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Production Log Trailer

  1. 1. Production Log Trailer
  2. 2. • The filming process has been a bit difficult at themoment; even though we have a storyboard it is abit difficult to follow it step by step due tounforeseen circumstances such as the availabilityof locations and props. Shooting the first couplescenes on the first day was quite an easy jobhowever close to the end, my filming got cut shortbecause the battery for the camera I was usinghad run out and had no back up so we had to takea trip from the location back to college to charge itup again so next time we will be more preparedwhich is a big skill in production especially as adirector: preparation.• Filming scenes according to the storyboarddoesn’t always go to plan because as we got toour later scenes filming it was a thing wheredifferent ideas were popping into our headscausing us to change the original plan. We alsohad to change different shots and camera anglesas viewing the actual scenes we were able tocompare them against each other and see whichone would be more effective and this led tofollowing scenes being changed.
  3. 3. • The weather was another aspect that affected us throughout the filmingprocess as we had to change dates of filming which slowed down thecompletion of the final product. Some of the actors which we had auditionedfor and were going to use had not been available at all times so our schedulehad to be suitable for the every role in our film. The locations we had used hadbeen related to our primary and secondary genre of horror lovers and the urbanteen audience but travelling in London we began to see more effective locationswhich were gritty.
  4. 4. • The weather was another aspect that affected us throughoutthe filming process as we had to change dates of filming whichslowed down the completion of the final product. Some of theactors which we had auditioned for and were going to use hadnot been available at all times so our schedule had to be suitablefor the every role in our film. The locations we had used hadbeen related to our primary and secondary genre of horror loversand the urban teen audience but travelling in London we beganto see more effective locations which were gritty.• The research I did at the pre production stage of my trailer wasalso an influence in changes to my storyboard as I began to graspon opportunities which will make my trailer more horrific andattractive. Also because we had restrictions to what we could doin our film, we had to erase a couple films from our footage andthis caused a setback in our filming. Each time we borrowed thecamera it was slightly different to the one we began with so atthe beginning of each filming session we had to adjust to thedifferent camera which took a bit of our filming time away as wedidn’t know whether it was broken or it just was different to setup which was eventually the case.
  5. 5. • Halfway though our production we had developed on the storyboard as I hadcome up with a whole new plot but with the same background storyline, thishad been created briefly in a different way to our original storyboard, howeverby the end of our production process we only used around 60-65% of shots onour developed storyboard and around 40% from our original one which I feelwas quite unprofessional and disruptive.
  6. 6. • Every shot we filmed, we filmed the original shot first then followed by avariety of shots just in case and for a wider option when in the post productionstage. So this meant that a 5second shot will be around 3 - 5minutes worth ofcamera footage including all the takes and variety of shots.• As a director and actor; due to limited resources, editor, and part timecameraman I tried to be in two places at once on occasions which was hard todo which left me to delegate some of my directing responsibilities to theproducer and external stakeholders.
  7. 7. • The cannon camera we used to film our trailer had many different functions toit and even though we were given a tutorial on them it still confused me usingthem but after the first session of using it I adapted to the functions and wasable to apply them to the filming. Also we used DV tape to record the footageand this is the less technological method of recording so it was a bit long to useas I had to keep rewinding and fast forwarding to get the filming to the rightplace.• We decided to challenge the common conventions of a horror film by filmingour film in daytime which we thought would be good because it creates a USPfor our film as horror usually happens at night time but in some cases it mighthappen in front of our faces but we just don’t see it. We also done it becausequality at night time is deteriorated whereas daytime is better and we thoughtto be able to get our genre across to our audience we would be able to use acolour corrector plug in to edit it and make that effect on it
  8. 8. • When we finally finished the production stage it was a relief to be able to justsit down and think about how the trailer would be put together. A problem wehad from the start was sharing our desktop area with other students whichmeant there would be certain times we could actually work on our product.When editing the trailer something I had to think about was the speed of thetrailer which would relate to the native structure. I tried to use Todorov’sstructure and incorporate it into my trailer but for some reason I was finding itdifficult bring the plot of my storyline together with the structure. AdobePremiere being new software to my knowledge meant that I wasn’t able tograsp using it straight away which caused me to look up on a tutorial onYouTube.
  9. 9. • My trailer being a horror trailer with an urban aspect in it caused me to becontinuously thinking about what would shock the audience so out of ourfootage we brought out the most effective split second shots to put in ourtrailer. Also we had to make sure that a song which we gained from researchwas able to correspond to the rest of the trailer.
  10. 10. • To edit our footage we used adobe premiere to bring the footage together, however other aspects of the final product I used other software such as Photoimpact to create; the first still image and After Effects to create the title sequences. The producer had also used different software to create the institutions logo.
  11. 11. • Every software or different technology I used at this stage except premiere; Ihad already had previous years of experience in the software’s which sped upthe process to reach the final product. However having a partner meant thatdecisions were coming from two different perspectives which caused both of usto do separate final products and then bring the best ideas together to create abetter product. This decision was based on audience feedback who hadwatched both products. We thought this idea would be good as it would solveall problems and also benefit the final product at the same time. However thisprocess was long and decided that maybe the best idea would have been forboth of us to sit down together and edit it deciding on the right option on thespot.
  12. 12. • As a horror trailer the best option would be to use quick cuts as a maintransition between shots to be able to have a deeper effect on the audiencewhich we didn’t do to the best that we could have• Most of the shots we had that were in broad daylight with sun in thebackground had been tinted to create a darker mood with the audience whichwas our intention.
  13. 13. • Also things such as the title sequence I designed in red background (AfterEffects). The background we used was a moving image of clouds and I edited itto make it red. Clouds on its own have a sort of gloomy effect so it being able tomanoeuvre and changing the colour to red would make it very effective. On topof this we would use a text going by the name of ‘Coalition’ (coalition image)which I used as a main text for our product as it has a sort of gritty effect on itso I decided to use my text on top of the background in white which connotes aghostly effect along with the red background which connotes blood and dangercreating a mood within the audience.
  14. 14. • The usual green screen rating intro at the beginning of a trailer was also usedin mine, however I adapted it to represent my trailer and I designed it myself inPhotoshop and made it red to influence the genre of my trailer so that from thebeginning my audience is already drawn into the dangers. An important aspectof a trailer is sound and I had a variety of sound effects available to me which Iused a lot of them in my trailer such as bangs, hits, swooshes’ heartbeats etc. Iused these sounds to be able to engage the audience into the trailer.
  15. 15. •My trailer consisted of mainly cuts however I had a few fades in the trailer toslow down the effect of the trailer and the mood of the audience. I did this onpremiere by using the transition dip to black which will allow the fade whichyou can adjust to the positions you require.