentation surgery has given a boost to a patient’s self esteem?<br />Dr. Smith: We basically see gals who are interested in surgery in two groups. Gals who have had kids already and gals who haven’t had kids. Gals who haven’t had kids are looking for surgery to restore their proportions, which allows them to wear certain clothes and enjoy certain activities, for example, it allows them to feel good enough to wear bikinis and attend pool parties. The other groups, those who have had their kids have developed some sort of problem with their breasts as a result of breast-feeding. They typically have small, saggy breasts and need a different type of repair. It’s an important task, to restore the self-esteem of a mom who has given her body to her children and would now like to have some of it back.<br />Me: Should abdominoplasty be an option for people who can’t lose that extra skin and weight, in spite of regular exercise?<br />Dr. Smith: Absolutely. In general, diet and exercise is not effective in either getting rid of excess skin or helping muscles that have been stretched apart due to pregnancies. The only solution for these women is through pregnancy. <br />Me: Which cosmetic surgery procedure is the most popular among people these days, and which procedure is your favorite?<br />Dr. Smith: Well, in my practice, it’s about one third facial one third breast and one third body contouring. Body contouring being things like liposuction and tummy tuck. My favorite procedure is the eyelid procedure, blepharoplasty because this procedure gives the most noticeable improvement of any of the procedures that we do. It’s an operation that is relatively inexpensive, safe, and has very few possible complications.<br />Me: What kind of care do you offer your patients before and after cosmetic surgery? What are the basic guidelines that patients should follow after their surgery?<br />Dr. Smith: We believe that the pre and post operative care is as, if not more, important than the actual surgery. We spend a great deal of time with our patients in education pre operation and offer videos and handouts. After surgery we make ourselves available to the patient and make sure that their postoperative course is as smooth and seamless as possible. It’s important that patients be educated about their procedures, that they have knowledge of what’s going to be taking place that the procedures are going to be done for the right reasons, that the instructions are followed carefully, and that they contact me if they have any questions or concerns whatsoever.<br />SW: Nose surgery is done not only for cosmetic reasons. What kind of problems can rhinoplasty alleviate?<br />Dr. Smith: Rhinoplasty is really a surgery designed to improve the appearance of the nose. Most often, breathing problems are not associated with the external appearance of the nose – they are from internal complications. An example where cosmetic surgery would actually help in a non-cosmetic way would be if a patient has a severe fracture where restoring the structure of the nose would be beneficial.<br />Me: These days cosmetic surgery has become very popular with men as well. Which cosmetic procedures are most popular with men and what are the reasons behind their popularity?<br />Dr. Smith: More and more men are becoming interested in cosmetic surgery. For a long time, cosmetic surgery was kind of exclusive to women, but we find that many men nowadays can benefit as well. Often times this has to do with a situation in business where men have a desire to look more young and fit. Some of the most popular procedures for men include eyelid surgery, nasal surgery, and liposuction for reduction of excess body fat.<br />Me: How do you like to unwind and spend time with your family?<br />Dr. Smith: I have two sons and a grandson and I enjoy spending time with my family. I also enjoy skiing and I’m a very avid scuba diver. I have been interested in philately for many years. <br />Me: Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us!<br />Dr. Smith: You’re welcome.<br />Reflective Entry <br />Name of Student: Daphne Oderinde<br />Date: May 14th 2010 <br />Subject: AP Biology <br />Instructor's Name: Mrs. Dawn Berkeley <br />Instructor's Signature: <br />Answer the following with a minimum of 5 complete sentences. Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling.<br />1. Describe the assignment including the tools and process.<br /><ul><li>The process of this is assignment is very crucial and critical. In order to complete this assignment you would need to be dedicated and set time aside for this. The tool needed to complete this assignment is a lot of research. In addition this assignment requires a short term goal of completion.</li></ul>2. Write about what you have learned from this assignment. Describe the skills and competencies demonstrated by this assignment.<br /><ul><li>This assignment opened my eyes to my dream career. I have gained a lot of knowledge from this assignment. I had previous knowledge on my future career. However doing this assignment gave me more insight on what I need to do to achieve my career. The skill demonstrated by this assignment was making me more passionate about cosmetic plastic surgery.</li></ul>3. Evaluate your performance on the assignment. Identify what you did well and what could be improved. <br /><ul><li>I am very proud of my performance on this project. This has assignment showed how dedicated I am to getting anything finished. The works I am very proud of are my resume and my career research. I put my all into the resume and career and made it me. I could have improved on my cover letter.