3 Registration Page Mistakes That Leave Your Workshop and Seminar Rooms Empty


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If you have trouble filling your workshops and seminars, chances are that it isn't your promotional efforts. More likely that it's your registration page. Here are the top 3 registration page mistakes that keep your workshop and seminar rooms empty.

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3 Registration Page Mistakes That Leave Your Workshop and Seminar Rooms Empty

  1. 1. 3 Registration Page Mistakes That Keep Your Workshop Rooms Empty By Daphne Bousquet, CMP
  2. 2. Registration page mistakes are the main reasonsno one is registering for your workshops or seminars
  3. 3. The purpose of your registration page is to convert your web traffic into actual attendees
  4. 4. That means it has to SELL.
  5. 5. And frankly, most of the event pages I have seen,for lack of a better word, stink!
  6. 6. Selling is a dirty word to many seminar leaders,who just want to teach
  7. 7. Get over it!
  8. 8. You need peoplein your workshop to teach.
  9. 9. Without it, you might as well become a volunteerat the local community center.
  10. 10. You need money in the bank in order to serve the people who need you.
  11. 11. You can send all the traffic in the worldthrough social media
  12. 12. or evenpay per click advertising to your event page,
  13. 13. but if it doesn’t do itsprimary job of converting visitors into attendees,
  14. 14. you are wasting your time and money.
  15. 15. Here are the top 3 mistakes onyour registration pages:
  16. 16. Mistake #1:No Headline
  17. 17. The headline of your page should NOT be the title of your workshop
  18. 18. or even worse,the city and the date
  19. 19. You have 5-7 secondsto capture your visitors’ attention
  20. 20. Don’t waste it on a city and a datethat they can get later
  21. 21. Craft a benefit driven headline that captures your readers’ attention,
  22. 22. arouses their curiosity andmakes them want to read on
  23. 23. Mistake #2:Too Many Distractions
  24. 24. If you give your visitors the option to do something other than register, they will
  25. 25. You confuse them,and a confused mind never buys
  26. 26. Give your registration page on the net the clean look of a landing page
  27. 27. It will do wonders foryour conversion rates.
  28. 28. Mistake #3:Not Using Enough Space
  29. 29. The nice thing about the internet is that you can use as much space as you need
  30. 30. You don’t have to keepyour copy to the front and back of an 8-1/2” by 11” page
  31. 31. Go on; add as much copy as you need to tellyour prospects about your event
  32. 32. Tell them:WHY they need to be there,how they will BENEFIT and
  33. 33. What they would MISS out onif they didn’t go
  34. 34. Don’t skimp on this
  35. 35. In this case,short is NOT sweet
  36. 36. Your prospects have questions
  37. 37. It is YOUR job to answer them before they click away
  38. 38. and decide they don’tneed to come to your event.
  39. 39. They came to your registration page because they have a problem,
  40. 40. one that your workshop can solve for them
  41. 41. Communicate thaton your registration page.
  42. 42. Think of yourregistration pageas a conversation between you
  43. 43. and someone who isinterested in your workshop
  44. 44. What would you tell them?
  45. 45. Why should they come?
  46. 46. What will you teach them and more importantly,
  47. 47. How will that benefit them?
  48. 48. Are you making any of these mistakes?
  49. 49. Make sure you plug the leaks in your event page and
  50. 50. You will seeyour registrations increase.
  51. 51. For more strategies to fill your workshops and seminarswithout driving yourself crazy,
  52. 52. Pick up a copy of myFREE seminar marketing eBook at EventStrategySolutions.com