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The Science Of ReTweets


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A compilation of data about ReTweets that will help you write more contagious content and get more ReTweets.

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The Science Of ReTweets

  1. The Science of ReTweets<br />Dan Zarrella<br />Viral Marketing Scientist<br />@DanZarrella<br />
  2. “Ideas shape the course of history.”-John Maynard Keynes<br />
  3. Everything in our world is made of ideas.<br />
  4. Nothing is more powerful than a <br />contagious idea.<br />
  5. The most dangerous weapon known to man is the ability to create viral ideas at will.<br />
  6. But, for most of history, social communication <br />was ephemeral and untraceable.<br />
  7. We can now compare millions of ideas <br />to uncover the building blocks <br />of contagiousness.<br />
  8. ReTweets change everything.<br />
  9. 9<br />
  10. ReTweets-per-Follower<br />10<br />
  11. Suggested Users are Less ReTweetable<br />
  12. ReTweeting = Link Sharing<br />
  13. is more ReTweetable than TinyURL<br />
  14. 20 Most ReTweetable Words<br />you<br />twitter<br />please<br />retweet<br />post<br />blog<br />social<br />free<br />media<br />help<br />please retweet<br />great<br />social media<br />10<br />follow<br />how to<br />top<br />blog post<br />check out<br />new blog post<br />
  15. Ask for the ReTweet<br />
  16. 20 Least ReTweetable Words<br />game<br />going<br />haha<br />lol<br />but<br />watching<br />work<br />home<br />night<br />bed<br />well<br />sleep<br />gonna<br />hey<br />tomorrow<br />tired<br />some<br />back<br />bored<br />listening<br />
  17. ReTweets Use Longer Words<br />
  18. ReTweets are “Smarter”<br />
  19. ReTweets are More Novel<br />
  20. ReTweets are Noun Heavy<br />
  21. ReTweets have More Punctuation<br />
  22. Semicolons are not ReTweetable<br />
  23. ReTweets are Less Emotional<br />
  24. ReTweets are Social and Concrete <br />
  25. Self Reference is not ReTweetable<br />
  26. News is ReTweetable<br />
  27. Men and Women ReTweet Differently<br />
  28. Timing is Everything<br />
  29. ReTweet Cascades<br />
  30. ReTweet Cascades<br />The likelihood of a tweet being ReTweeted increases dramatically each time it is ReTweeted. <br />Social Proof.<br />Implicit Call-to-Action.<br />
  31. ReTweet Etiquette <br />Leave room (100 chars).<br />Do not start the ReTweet with an @ sign.<br />Give credit.<br />Try to keep as much of the original tweet intact as possible.<br />
  32. Thank You!<br />@DanZarrella<br /><br />