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Science of Facebook


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Published in: Business
  • Great presentation. But what are the sources where all those data come from?
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  • Great presentation. Fascinating amount of data.
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Science of Facebook

  1. The Science of FacebookThe science of social networking. Dan Zarrella Social Media Scientist
  2. vs
  3. #FBSci#FBSciBe kind and share!
  4. Unicorns andRainbows
  5. Ideas do notspread becausethey are “good.”
  6. #FBSci“We’re on the cusp of a new wayof doing social science. Ourpredecessors could only dream ofthe kind of data we now have.”-Nicholas Christakis
  7. Gossip andgrooming
  8. #FBSciTakeaway:Facilitate existingrelationships.Via @DanZarrella
  9. Profiles
  10. #FBSciTakeaway:People haveprofiles, brandshave pages.Via @DanZarrella
  11. AmbientAwareness
  12. Performance
  13. #FBSciTakeaway:Help your userslook cool.Via @DanZarrella
  14. Facebook Profile Activity by Age
  15. Women Are Talked to More
  16. More Men Say They’re Single
  17. Women Describe Themselves More
  18. #FBSciTakeaway:Know youraudience.Via @DanZarrella
  19. Pages
  20. ExposureAwarenessMotivation
  21. Buzzwords in Facebook Pages
  22. #FBSciTakeaway:Stay away frombuzzwords.Via @DanZarrella
  23. Facebookers “Like” Food
  24. Most “Liked” Page Types
  25. Least “Liked” Page Types
  26. Takeaway:Be entertaining.Via @DanZarrella
  27. Social proof
  28. #FBSci“We view a behavior as morecorrect… to the degree that we seeothers performing it”-Robert Cialdini
  29. Sharing
  30. #FBSciTakeaway:Emphasize socialproof.Via @DanZarrella
  31. Video Sharing
  32. #FBSciTakeaway:Videos do betteron Facebook thanTwitter.Via @DanZarrella
  33. Digits
  34. Linguistic Content
  35. #FBSciTakeaway:On Facebook,sex and positivitysells.Via @DanZarrella
  36. Readability
  37. Part of Speech
  38. #FBSciTakeaway:Write simply andPlainly forFacebook.Via @DanZarrella
  39. Day of Week
  40. #FBSciTakeaway:Weekends are moreFacebook sharingfriendly.Via @DanZarrella
  41. Most Shareable Words
  42. #FBSciGossip is just newsrunning ahead of itselfin a red satin dress.-Liz Smith
  43. Least Shareable Words
  44. Meta Mentions
  45. #FBSciTakeaway:Thinkmainstream.Via @DanZarrella
  47. Dan Zarrella@DanZarrella