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Seminar Marketing: It's All About Relationships


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Relationships are crucial in seminar marketing. It's who we know that gives our workshops a boost in attendees, add value for our audience and income for us.

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Seminar Marketing: It's All About Relationships

  1. 1. Seminar Marketing:Who do you know?By Daphne Bousquet, CMP
  2. 2. Have you ever heard the expression
  3. 3. “It is not what you know, but who you know?”
  4. 4. When you are anexpert on your topic,
  5. 5. you always think it is most important what you know
  6. 6. Especially when you hostworkshops and seminars
  7. 7. After all,you teach this stuff, right?
  8. 8. And it IS important
  9. 9. However, when you hostworkshops and seminars,
  10. 10. relationships are important
  11. 11. It is WHO we knowthat can give our workshops a boost in attendees,
  12. 12. in value for our attendees and in income for us
  13. 13. So ask yourself,“Who do I know who could…
  14. 14. Partner with me on my event?”
  15. 15. Do you know business owners who have the same target market
  16. 16. and offer a complementary service?
  17. 17. You could do a workshop together,
  18. 18. leverage each other’sdatabases and clients
  19. 19. and split the profits
  20. 20. Many times you willstumble upon a match made in heaven
  21. 21. One caveat: be sure to have anagreement that spells out the
  22. 22. responsibilities ofeach partner and
  23. 23. the percentage of the profits each partner receives
  24. 24. It is better to have your ducks in a rowbefore you enter into ajoint venture like that,
  25. 25. just in case one partnerdoesn’t pull her weight
  26. 26. “Who do I know who can… Speak at my seminar?”
  27. 27. It is hard to carry a multi day event all by yourself
  28. 28. No matter how energetic you are,even you need a break
  29. 29. Not only does addinganother presenter give you a much needed rest from talking,
  30. 30. good speakers, with great content,add value to your event
  31. 31. Your attendees will lovehearing a different voice
  32. 32. and learning fromanother perspective
  33. 33. Be sure to choose someone whose topic of expertise ties in with yours, without competing with it
  34. 34. And the best part?
  35. 35. You will get to share in the revenue ofyour guest speaker’s sales
  36. 36. “Who do I know who can… Promote my workshop?”
  37. 37. Who in your networkhas a large databaseof your ideal clients?
  38. 38. Ask if they will promoteyour event as an affiliate
  39. 39. That means they willshare your workshopwith their subscribers,friends and followers,
  40. 40. in return for a commission on every sale they make
  41. 41. Be sure to make itsuper easy for them to share you
  42. 42. You can pre-write emails,Twitter and Facebook updates, and newsletter blurbs with a referral link included
  43. 43. “Who do I know who can… Sponsor my seminar?”
  44. 44. Who would love to promote theirproducts and services to your audience?
  45. 45. You worked hard to get yourattendees in the room,
  46. 46. and yes,other companies willwant to tap into that
  47. 47. What otherproducts and services are your attendees interested in?
  48. 48. You can create an opportunity for companies to market to your audience through a display table,
  49. 49. a direct response adin your workbook or even throughpersonal interaction
  50. 50. and networking asone of your VIP guests
  51. 51. The possibilities are only limitedby your imagination
  52. 52. It is important who you know,especially when it comes to events
  53. 53. The relationships you have with your network andwith your audience are vital
  54. 54. They allow you to createWIN/WIN/WIN situations
  55. 55. for your partners,your audience and you
  56. 56. For more strategies to fill your workshops and seminarswithout driving yourself crazy,
  57. 57. Pick up a copy of myFREE seminar marketing eBook at