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How to Get ReTweeted


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Some charts and graphs presenting hard data on what kind of content gets the most ReTweets.

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How to Get ReTweeted

  1. How to Get ReTweeted Presented by: Dan Zarrella
  2. What are ReTweets?
  3. What are ReTweets? RT @username: Original Tweet (Via @username)
  4. ReTweet Etiquette • Leave room (120 chars). • Do not start the ReTweet with an @ sign. • Give credit. • Try to keep as much of the original tweet intact as possible.
  5. Why do I Want ReTweets? • Followers • Buzz • Traffic
  6. ReTweeting = Link Sharing
  7. ReTweeting = Link Sharing ReTweeting is an accepted way to spread your content.
  8. More Followers = More ReTweets Sorta…
  9. ReTweetability
  10. Most ReTweeted Words
  11. Offer Value • How Tos and Instructional Content • News, especially breaking news • Warnings (like the DM phishing scam) • Freebies and Contests
  12. Ask for the ReTweet
  13. Calls to Action • Check out… • Follow this person • Please vote • Help me
  14. Timing is Everything
  15. ReTweet Cascades • The likelihood of a tweet being ReTweeted increases dramatically each time it is ReTweeted. • Social Proof. • Implicit Call-to-Action.
  16. ReTweet Cascades
  17. Getting Your Content ReTweeted • Display Tweet-It Buttons ( • Ask for the ReTweet (politely). • Publish during the ReTweet window. • “Seed” content to popular Twitter users.
  18. Thank You