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Lorenzo Ghiberti


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The renaissance artist Lorenzo Ghiberti

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Lorenzo Ghiberti

  1. 1. Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378 - 1455) By Daphne Wu
  2. 2. Background Information  Early Renaissance  Sculpture and metalworking  Father was a trained artist and goldsmith  Most prolific and innovative sculptor in Florence  Best remembered for “Gates of Paradise”
  3. 3.  1401, competition for the new doors of Florence baptistery  Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti  Brunelleschi did his work privately while Ghiberti established open studio  Allowed general public to give feedback  Changed his designs to suit public's tastes  Won the competition  Took more than 20 years to complete  Done in 1424
  4. 4. quot;The Sacrifice of Isaacquot;, Lorenzo Ghiberti's Contribution to the competition for the Northern Doors of the Baptistery.
  5. 5. Lorenzo Ghiberti’s self portrait on the Gate of Paradise the Baptisterio (Florence)
  6. 6. Changes to Art in Renaissance  The lost-wax casting (cire perdute) used by the ancient Romans.  Brought realism, emotion and drama to the stories of the Bible.  He set up a large workshop.  Many artists were trained, including Donatello, Masolino, Michelozzo, Uccello, and Antonio Pollaiuolo, the future masters of the Florentine school.  Formed the basis for style and aims of the later High Renaissance.
  7. 7. Changes to Art in Renaissance  Michelangelo quot;Gates of Paradise.”, a monument to the age of humanism.  A development toward naturalistic movement, volume, perspective and a greater idealization of subject. Gates of Paradise, Baptistery, Florence. The doors currently on display are a reproduction.
  8. 8. North Doors of the Baptistery “Gates of Paradise”
  9. 9. The Gates of Paradise The story of Joseph Baptistery, Florence
  10. 10. St John the Baptist  Symbolize the International Gothic style, but his scroll was an early example of humanist script.  Increased interest in the antique and in deep pictorial space, with the figures more important than the drapery. This is an evident of the transition toward Renaissance style.
  11. 11. Changes to Art in Renaissance  A collector of classical artifacts and a historian. Actively involved in the spreading of humanist ideas.  His Commentarii is a valuable source of information about Renaissance art, trecento artists and contain the first autobiography of an artist.  A major source for Vasari's Vite, the Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects.  A series of artist biographies published in 1550
  12. 12. Inspiration for other art work The Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin were inspired by the quot;Gates of Paradise.quot;
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