Question 3


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Question 3

  1. 1. What have you learned from audience feedback?
  2. 2. • After creating my film trailer and our two ancillary products; Film magazinecover and Film Poster, I had to run a feedback session where I let my targetaudience watch my trailer along with a viewing of my magazine cover and mymovie poster. I did this so that I was able to make the appropriate changes tomy products and make them more successful in promoting my film.• My feedback session was presented in a class, however I allowed the productsviewed to be viewed once again 5 days after the first viewing where on thatsame day I would send out an email to all my participants with brief questionson what they thought about the products. I did this so that I was able to let theproducts sink into my audience and the second viewing after 5 days was torefresh their views.•The questions I have presented are shown on the next slide with extracts fromthe answers and I put some of this information into graphs so they are easier totake in.
  3. 3. Trailer Questions Q2. Trailer1. What kind of effect does the trailer have on you? No ‘’Adrenaline’’ ‘’Excites me’’ ‘’Darkens my Yes mood’’2. Do you think it compliments normal professional trailers? Q3. Narrative?3. Did you understand the narrative ? No Yes 104. Rating professional trailers at 10, what would 5 you rate this trailer? 0
  4. 4. Magazine Cover Questions Conventions1. Does it look like a typical magazine? (conventions wise) Yes No2. Would you open the magazine after looking at the cover? First Appearance Yes No1. Does it represent the genre of my film well? 85% yes 15% No1. What is unique about this magazine? If there is anything? ‘’The main image’’ ‘’the title’’ ‘’surrounding images’’
  5. 5. Movie Poster Questions1. Does it promote the film well?2. Does it compliment normal or professional posters?3. Would you say the poster is unique?4. What would you change about it if you had the chance to? ‘’More detail’’ ‘’More professional layout’’ Q1-3 Averages80%60%40% Q1-3 Averages20%0% 1. Promote Well 2. Compliment 3. Unique
  6. 6. TechnologyI used hotmail to send out the emails that was used to retrieve the audiencefeedback and here is a screen grab of the email I sent out to my participants. Idid this so I could take advantage of the digital revolution. Throughout the audience feedback process I had a camera on standby so I can video or take pictures of the feedback of my audience so I would be able to capture all the details of their feedback and look back on it when needed to and also as evidence for my blog and evaluation.I also had my own iPod touch which was a portable device that I usedfor my own personal use where I could just show my audience theproducts as I was on the go to be able to get constant feedback . Thiswas not recorded however it helped me to be able to make the changesI needed
  7. 7. Technology continued….I also used the social network site facebook which is well known to my target audience topost a viewing of my film trailer where I received numerous comments about my trailer;most of which were positive with a few constructive criticism. I took advantage of Media2.0 by using this so my target audience who were the main people who commented asthey are from similar backgrounds to me and the same age range. I thought this would beone of the best ways to reach my target audience.
  8. 8. Reflection/improvement• After receiving feedback from my audience I had to think about what couldrealistically be done in order to improve my trailer before submitting it. Thecomment about it being too slow for a trailer made me think about speeding itup which should have been done however due to the duration it will take to dothat I haven’t improved on the feedback and that is something that I shouldreflect on.One thing which I actually improved on due to audience feedback was my titlesequences in my trailer as they were not as effective as they should have beenrelating to the mood of my trailer, which me and my partner decided to changeinto a more effective one• Receiving feedback for my magazine caused me to add a more effectivepicture on more cover as it would appear more effective to my target audiencewho would then be more attracted to my film.
  9. 9. Limitations• A problem which I had with the audience feedback was that the sample I usedfor the official feedback was low. This means that results from the feedbackwould not be as effective as if we had a bigger sample of maybe 100 candidateswhich right now seems unrealistic.• Another problem that could have occurred was the fact because I was presentat the screening of my products it may have meant that some answers would beinterviewer biased as people may not want to say the real truth as I was there.The evidence for this is that one person who was included in the feedbacksession had two different opinions on the first viewing than the second one.
  10. 10. What I have Learnt• A majority of people love a trailer which gives them a lot of adrenalinemeaning that it excites them whilst watching.• In a trailer people don’t like seeing a lot of characters because it may confusethem about the whole narration of the film. However if the actual trailer iseffective enough then it can be positive as it can leave an enigma on the filmwhich is a good promotion for the film• From feedback I learnt that if people don’t have at least a minimal idea aboutthe narrative of the film they wouldn’t be persuaded to watch the film.• On film posters my target audience which are teenagers from 18 – 19 do notlike seeing too much text information as this can be something which may beunattractive but they would rather see more images or just a simple buteffective poster