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Assignment 4 for A Crash Course in Creativity - Venture-Lab

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Connect & Combine

  1. 1. Connect and combineA crash course in creativity assignment 4 By yoke chin dan
  2. 2. Is this you? Exhausted by thenever ending house chores?
  3. 3. You dont have to be A supermomGet your children to pitch in and help bymaking a sport out of house cleaning
  4. 4. Introducinghouse cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun With mop wars !
  5. 5. What is required?equipment :• Each player is armed with a mop• Each team has a bucket half filled with water & detergent of choicePlayers:• Minimum of 2, maximum of 4• Form two teams with an equal number of playersPlay area:• any place in the house that needs to be mopped• Divide the play area equally into two
  6. 6. Objective of the gameColonize your enemys territory by Moving your teams bucket across the divide to the marked spot at the opposite end of the play area. At the same time, defend your territory from being colonized by the enemy. A B
  7. 7. Rules of the game – the 1st half1. When Referee blows the whistle to start the game.2. players dip their mops into their teams bucket & squeeze dry the mop.3. Players then proceed to mop their own territory .4. When players have completed mopping their own territory, they rinse the mops in their teams bucket .5. The first team to complete mopping gets first priority to move their bucket across the dividing line in the 2nd half.6. When both teams have finished mopping their respective territory, the 2nd half begins.
  8. 8. Rules of the game – the 2nd half1. The winning team from the 1st half gets the first move to slide their bucket across the divider.2. Players have to prevent opposing team from moving bucket into their area while trying to move own bucket across to enemys area.3. The mops must always be in contact with the floor.4. Move the bucket by sliding it on the floor.5. Players can block opposing team by using their mops but no physical contact allowed.6. Any spills must be mopped up by the offending player.7. The first team to get their bucket to the marked position across the room wins the game.
  9. 9. a win for all Mom can sit back and relaxwhile the floor gets cleaned, the kids have fun & gets a workout