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Marketing Your Event With Video


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All workshop planners wonder how get the butts in seats of their events. Here are some easy ways to use video marketing to fill your workshop.

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Marketing Your Event With Video

  1. 1. Marketing Your Event With Video by Daphne Bousquet, CMP
  2. 2. The question that occupiesthe mind of many aspiring or even veteran workshop planners is
  3. 3. How do I get thebutts in the seats?
  4. 4. Of course, the way tofill up your event is to market it, and market it early and often
  5. 5. In fact, the time to start marketing your event is when youhave made the decision to have one
  6. 6. One of the most effective tools to market your event is video
  7. 7. Just YouTube alone has2 billion video views per day
  8. 8. Google ranks videosvery high in their search rankings.
  9. 9. If you don’t have a date or placeyet, this is the time to plant seeds in your clients’ minds and get them curious
  10. 10. At this stage, you can evensurvey them and ask them about the topics they want to learn about most
  11. 11. When you get their most pressing questions, you can use their wordsin your marketing materials
  12. 12. This is a great way toenter the conversation that is going on in their head.
  13. 13. Once you have your date,depending on how far away it is,
  14. 14. you can start sendingsave the date messages or start signing people upfor advanced notifications
  15. 15. This way you can startbuilding a list of interested people who may or may not sign up for your event later on
  16. 16. The key is to keep them engaged and curiousabout the event and your topics,
  17. 17. so that they are more likely to listen to yourmessages about the event.
  18. 18. When it comes time for them to make the decision toattend your event, they’ll be ready.
  19. 19. If this is a repeat event, a great way to get peoplecurious and excited about your event
  20. 20. is to create a videowith people who attended your last event
  21. 21. Include pictures andtestimonials from attendees, showing how much fun it was to be there.
  22. 22. If a picture says 1,000 words, a video says 100,000 words!
  23. 23. What if you don’t haveany video footage to use?
  24. 24. Perhaps you made the mistake of not having a videographer or at least bringing your FLIP video camera
  25. 25. Use pictures and slides!
  26. 26. You can even create a video for free on http://www.animoto.comjust using pictures, slides and music
  27. 27. The key is to use what you have.
  28. 28. Put something together, make it exciting and create anticipation
  29. 29. That will make people eager to be at your event andsign up when the time comes.
  30. 30. What if this is your first event?
  31. 31. This may be a little morechallenging, but if you have some pictures of clients and
  32. 32. their testimonials of thegreat results they have achieved because of you, use that!
  33. 33. You can also shoot a video of yourselftalking about the event,
  34. 34. what you areplanning to teach and why
  35. 35. it’s important for the viewer to be there
  36. 36. And don’t worry about this beinga million dollar production
  37. 37. All you need is asimple camcorder, like a FLIP
  38. 38. Make sure you have somegood (preferable natural) lighton your face and start talking
  39. 39. It is surprisingly easy!
  40. 40. So start marketing that event as soon as you can
  41. 41. Don’t stop until the doors are open andthe people are filing into the room
  42. 42. You never know when thatlast minute decision maker becomes your best client
  43. 43. Your videos may not beperfect the first time around, (or ever), but that’s OK
  44. 44. You need to be out there in a big way,
  45. 45. video is an increasingly important marketing toolthat you need to take advantage of.
  46. 46. For more strategies to fill your workshops and seminarswithout driving yourself crazy,
  47. 47. Pick up a copy of myFREE seminar marketing eBook at