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Search engine-optimization-tips


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Search engine-optimization-tips

  2. 2. Agenda Search engine basics Characteristics of SE Friendly Sites Page Layout Tips for Improved SEO Promoting your site Analyzing your site traffic Optimize for Stout’s GSA Advanced searching techniques
  3. 3. Search Engine Basics Crawling Process by which web pages are discovered and added to an index Indexing Compile a massive index of all the words found on:  The web page itself  Key content tags (ex. title, alt) Process Queries & Rank Results Search the index for matching pages and return in relevant order the most relevant results to the user Serving Results
  4. 4. Characteristics of SE Friendly Sites They give visitors the info they are looking for They make sure that other sites link to them They make their site easily accessible
  5. 5. Characteristics of SE Friendly Sites They don’t fill their pages with lists of keywords They don’t “cloak” or put up “crawler only” pages They don’t use images to display important names, content or links They dont create multiple copies of a page under different URLs Don’t necessarily use a SEO service
  6. 6. Page Layout Tips for Improved SEO Create unique, accurate page titles Make use of “description” meta tag Improve the structure of your URLs Make your site easier to navigate Offer quality content and services Write better anchor/link text Use heading tags appropriately Optimize your use of images
  7. 7. Create unique, accurate page titles Accurately describe the page’s content Create unique Title tags for each page Use brief, but descriptive titles Shows in search results
  8. 8. Make use of “description” meta tag Accurately summarize the page’s content Use unique descriptions for each page “May” show in search results
  9. 9. Improve the structure of your URLs Use words in URLs Create a simple directory structure Provide one version of a URL to reach a document
  10. 10. Make your site easier to navigate Create a naturally flowing hierarchy Use mostly text for navigation Consider what happens when a user removes part of your URL
  11. 11. Offer quality content and services Write easy-to-read text Stay organized around the topic Use relevant language Create fresh, unique content Offer exclusive content or services Create content primarily for your users, not search engines
  12. 12. Write better anchor text Choose descriptive text Write concise text Think about anchor text for internal links too
  13. 13. Use heading tags appropriately Imagine youre writing an outline Use headings sparingly across the page
  14. 14. Optimize the use of Images Use brief, but descriptive filenames and alt text Supply alt text when using images as links Store images in a directory of their own Use commonly supported file types
  15. 15. Promoting your site Blog about new content/services Don’t forget about offline promotion Know about social media sites Reach out to a related community
  16. 16. Analyzing your site traffic Get insight on how users reach and behave on our site Discover the most popular content on your site Measure the impact of optimizations you make to your site Discover additional keywords that searchers might use to find your site All CommonSpot site traffic is captured with Google Analytics. Contact webmaster group to get started:
  17. 17. Optimize for Stout’s GSA GSA – What is it? Google Search Appliance Keymatches Keymatches prioritize and establish a specific result in response to a particular search term. Synonyms Same principle as keymatches only it suggests alternate terms, which may bring better results. Go to the following site to submit GSA requests:
  18. 18. Advanced Search TechniquesBasic Examplesbiking Italy the words biking and Italyrecycle steel OR iron information on recycling steel or recycling iron"I have a dream“ the exact phrase I have a dreamsalsa –dance the word salsa but NOT the word danceLouis +I France information about Louis the First (I), weeding out other kings of Francecastle ~glossary glossaries about castles, as well as dictionaries, lists of terms, terminology, etc.fortune-telling all forms of the term, whether spelled as a single word, a phrase, or hyphenateddefine:imbroglio definitions of the word imbroglio from the Web
  19. 19. Advanced Search TechniquesCalculation Examples+–*/ basic arithmetic 12 + 34 - 56 * 7 / 8% of percentage of 45% of 39^ or ** raise to a power 2^5 or 2**5old units in new units convert units 300 Euros in USD, 130 lbs in kg, 31 in hex
  20. 20. Advanced Search TechniquesRestrict Searchcity1 city2 Book flightssite: Search only one website or domain.[#]..[#] Search within a range of numbers.filetype: (or ext:) Find documents of the specified Find linked pages i.e., show pages that point to the (or books) Search full-text of books.phonebook: Disney CA Search for Disneys phone numbers in CArphonebook: Show residential phonebook Find reviews and showtimes.stocks: Given ticker symbols, show stock infoweather Show weather for a given a location (zip code or city)
  21. 21. Advanced Search TechniquesRestrict Searchinfo: (or id:) Find info about a page.related: List web pages that are similar/related to the URLinanchor: The terms must appear in anchor text of links to the pageintext: The terms must appear in the text of the pageintitle: The terms must appear in the title of the pageinurl: The terms must appear in the URL of the page
  22. 22. Resources Webmaster Group: SEO Cheat Sheet: SEO Guide (more in depth): Google Searching Help: